Best Green Tea For Your Well-Being And Lifted Spirit

best green teas

Green tea is one of the healthiest types of drink on the planet that will make you alive and lift your spirit.

People from Okinawa, Japan, who drink it every day, are proof of a long and healthy life.

Numerous scientific studies confirm its remarkable healing powers.

For thousands of years, this slightly astringent yellow-green beverage is known as a source of health and youth in Asia.

In addition, it protects the cells against free radicals and helps for better protection against the damage caused by the sun’s rays, so it is recommended to drink in the summer.

Its regular consumption is expected to significantly reduce the possibility of heart disease, palliate the symptoms of diabetes and increased risk of pregnancy.

How is it made?

Camellia Sinensis is a plant from which green tea is produced. It is a plant from which green, black, and white teas are made. It is a native plant in China.

While the leaves of the processing of black tea are processed by a fermentation process, green tea leaves are just heated.

After a short time by roasting them at 100°C or treated with hot steam, they are bent, crushed and dried.

Which is the best?

Its quality depends on the leaf age, from which it is made.

Top green teas are labeled “pekoe”, which means that the drink that you are buying is made of the most cherished parts of plants, from the young, still unopened leaf buds.

If you drink it only for health reasons, it is good to know that regardless of the form and the type that you use, the content of active substances varies.

Freshly prepared beverage from one and a half teaspoons of leaves contains about 80 g of antioxidants and instant tea bags only half as much.

Somewhere in the middle are bottled teas, which you must watch out not reach for those that contain high amounts of added sugar.

Health benefits

Many of the green tea’s active ingredients have healing properties.

With methylxanthines, among which the most well-known is caffeine, tea contains various polyphenolic compounds, carotenoids, tocopherols, vitamin C, minerals (chromium, magnesium, selenium, and zinc) as well as essential oils.

Scientists particularly emphasize polyphenol compound Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is considered to be responsible for producing more than 30 percent of the antioxidant potential of the drink.

It reduces the possibility of cancer

EGCG reduces the possibility of cancer. It neutralizes free radicals and prevents them from causing gene mutation.

Recomendable for diabetics

According to some studies, green tea combats the free radicals even up to 100x more potent than vitamin C. EGCG increases burning body fat which makes green tea beneficial effect on the loss of excess weight.

Epigallocatechin gallate also improves the ability of the cells to the input of insulin significantly, so drinking it is recommendable for diabetics.

How to make a perfect cup?

Do you want to prepare a refreshing cup of favorable green tea? Pour the water which was previously boiled in a glass or metal (not aluminum!) container, over the leaves or filter bag.

If you want to have an invigorating effect, leave it in hot water for more than 2 minutes.

When you want to take advantage of the healing effects of tannins – for example, when used to relieve diarrhea, leave it for 10 minutes in the hot water.

If you want to take advantage of its antioxidants then leave the tea bag or leaves for a longer time in a hot water.

How much green tea should I drink?

There are different opinions on how much green tea should you drink a day.

Some experts advise consuming up to 10 cups per day for staying healthy, others recommend the daily limit to 1-2 cups.

If you enjoy it in order to get pregnant, it is considered the most enough to drink three-quarters of a cup per day.

I suggest that you find your quantity that will fit you and remember that it is invigorating due to caffeine.

Beneficial effects

A clinical study in the UK has led to findings that consuming green tea compared with placebo increases fat burning by 17 percent.

The research, which looked at the impact of tea on cancer and tumors, found that its consumption can significantly reduce the risk of disease, but only for those who drink at least 10 cups a day.

Prevents different types of cancer

Drinking it has an especially beneficial effect on the prevention of lung, intestine, and liver cancer.

In already developed cancer syndromes they have found favorable results after drinking more than 5 cups per day.

More than 5 cups a day almost halve the possibility of cancer and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease in smokers.


Green tea is not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers because it contains caffeine.

It is also not advisable for people with a sensitive stomach because drinking large quantities stimulate increased secretion of gastric acid.

You shouldn’t enjoy it in combination with certain medicines. If you are taking any, talk with your doctor about the consumption of this invigorating drink.

In case you have trouble sleeping, enjoy it only in the mornings.

The invigorating effect of green tea doesn’t appear immediately after drinking, and although it is weaker than coffee, the effect takes longer.

Make a healthy habit

If you came to this point, you see that green tea has many beneficial effects on your health in general.

It prevents diseases, boosts the immune system and takes care of your skin.

When I started to drink it I thought it was the worst taste that I ever tried. But if you see me now, I am a passionate green tea drinker.

You can drink it pure or the one with other flavors like ginger, lemon, mango, honey and so on. So you can find your favorite and drink it daily for health and enjoyment.

Now you know how to prepare it and which one is the best to drink.

Its consumption will lift up your spirit and make your day more alive.

It is better to drink it in the first half of the day but it is not recommended to drink it in the evening or night if you are sensitive to caffeine. Drink up your cup of health and cheers!

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