Welcome to my site. I am so happy that you are here as this means that you are taking a good care of your health.

You landing on my about page means that you are interested to know who is behind the Healermedicine that offers useful tips to regain and sustain your health and well being.

I am Vania Pinteric, a 36 years old countrywoman who loves spending time in nature, taking care of animals, and living positively.

When I was a teenager I started to research home remedies to cure menstrual pain. Since I lived in the village I had a perfect chance to pick herbs that were recommended for treating my health issue on my home meadow. I had a few books that helped me to find the right plants, however, reputable internet sources gave me fast answers that I could implement immediately.

After trying natural medicine I saw that it works slower than drugs from the drug store. However, I know how medications that traditional medicine recommends work and how they could bring me side effects and even addiction.

I was even more determined to start using herbal solutions instead of painkillers because a girlfriend of my brother works in a pharmaceutical industry. She analyzes the drugs so she knows how harmful they are.

The information that she gave me opened my eyes so I started with herbalism. I picked, dried, and stored herbs that helped me in my first 2 days of the menstrual period. This is the point where I fell in love with teas.

Let me tell you, I am a coffee lover and I never liked teas. However, my health issue showed me how they can be helpful and delicious at the same time. My day starts with a cup of unsweetened black coffee and ends with a cup of tea. I drink different kinds of teas, most of the time herbal tea blends that I make myself and green tea.

Besides herbalism I am interested in health solutions that I see worth trying. I prefer natural medicines but I also try products that seem worth of my time and money.

These products and solutions helped me to sustain the good health and beauty but what about my mental health? When I was at the University I had my ups and downs and me and my partner Tadej needed some guidence.

It was the first time that we were introduced to the Law of attraction. It helped us to stay on the right path and motivated.

Through years I learned many useful methods and tips that me and my family use to stay healthy and satisfied. I kindly invite you to find the answers you are looking for on the site and try solutions that I recommend.

What health means to you? I am sure that it is most important to you when you are sick or having some health problems. Life can be hectic at some point and your health can be at risk. With the proper mindset and actions, you can heal your body and stay healthy.

Feel free to explore the site and find the help you need. Meanwhile, you can help a friend or a family member by sharing useful tips with them. Remember, your health is a priority, take good care of it and you will have a good and prosperous life.


Vania Pinteric