Best Matcha Green Tea Powder For Pure Enjoyment

Matcha green tea powder

Did you try matcha yet? Maybe you bought it before, but you didn’t like it? How about you get the best matcha green tea powder that tastes amazing?

There are companies that produce quality teas after certificates and high production standards.

I made a review of best matcha teas and found one that deserves to be presented to all of you passionate tea drinkers.

Quality matcha has some great features that you should know about. The main difference between quality, original matcha, and other green teas is in the part of the tea leaf that is ground.

Some producers use whole leaves (like sencha) and a different grinding method, which changes the color into a slightly yellowish.

By doing this, chlorophyll in the leaves is destroyed, and the drink loses its vibrant green color and rich taste.

Therefore, only gentle parts of the leaves without veins and stems must be used in tea powder.

Best matcha green tea powder

matcha tea

MatchaDNA is an American tea manufacturer who makes a premium organic matcha that inspires people all over the world.

This tea powder is their highest grade ceremonial matcha and the most wanted among their products.

Its features and certificates prove that drinking this tea is a good healthy option.

It deserves to be called one of the best green tea powders and I will reveal to you why.

The origin and production

The tea leaves are grown on organic farms in China’s northern mountains in the Fujian province.

They are hand-picked. This tea is researched and packaged in the state of the art research and production facilities that meet the highest production standards and excellence.

Certified organic

What does it mean the tea is certified organic? It means that it meets the highest organic standards by USDA, Nacional Organic Program (NOP) and EU.

This tea is a 100% Swiss Certified USDA organic and a Kosher and Parve certified.

The company is focusing on fair trade, while their drink is made to existing standards.

Their experts test it of heavy metals before it is available for the customer. This green tea powder is contaminant free.

The Features

It has a vibrantly green color with a light, fresh and slightly grassy aroma. This drink has a delicious and delicate flavor.

It is naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and EGCG.

Drinking this tea invigorates, provides energy, focus, and relaxation at the same time.

With plenty of healthy ingredients, you can stay in good shape and prevent diseases as well. Now let’s see how this particular drink can help you to sustain good health and well-being.

Ceremonial grade matcha benefits

matcha tea

EGCG belongs to a group of enzymes named polyphenols, which is found in several forms of green tea: epigallocatechin (EGC), epicatechin (EC), epicatechin gallate (ECG) and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that is the most active enzyme.

EGCG as an active ingredient of matcha that has recently been referred to as extremely useful in the treatment of many diseases.

For this reason, scientists have already named it the main invention of the 21st century.

Scientists were astonished when they found out what EGCG’s impact on preventing the progression of HIV disease is, as well as a large number of cancer diseases.

This polyphenol reduces blood cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, but it also has a major influence on the prevention of dental caries.

Burns fats

With all these important effects, EGCG has given the best results in burning fats.

EGCG has undergone an increase in a thermogenic effect on clinical trials that promotes fat metabolism like no other ingredient or nutrient, including ephedrine and caffeine.

EGCG stimulates the burning of fats on a completely different basis and through different mechanisms than other ingredients or nutrients that promote fat burning.

It not only works independently but also acts as a facilitator of the performance and effectiveness of other nutrient elements such as caffeine, which have the role of accelerating fat burning.

At the same time, it prevents fat accumulation by consuming excess calories as a source of energy.

The combination of matcha green tea and caffeine is much more effective in regulating noradrenaline in the body than in cases where only caffeine is present in the body.


What do people say about this tea powder? The opinions are different but I will stress out the most common ones.


There are many people who enjoy drinking this tea every day. Satisfied customers report of natural and very green color of the drink.

The other benefit is the structure of the powder which is thinner than in other matcha products. This feature provides an easy preparation with no lumps and perfectly mixed smoothies and other drinks.

Customers are very pleased with the taste, some report of a strong taste that is a sign of a high-quality tea by their opinion.

It also mixes well in the smoothies, dough, banana bread and muffins, and gives them a special flavor. Some women report crystal clear skin and energy boost throughout the day.


People who tried it report of a bitter taste. Some say that it isn’t so sweet than other matcha teas (a customer mentioned Starbucks matcha) but I think that Starbucks sweetens their tea to some extent; meanwhile, MachaDNA is a pure green tea powder that doesn’t contain any sugar.

It is a matter of personal taste, you can sweeten it but it is best to drink it pure, so you can benefit from it the most.

This is one of the reasons that people don’t cherish this drink so much. Some like Japanese matcha better because it isn’t so bitter.

Others say that it didn’t bring them any special benefit. The color of this powder didn’t impress some matcha drinkers.

Drink quality and pure matcha

As you see, this certified organic green tea powder has many beneficial effects on the body because of nutritious values that protect us from diseases as diabetes (it decreases blood sugar), cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other modern diseases. It is rich in antioxidants that protect the body’s immune system.

Best matcha tea powder

On the other hand, this is a powder that has EGCG, which is known for its diet functioning. But why is this matcha better than others?

It is the highest grade ceremonial matcha that is produced organically and hand-picked. Its quality is proven by USDA Organic, Kosher, and Parve. It doesn’t contain any heavy metals or contaminants.

My experience and recommendation

matcha tea

In my opinion, this tea deserves to be called the best matcha green tea powder as its production is strictly monitored and because it contains all the important ingredients of green tea leaves.

If you are okay with non-sweeten teas then you should enjoy this high-quality drink.

Nevertheless, you can add a sweetener or any other liquid in it, but I recommend you to drink it pure as it is. 

The company provides you 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you will not like it, you can get a full refund.

In the end, let me say that I drank sweetened teas and beverages in the past and I didn’t even think of not adding some sugar in my drinks. But as my taste changed, I tried them pure as they are without additives and they taste great!

There is a great benefit of drinking pure matcha. As you will enjoy it fresh and pure, you will be relaxed with good energy levels, protected from diseases, and also taking care of a good looking body.

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