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Are you having trouble sleeping? Find out which is the best tea for night time that will help you rest.

Having a good night’s sleep is extremely important because it restores and maintains the functioning of the whole organism.

The natural light determined our sleep in the past. People rise at sunrise and fell asleep at sunset, it was that easy.

When the skin comes into contact with natural light, the brain and the hormone system begin to produce cortisol, a stress hormone that helps us wake up.

The levels of cortisol increase with the sunrise and decrease in the evening.

Low concentrations of cortisol increase the concentration of melatonin, which helps us fall asleep.

What about today? In the natural flow of life, we would calm down with the sunset and fall asleep soon. But now it’s different.

We watch television, sit in front of the computer, and read books under powerful artificial light in the evening.

Computer and television screens and fluorescent lights emit light from 60 to 120 times per second, which makes our brain think it’s morning.

Therefore the release of cortisol increases which makes us awake, so it’s harder to fall asleep. Think about it and also use natural teas for help.

What tea is good at night?

Teas for sleeping have active ingredients that calm our nervous system and prepare us for the rest. I will tell you which are the herbs that you can make tea with.

Some of them are a natural solution for better rest but you should also consider the cause of your non-sleeping or staying awake in the late evening (I mentioned a common cause in the introduction).

St. john’s wort tea

St. john’s wort is a healing plant that has been used for many years. We can call it an ancient medicine.

It is used both internally and externally and has a wide range of healing effects.

You can find hyperforin in the plant, which is similar in structure to the active ingredients in the hops.

It acts mainly anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and soothes the central nervous system.

It has been proven that tincture and tea from the leaves and flowers work as an antidepressant, eliminating despondency, depression, anxiety, irritability, anxiety and restlessness, general malaise, loss of appetite and poor sleep.

Due to these effects, you can drink it, if you have trouble because you are tense or nervous for any reason.

Lavender tea

Lavender is a plant that has long been used to treat insomnia, nervous and digestive disorders. Sometimes it was common for those who fought with insomnia.

They put lavender flowers in a warm, relaxing bath and thus provide a quiet sleep, but today it is most commonly used for tea preparation.

In addition to relaxing muscles, it also soothes nerves and reduces anxiety, while tea works well when having a sleep disorder.


The preparation is simple and it works fast. Put two teaspoons of lavender flowers in one cup of boiling water; leave it to stand for 10 minutes and strain.

It is recommended to drink two cups a day, which is sweetened with honey and drank before bedtime.

Thyme tea

The medicinal ingredients of the thyme are found in the leaf and the flower.

Thymol and carvacrol are those ingredients that help with insomnia; in fact, their essential oils relax muscles.

Since the plant contains volatile ingredients, it is necessary to prepare a tea from the herb in a covered container because otherwise, it won’t have healing effects.


Pour the teaspoon of the thyme with two deciliters of boiling water, cover, and leave to stand for half an hour.

When the drink cools down, strain it and drink it. If you find it bitter, you can sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey.

Hops tea

Hops are used as one of the best tea for bedtime.

They have a very good natural calming effect on the body, so it is used to calm the nerves and as a natural remedy against insomnia.

This plant relieves nervousness, fear, and stress, it stimulates sleep and strengthens nerves.


Some pillows are filled with hops that provide quality rest. You can also choose hops for a tea that gives the same positive results.

Mix 50 grams of hops and valerian, from which you take 3 teaspoons of the mixture and pour them with 400 milliliters of boiling water.

Let it stand for 2 hours, then strain it. Drink it in the evening before going to bed.

Why add honey to the tea?

Due to the high content of mineral substances of the honey, it is considered an excellent sedative and at the same time an ideal source of energy.

It is the best natural sleeping agent. Honey is a natural blend of many types of sugars, most of which are fruit and grape sugar (fructose and glucose), which quickly provide energy.

In addition to sugars, proteins, amino acids, flavoring substances and minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, sodium, potassium) are also present.

It also contains vitamins and other substances (organic acids, essential oils) that are recognizable by its characteristic taste, color and smell.

All these ingredients are needed by the human organism for its existence; therefore it is an important nutrient and often medicine.

Avoid electronics and drink tea

Honey is never added to the hot drink because you would destroy its healing properties.

Add a teaspoon of honey when the drink is warm, stay away from electronics (computer, TV) and drink your sleepy tea in a peaceful environment before going to rest.

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