Best Fruit Tea For Hydration

best fruit tea

We have tons of teas but which is the best fruit tea that will lift your spirit and raise your energy?

These type of teas are flavored ones that give us a pleasure of sweetness that comes from dried and candied fruit.

They are the most popular among people, young and elderly love to drink them. You can choose from many varieties of fruit tea.

Fruit teas are the trendy drink of the 90s that has evolved from the herbal teas. Did you know that they developed from herbal teas?

It was made by rosehips and hibiscus with added dried fruit, especially dried apples and other fruits – elderberries, blueberries, lemon, or orange zest.

Fruit flavors are added to these drinks to bring a diversity of flavors and a rich intense scent of fruit.

A wide range of flavors

Some of these beverages contain only one type of fruit and some consist of their mixtures.

Due to the virtually endless possibilities of mixing, teas have a wide range of flavors, ranging from fruity – floral to sweet-spicy.

The popularity

Interestingly, it is still not possible to grow all the plants for teas. Rosehip, for example, continues to be harvested manually.

Fruit teas have become extremely popular in the period after the Second World War. Due to the frequent lack of tea and coffee in the meantime, they started using local fruits.

Drink it at any time you want

You can drink it on each occasion for pleasure, refreshment, and relaxation. Drink it at any time – winter or summer, hot or ice cold.

According to some research, it is better to quench your thirst with flavored tea than other beverages because you will stay hydrated for a longer time.

Easy preparation

The preparation of the drink is simple because it is not limited in time. Leave fruits or teabag in water for 6-10 minutes or longer. It has antioxidants but their intensity isn’t so strong as in green teas.

What are the benefits of fruit tea?

Teas from fruits have many benefits for your body. They are full of antioxidants and vitamins. Let’s see all the benefits.

Without caffeine

The first thing that I have to mention is that these infusions don’t contain any caffeine so you can drink it whenever you want.

In the morning it will boost your energy and prepare you for the day. In the afternoon it will bring freshness and at the evening relaxation and peacefulness.

Vitamin C

Many fruits have vitamin C and these teas are no exception. If you drink them regularly your body will absorb the most vital vitamin of all.

Vitamin C protects us from free radicals and is especially needed in wintertime when cold and flu are on the run.

And which fruit has the most of this vitamin? Blackcurrant, kiwi, strawberries, lemons, and oranges are great sources of vitamin C.

Boosting your energy

The drink will boost your energy because of flavor, aroma, and vitamins.

It will hydrate you and your organs so they can function properly. Do you like drinking sodas or similar beverages because it lifts you up?

Almost without calories

Well, guess what, try fruit teas that have a strong flavor and are almost without calories. If you want to do something for your body then leave those heavy-sugared beverages and try infusions.

They are also excellent cravings-quencher. If you are trying to lose a few pounds here you have teas that help to lose fat.

Great summer refreshment

Fruit teas are great refreshment in the summer! We all love fruity flavors so you can make your favorite drink and cool it down.

Add some lemons, lime, cucumbers, mint or something that will refresh you through the hot day and you are ready to go.

Prepare a summer tea

Like you know, it can be a great drink in summer. It will refresh you and make you stay hydrated throughout the day.

With it, you will get vitamins and antioxidants that are protecting you from diseases and making you age slower.

I am sharing a summer fruit tea recipe that you can make at home for your family and friends. For the preparation of iced tea, you need a fruity tea, water strainer, teapot, and a mug.

Heat the water to 100 degrees; prepare the kettle with a tea strainer and teabags. Pour boiling water in the kettle.

Leave it to soak in hot water for 5-10 minutes depending on how intense flavor iced tea you want. It is ok to leave it in hot water for a minute more or longer.

Then you pour the tea into a pitcher; add ice cubes, fresh mint or lemon balm.

If you want more acid taste of flavored tea add pieces of lemon, lime, or grapefruit or oranges if you want the more sweet taste of ice tea. Allow the beverage to cool and serve in a chilled glass.

Surprise your family and friends and prepare them hibiscus ice tea that is full of vitamin C!

Do you worry about calories?

I am sure you already know that fruits have natural sugar that is called fructose and sugar means calories.

What about fruit teas, do they have calories? This is a common question especially among people who are on the diet but want to drink them.

Let me say that you shouldn’t worry about calories in this type of drink. If you will prepare yourself a tea from fruits that has no additional sugar in it; your beverage will be very low in calories.

Drinks become caloric when you add sugar, honey or other calorie sweeteners. It is the same as in food preparation.

A salad has little amount of calories but when you pour a rich sauce on it you have a caloric bomb in front of you.

So, make yourself a beverage without added sugar and it will contain almost no calories.

Drink it for a better day

You have endless possibilities when preparing the best fruit teas for your enjoyment. They come with a variety of flavors and aromas so they are a perfect enjoyable drink.

You can drink them whenever you like since it doesn’t contain any caffeine.

It can be also prepared as an iced tea for the summer refreshment.

I gave you a general summer recipe that you can modify. Put fresh fruit in the ice drink that you love the most and play with the flavors.

Fruit teas are not just a good beverage that hydrates; it will also contribute to your well-being. It has many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are needed to protect you from diseases, especially diseases that challenge your immune system.

Kids love them and there is no doubt that you won’t enjoy them too. Manufacturers spoil us with new flavors each year when new teas come on the shelves.

You can combine it with herbs as well. This way you will get even more health benefits.

Forget the sugary drinks that you might have been drinking and start with a perfect cup of flavored tea in the morning and drink it through the day.

Sugary drinks make you weak after time but with this drink, you will notice a big difference in your mood and energy levels.

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