Best Tea For Upset Stomach And Pain

Mint tea for upset stomach

Around 25% of people suffer from the irritable gastric syndrome.

Are you one of these people? Can you calm down your stomach in a natural way with the best tea for an upset stomach?

It is not necessary that problems that you have are organic such as pain, heartburn, feeling of fullness, tension, cramps, or nausea and vomiting.

In the case of minor problems, you should rest, have food abstinence and drink teas that will calm the stomach.

However, if the symptoms don’t disappear and become worse, you must urgently visit your doctor.

What kind of tea is good for an upset stomach?

Some types of teas are appropriate for the treatment of stomach problems and I will list them right away.

They calm the irritation, strengthen the natural secretion of gastric juices, and consequently strengthen the whole body.

Peppermint tea

I am sure you know peppermint. Peppermint tea is well known all around the world and is a specialty in Morocco.

We use the peppermint plant for medicinal purposes. You can use its leaves or essential oil for external use and aromatherapy.

Essential oils in peppermint have medical effects on us. It contains more than 100 different chemical compounds, most of which is menthol (usually 35-55%).

Peppermint leaves also contain flavonoids, tannins, and triterpenes.

Peppermint soothes the cramps in the stomach, intestines, and bile. It also helps with tension. We often use peppermint in tea blends with cumin and fennel to relieve stomach pain.

Mint is also used in gastric mucosa inflammation. Laboratory studies have shown a protective effect of peppermint on the gastric ulcers.

In recent years, several studies have been carried out that have shown that essential oil improves signs of irritable bowel syndrome.

Peppermint is often found in tea blends to alleviate bile elimination problems since it has a beneficial effect on the formation and elimination of bile.

It is not only healthy but it also has amazing taste and smell that will lift your spirit.

Malva Sylvestris tea

Malva Sylvestris Tea

If you want to prepare a tea from the malva sylvestris, you will need its leaves and flowers.

You shouldn’t cook them but put them in the cold water and drink it twice a day.

It relieves cough as it accelerates the secretion of mucus in the respiratory system.

You can also drink this tea to relieve stomach and intestinal cramps.

In addition, it will eliminate water retention in the body.

The most important active ingredient of malva sylvestris is mucus.

The plant contains between 6 and 8 % of mucus. Tannins and flavonoids are also found in the leaves.

The plant is used in the oral cavity and throat inflammation. It calms a dry and irritating cough.

In addition, it is also used for inflamed and irritated mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines.

This plant is effective for itchy and inflamed skin. It is used for compresses and rinsing the skin for both adults and children.

Chamomile tea

Herbal preparations have been used for centuries to relieve abdominal pain and chamomile is one of them.

Chamomile is used to relax tension in the digestive tract and stimulate lazy digestion.

It also relieves internal tension, releases digestive muscles and stimulates the passage of food residues across the gut.

Chamomile also helps to calm down inflammation and speeds up the treatment.

Chamomile tea should relieve stomach problems, as its essential oil contains bisabolol and matricin, which relieve inflammation and destroy bacteria.

The chamomile is truly versatile, as it is also used for beauty purposes.

Don’t drink them if you vomit

Although chamomiles are a healthy agent I must warn you about them. They can cause nervousness.

When the stomach is strongly irritated, they stimulate vomiting so avoid them.

The tea from this medicinal plant promotes sweating; with it, you will faster recuperate the exhaustion after an illness.

It is better to use it when you have inflammation of the bronchi, eyes, oral cavity and throat.

It also treats open wounds on the legs, works against hemorrhoids, inflammation of the genitals, toothache and nerve disease.

It also treats skin problems like acne, pneumonia, and similar. It’s a natural antibiotic. However, if you suffer from a strong pain or had vomited, it is better to avoid chamomile.

But if you have mild stomach pain, try to drink a cup of warm tea and it should calm it down.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is one of the best tea to relieve an upset stomach.

It contains many medicinal ingredients that contribute to its effectiveness when it comes to treating a variety of health problems.

Ginger has many aromatic oils (borneol, cineol, citral, feldren, etc.), monoterpenes, aldehydes, gingerols, etc.

Because of its ingredients, ginger is known as one of the most powerful plant oxidants. It also has exceptional antiseptic properties.

Ginger cleans the intestines and accelerates the secretion of toxic substances from the body while calming the stomach cramps and nausea.

In addition, it alleviates digestion as it stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, accelerates the secretion of gastrointestinal gases, and alleviates gastric and intestinal cramps.

Prepare yourself a cup of ginger drink and I am sure you will feel relief soon.

What is good to eat if you have an upset stomach?

These foods will help you to relieve the pain and discomfort.


And what to eat when you have stomach pain?

Bananas are not only an exceptional source of energy for long-lasting and intense exercises such as marathon and cycling, but they are also very easily digestible and don’t irritate the stomach.

They contain some pectin that naturally accelerates digestion.

delicious bananas

Papaya and rice

Papaya is another fruit that is good for digestion. It promotes digestion and relieves constipation. We can thank the papain and chymopapain enzymes for it.

These two work to help dissolve proteins and at the same time calm the stomach.

Eat white rice as it contains mucus that will soothe your stomach. At the same time, it relieves diarrhea. Mucus food is the best that you can consume in this situation.

Relax and drink calming teas

When you don’t feel well and your stomach is upset it is best to lay down for a while, relax and drink a cup of the best teas for upset stomach that I mentioned in the article.

If you suffer from this kind of pain often go to your doctor who will help you to find a reason for your problems.

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