Best Tea Brands On The Market

best tea brands

We are lucky to have companies that bring us relaxation and good feelings when drinking their tea.

They have many qualities that customers recognize. Did you ever drink bad tea? I did and I will never buy cheap tea with a cheap taste again.

Good tea has to be full of flavor and aroma. It is best that an herb is organic so it will bring you full enjoyment.

You want to know what you are putting in our mouth, don’t you? There isn’t a better feeling when you sit on your porch or balcony and relax with a good cup of tea.

Artificial flavor and aromas are put everywhere in our food and drinks but if we want to drink quality tea; we must avoid them.

Organic teas don’t need it, they are sufficient. Whether you prefer green, herbal tea, or even the sultry masala chai tea these are the best tea brands on the market at this moment.

Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings is the brand in Colorado, U.S., which is selling more than 1.6 billion tea bags a year.

People love this brand’s story, design, and products. The company is passionate about teas and brings moments of pure enjoyment to people all around the globe.

Their story began in 1969 and today they expended their lines to green tea, chai, wellness, rooibos, and Cool Brew iced tea.

Celestial Seasonings products include over 100 ingredients that are sourced from more than 35 countries. With artful and iconic packing they lead us to the world of fairytales and moments of pure relaxation.


Bigelow is a family tea company that is in the market for more than 72 years. The third generation is leading Bigelow now. They have 120 special flavor teas that people love to drink.

Ruth Campbell Bigelow started their story when she created “Constant Comment” tea. After weeks spent in the kitchen, a new tea was born which main ingredients are real orange rind and exotic spices.

Bigelow herbs are handpicked from high-elevation gardens from the very beginning.

They use the lemon peel in their teas and it is 100% grown in the USA. Bigelow meets strict USDA, FDA and California standards.

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is one of the top brands on the market that produces delicious herb and spice teas that are based on unique Ayurvedic tea recipes.

These recipes promote individual well-being. Yogi Tea is following 3,000-year-old Indian Ayurvedic teachings of mind, body, and soul.

Indian yoga and Ayurveda traditions were presented to the rest of the world in 1960.

Yogi Bhajan was a pioneer of this holistic yogic lifestyle, which encouraged people to live a happy, healthy and conscious lifestyle.

When Yogi came to West he introduced his teachings to the people and served his aromatic spice tea bland.

The students liked his drink so much that they called it “Yogi Tea” and this is how this brand came alive.

This unique Ayurvedic tea blend is based on the original tea recipe of Yogi Bhajan.

Their first product was sold in Europe in the 1970s. People all around the world are enjoying more than 80 organically-grown herbs and spices and 44 varieties of Yogi Tea.

Tea Forte

Tea Forte is a global luxury tea company. They are known for the ultimate tea experience. The company has many tea types and collections. Teas are hand-made; their accessories are design-driven.

Teabags are unique and nice-looking. They are made like a pyramid with a green leaf, so it reminds the drinker that the tea he is drinking is coming from nature.

Their infusions are drunk in more than 35 countries and are a part of some luxurious hotels, restaurants, prestige resorts and luxury retailers.

The company is proud to be selected as the exclusive House Purveyor of premium teas at the James Beard House. Do you know what is James Beard Foundation?

Their mission is to celebrate, nurture and honor America’s diverse culinary heritage.

The company is selling all types of tea, from pyramid infusers, loose-leaf tea and also wonderful tea accessories.


Numi is a brand in San Francisco, the U.S. Their vision is to inspire people’s well-being of the mind, body, and spirit by drinking their organic teas.

They feel committed to people and the planet. The Numi company was founded by brother and sister. Do you know what Numi means? It is Middle Eastern dried lime that they drank as kids.

The company was launched in Oakland, California in 1999. Numi produces 100% organic tea for its customers.

It means they never use natural flavorings, perfumes or fragrances to inspire a drinker.

Their products are all gluten-free so people with gluten intolerance can taste their teas without any guilt.

Numi is a company that produces tea bags, loose leaf tea, flowering tea, tea gifts, iced tea, and tea accessories.

Did you know that Numi is the first company in the U.S. that received the Non-GMO verification of tea bags?

Yes, and they are also a purchaser of Fair Trade CertifiedTM tea. This means that farmworkers get a fair wage. A wonderful company, really.

Drink quality tea

Which brand deserves the title of the best tea brand on the market? Well, this company has to have some qualities that are appreciated in the society.

The lists of top tea companies that are stated in this article have all qualities to deserve the title.

These companies produce quality products for us. One factor is the quality of the herbs and flowers that are used in teas.

Companies are growing their own herbs or buying them from growing farmers.

Quality of herbs is vital to bring the best teacup in front of a drinker, so these companies have experts on every step of the process.

The best teas in the world are free of pesticides and artificial or natural flavorings. Organic ones bring full enjoyment of the herb, so you should look for these teas.

Top tea companies also care about the environment so their production process is environmental-friendly.

Teabags should be recyclable and hand-made. The best teas are also gluten and GMO-free.

If you are allergic to gluten or don’t want to consume genetically modified organisms then you should read the labels and get to know the company you will get your teas from.

These are just some good brands but there are others too that I didn’t mention. I am sure you want to drink quality tea that will bring you joy and relaxation so choose the best for you.

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