Which Are The Benefits Of Black Tea Vs Green Tea?

Benefits Of Black Tea Vs Green Tea

What are the benefits of black tea vs green tea? Real teas are very healthy due to antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which protect your body.

Which of these two is healthier? Europeans and Americans love black tea in the morning while green tea is more popular in the east.

Both drinks have one thing in common. The leaves of Camellia Sinensis are used for both types of tea.

The only thing that distinguishes them is the production process. I will mention all the differences, similarities and advantages of both.

Benefits of black tea vs green tea

In the next lines, you will know all about black tea benefits you can get if you are drinking it regularly.

Black tea benefits

It is very clever to replace morning coffee with this type of tea. If you need the morning caffeine, it will wake you up.

One cup per day can have many positive effects on you and these are 8 benefits if you drink it regularly.

  • Enriched with antioxidants theaflavins, thearubigins and catechins, which help to protect against certain types of cancer
  • More invigorating effect as green tea, as it contains more caffeine
  • Polyphenols help protect cells and DNA from damage
  • Some studies have shown that its antioxidants are beneficial for heart health and can reduce the risk of heart attack and clogging of the vessels
  • Helps to reduce cholesterol levels
  • Amino acid L-theanine helps to relax and increase concentration
  • Contains a specific antigen that helps to build resistance
  • Contains fluoride that helps protect teeth and bones

Decreases cortisol

Researchers from the London University concluded that this tea can help people to cope more effectively with day-to-day stress.

Those who drank a cup of warm dark liquid 4 times a day had significantly lower levels of the cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood after each stressful event that scientists prepared for them.

Helps the skin and reduces skin tumor size

It is an extraordinary antioxidant, which affects better health in general, but also affects better looks.

Black and green teas detoxify your body as they have the power to destroy harmful substances that would otherwise damage cells.

At Rutgers University found that its sufficient consumption reduces the size of skin tumors.

Helps to accelerate weight loss and reduce fat

I recommend that you drink it if you want to lose some extra weight. Not only that, if you do not mix it with sugar and milk, it almost doesn’t contain calories.

In fact, some studies have already found that it can accelerate the process of weight loss and even help to dissolve redundant fat cells. At the Osaka University found the secret is in catechins.

help lose weight

Benefits of Green Tea

This drink is very popular around the globe and people are learning about its benefits each day. It has antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals as black tea as it is made by the same plant.

But the difference in the production process makes green tea different from the other one.

These are some of its benefits:

  • Prevents cancer
  • Lowers harmful blood cholesterol
  • Prevents holes in the teeth
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Prevents diabetes
  • An excellent antiviral agent
  • Takes care of healthy blood vessels
  • Firms tooth enamel
  • Decreases the level of bacteria in the mouth
  • Prevents dementia
  • Is rich in antioxidants
  • Prevents food poisoning
  • Provides healthy and beautiful skin
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Detoxifies the body

Improves cognitive functions

It’s no secret that green tea is an extremely healthy drink, but recent research has confirmed that it has a good effect even on the human brain.

Scientists argue that it helps to improve some cognitive functions, in particular, the ability to remember.

Improves work memory

At the Basel University found that its extract can improve brain performance, and can especially improve work memory.

Volunteers consumed the tea extract before they had to do some tasks that are related to working memory.

Relieves dementia

Scientists measured their brain activity while they were completing the tasks.

They found that it can improve the short-term functioning of the brain needed for working memory, but concluded that it could be used even to help relieve dementia and other psychiatric symptoms in the future.

Burn calories without a diet!

If you are not yet convinced to drink green tea, then you should hear the following facts. It promotes metabolism because the antioxidants contain therein which helps the liver to work more efficiently.

You can burn 200 calories without any special diet and exercise if you drink it 3 times a day. This beverage also increases your energy efficiency.

Protects the heart and prevents diabetes

Green tea is good for blood, as it has similar effects as aspirin, so it can help to prevent heart failure, stroke, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels and protects against diabetes.

Reduces the possibility of food poisoning

It destroys even bacteria and therefore reduces the possibility of food poisoning.

The tea prevents excessive reproduction of harmful bacteria in the body and promotes the reproduction of friendly bacteria. It also destroys bacteria that cause bad breath.

Which tea is healthier?

Both drinks are made from tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis. Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Myanmar, Vietnam and Sri Lanka cultivate these healthy teas and use different production processes for each of them.

The drinking culture of them is spreading among people fast and they see the health benefits on their bodies.

Which are the benefits of black tea vs green tea? Many Universities confirmed that both drinks are healthy to drink for many reasons. Each has some advantages.

No matter which tea will you choose as a morning or afternoon drink, you will consume a lot of antioxidants that protect your body organs and improve well-being.

It is remarkable that antioxidants even destroy bacteria in the body and protect its cells from damage.

I think everyone should drink real teas regarding our unhealthy way of living. Stay healthy and vital with black or green tea. Or why not drink them both?

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