Best Herbal Tea For Your Good Health And Mood

dandelion root tea

Herbal tea is one that helps us with health problems and makes us feel good. Our ancestors knew that it has healing power.

Native Americans, Mayans, Aztecs, and others knew that herbs are a wonderful helper for health issues.

They have learned which herb has an effect on their organs and general health so they drank it regularly.

In this article, you will find out all about the best herbal teas and which one is appropriate for a specific health condition.

Herbal teas are made from flowers, leaves, fruits, and roots of a herb plant. There are tea bags on the market as well as loose-leaf herbal tea.

They are not made from a Camellia sinensis that is used for green, black, white, and oolong tea. It is made from one herb or a few herbs.

Each herb has its own flavor and aroma that you can choose for your daily drinking.

But these infusions can also help you with health problems because each herb has some active substances that are beneficial for us.

A list of popular herbal teas

There is a lot of substances in this type of teas that treat and relieve the most stubborn diseases.

The main active ingredients are carbohydrates, flavonoids, fats, tannins, essential oils, coumarins, and vitamins.

Ginger tea

Do you want to be healthy and resistant to diseases? Make yourself a ginger tea. Ginger is an extremely good purifying agent and has excellent therapeutic effects.

It has many positive effects on health and the body and is increasingly used in alternative medicine to treat many diseases.

Proponents of alternative medicine add ginger to the various specimens for achieving excellent healing effects.

It alleviates and palliates many symptoms and ailments; headaches and indigestion.

It lowers cholesterol and acts as an antioxidant. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and this is why it helps with rheumatic inflammation.

Ginger increases the mobility of joints, prevents nausea, motion sickness and acts as an aphrodisiac.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is one of the most drinkable beverages in the world. It is refreshing and calming.

Tea has a pleasant smell and taste and other beneficial effects because it refreshes and cools us down while reducing the sensation of pain.

It relieves the cold, disinfects the mouth and upper respiratory tract, and soothes irritated bowels, nausea, diarrhea, and headaches.

It has a positive effect on the nervous system so it is recommended for irritable and anxious people. It relaxes the muscles and therefore eases menstrual and stomach cramps.

It is good for relaxation and sleep.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is well known for its red flower and is recognizable for its sour taste and red color. It has healing power for many different health problems.

If you drink it regularly you will improve your health. It contains a lot of vitamin C, provitamin A, fruit acids, and antioxidants such as flavonoids that are great for the heart and help fight free radicals.

It lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and fat accumulation in the arteries.

Dandelion root tea

Are you ready for a detox of your entire body? Dandelion root tea is an answer to this. People use the whole plant for different purposes but this time we will talk about the usage of dandelion root.

The dandelion root has the healing power that dissolves, refreshes, cleans, opens, promotes sweating and strengthens the body.

It has an impact on the entire secretion in the body, especially bile. It eliminates any delays in the body, accumulation, and mucus.

It promotes excretion of urine from the body without pain because it removes all the toxic substances. The root acts invigorating and tonic.

If you want to have a full detox then try this amazing tea. It is also appropriate for starting a diet and for diabetics.


Lavender infusions have a more mild effect as essential oils but still act as a mild sedative against anxiety, nervous exhaustion, and insomnia.

Lavender tea is also helpful for digestive disorders of nervous origin.

This plant stimulates appetite, regulates digestion, extracts bile, relieves stomach cramps, and eliminates flatulence.

It is calming and appropriate for good sleeping as well as preventing fainting. It is also a diuretic.

Lavender is used for washing wounds, scalp massage, and itching of the skin.

It is used in combination with other sedative and carminative drugs. If you are in stress a lot then try it as your daily routine.


This tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. Phenolic acids and flavonoids are antioxidants found in rooibos drink.

Orientin and aspalathin are some of the antioxidants that are similar to green tea flavonoids effect but not so strong.

Rooibos tea is generally a buffer drink because of antioxidants for health issues and diseases that are known as civilization diseases.

In addition, it stimulates the liver and promotes detoxification of the body.

It has a beneficial effect on digestion and is good for the heart and blood vessels. It is also used for nagging, hypertension, and premature aging.

If you are pregnant you can drink it without any side effects.


This is a plant that helps us every day.

Traditional folk medicine has confirmed that chamomile tea promotes sweating, helps with cramps, soothes, strengthens the stomach and body, disinfects, and dissolves.

We could confirm that the medical use of the drug coincides with the traditional. Tea is used as a medicine for almost all problems.

It is soothing and relaxing, is recommended for colds because it alleviates pain and also helps with a toothache.

The plant soothes an upset stomach, improves the condition with bronchitis, and is good for the kidneys and liver.

It helps to eliminate the parasites from the body, prevents gangrene, and helps with rheumatism.

For every disease, a flower grows

Herbal teas are an excellent choice for relaxation and treating diseases and their symptoms.

Now you know, herbs can help you with your troubles. I mentioned some of the popular herbs that people use the most.

Every herb has its own active substances that help us. With the proper knowledge, you can stop the pain or ease the symptoms of diseases.

However, these teas are a perfect afternoon drink also. Some of them refresh the day and some relax.

Add some honey or lemon in your herb teas but if you want to boost the active substances then leave the additives.

This way you will get the most of herbs. If you are drinking tea from herbs for health purposes then you must drink it often but don’t excaudate either.

We are so lucky to have these plants from Mother Earth. You can drink tea bag herbal teas or loose-leaf tea which I recommend the most.

Trust the nature’s power and choose the best herbal tea regarding your needs.

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