Which Is The Best Tea To Drink For A Cold?

besst tea for cold

Did you catch a cold? You can help yourself with herbal teas. People have always been turning to herbalism when they had health problems.

Although the development of modern pharmacy and medicine (which offers the pill for every problem) has decreased the use of herbs for some time, we are more and more aware of herbal power nowadays.

So let’s see how you can help yourself to beat the cold with the power of teas.

There is the best tea to drink for a cold that will provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for your body that are crucial to fight the viruses.

Teas are also the fluid that will wash the bacteria from your body, so let’s find out which are the best to drink when our immune system is fighting the viruses.

What herbal tea is good for colds?

Difficult breathing, coughing, hoarseness, and increased mucus are the most common symptoms of a cold.

Tea and herbal infusions can gently overcome the mentioned problems and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Cold weather outside and dry heated air inside; this is a real challenge for our immune system.

This way, pathogens have easy work. Well, if you know which herbs and herbal supplements can help then you can get better in no time.

Sea Buckthorn tea

Sea Buckthorn Tea

Sea buckthorn berries are among the most nutritious fruits, as they contain about 9% of fatty oils, and seeds as much as 13%. In addition to water-soluble, they also contain soluble vitamins in oil.

When vitamin C is deficient in your organism, the body is much less resistant to infectious diseases.

It is therefore very important that you have enough vitamin C in your body.

It is also important that you enjoy this vitamin due to faster recuperation from the cold.

The lack of vitamin C is most commonly in wintertime when there is a shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables, but what is available is usually lost due to the storage of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is soluble in water, therefore the excess is excreted with the urine.  

In addition to vitamin C, the berries also contain other vitamins as water-soluble vitamin B and fat-soluble vitamin A. It also contains malic and tartaric acid.

Rosehip tea

In folk medicine, rosehips are a complementary remedy for a vitamin C deficiency. They increase body resistance, prevents and cures colds, flu, and other fever diseases.

They also help with bleeding gums, benefit to anemic pregnant women and nursing mothers, and eliminate fatigue and general weakness.

Vitamin C is a first-rate antioxidant, good support to overcome spring fatigue.

You shouldn’t forget on the rosehips when you treat urinary tract disorders, problems with constipation, gout, and at a high fever.

Rosehip tea is a great way to detoxify your body and this is a vital thing to overcome the cold.

Rosehips are known for their high content of polyphenolic components that are the most widespread antioxidants in our nutrition and they work antioxidant, antimutagenic and anti-carcinogenic.

Darkly colored fruits are therefore a good source of phenols, such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, and carotenoids.

The next healing properties of the rosehips are that they contain essential fatty acids that the human body can’t synthesize.

Linoleic and linoleic oleic fatty acids are the source of long polyunsaturated fatty acids. They regulate numerous body functions, such as blood pressure, blood viscosity and immune responsiveness.

Thyme tea

The Latin name of thyme is Thymus vulgaris and comes from the Greek term thymus, which means spirit or courage.

The therapeutic effect of thyme on the respiratory system was discovered in the Middle Ages, where it was used in severe breathing, pertussis, and asthma relief.

It is also used as a spice and is a good example of how we can take care of our health when cooking.

Thyme destroys bacteria and at the same time regulates digestion. Thyme is classified in category H according to the Ordinance on the classification of medicinal plants.

ESCOP recommends it for inflammation of the airways, bronchitis, colds, and pertussis. It also helps in inflammation of the gastric mucosa and for the elimination of the bad breath.

The effect of terpenes in thyme stimulates coughing, and the effect of flavonoids calms the spasmodic cough.

Thymol is found in thyme essential oil and it destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi while promoting blood circulation.

Thyme extract also has proven antioxidant properties so it is a herbal tea that I had to mention in this article.

Linden tea

According to folk tradition, linden tea is a sedative, which means it calms. It is spasmolytic, which helps to relieve cramps of smooth muscles.

This tea is diaphoretic, which promotes sweating so it is a drink that is recommendable during a cold.

It is also a diuretic that promotes the formation and secretion of urine.

It will help you to eliminate bacteria and fungi since it has these healing properties. Therefore, linden flowers help with high temperatures and cold.

Tea from linden flowers softens cramps and accelerates sweating, cures infected gums, relieves tension and anxiety.

Drink it during cold and problems with the kidneys and lungs. Linden also helps with the secretion of mucus, accelerates blood circulation and cleanses the blood.

Are you ready to get better? Cook yourself a nice warm cup of linden tea.

Can you avoid catching a cold?

Cold can be avoided with a healthy lifestyle. Take care of a healthy, fruit and vegetable-rich diet, for a lot of movement in the fresh air and enough sleep.

Avoid bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking, but don’t forget to control the stress as well.

The best defense against viruses is an effective immune system. Research has also shown that people who are exposed to psychological stress are more susceptible to catching a cold.

We often forget about a healthy lifestyle due to the rapid pace of life, so defensive abilities of our body weaken, and disease may soon arise.

Consider my advice to prevent the cold and other similar diseases. If you already have it consider the best tea to drink for a cold and you will recuperate faster.

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