Best Tea To Drink In The Morning

best teas to drink in the morning

What you do first when you wake up in the morning? Do you make yourself a cup of coffee or tea?

If you want to try a smelling cup of tea, you are reading the right article. I will tell you which is the best tea to drink in the morning and why.

Making a change in your morning habits can be a great step to a healthier life. Coffee is a popular drink but did you know that you can get caffeine also with some tea types?

Yes and that’s not all. Teas are rich with vitamins, minerals and other active substances that your body will appreciate and a perfect hydration drink.

I will present to you the ones that can be a perfect substitute for a morning coffee. Coffee has caffeine and it works fast and lasts a short time.

But next teas will boost your energy throughout the day because of caffeine and L-theanine.

Which tea is good to drink in the morning?

Now you will get to know teas that have caffeine and which you can drink as a morning drink. I will also tell you more about each type, so your decision will be easier.

Mate tea

Mate tea originates from the heart of South America, Paraguay. It is a country with pristine nature and a number of nutritious herbs. Mate can be prepared as a hot or cold drink.

The mate plant is called “a drink of the gods” or “a green-gold of the Indians”. This caffeine drink contains 11 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids (practically all the substances necessary for life).

The plant (Ilex paraguariensis) was first cultivated by the Guarani Indians, the autochthonous inhabitants of the South American continent, who have already discovered its beneficial effect many centuries ago.

Regulates sleep

Mate contains a substance called mateine, which belongs to the same group of chemical compounds like caffeine. However, mateine and caffeine have a completely different effect.

Mateine stimulates the central nervous system, but unlike caffeine, it does not interfere with the cycle of sleep, quite the opposite, it regulates sleep and reduces the feeling of fatigue.

Mate is a natural source of nutrients and a natural stimulant with no side effects and toxins. It is a good choice for all people who value their health and optimal well-being.

Black tea

Black tea is a healthy drink and one of the best tea to drink in the morning due to caffeine. It contains it much less than coffee.

This is the reason why black tea will gently stimulate the blood circulation, without burdening the heart. Research shows that it lowers blood cholesterol levels and prevent cholesterol absorption into the blood.

Strong antioxidants

It will gently stimulate the heart and blood circulation, keep the veins flexible, regulate blood sugar, and lower blood pressure.

All black teas contain polyphenols, extremely strong antioxidants, so the black teacup has the same power as a portion of broccoli, carrots, or spinach.

Controls the weight

Among other things, it is extremely helpful in losing or controlling body weight. If you drink it, the number of good bacteria that stimulate metabolism increases in the gut, according to experts from California University.

It is important that you stimulate your metabolism first thing in the morning, so you won’t have trouble with lazy digestion and weight gain. This is one fact more to start drinking it at the start of the day.

Green tea

All those who want to reduce the amount of coffee can take advantage of green tea energy benefits. A cup of this drink contains from 24 to 45 milligrams of caffeine.

It provides a lot of energy but with a lower risk of headache, trembling and nausea due to caffeine overload.


There is about one-third of the caffeine content in green tea compared to coffee. It also contains 2 xanthines, a caffeine-like substance.

First is theophylline, which is stronger than caffeine and the second is theobromine, which is somewhat weaker than caffeine.

The Book of Tea, written by Zen the priest in 1191, describes how green tea should affect 5 vital organs, especially the heart.

It should also have other positive effects. Did you know that it should influence on the relief after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol?

This popular drink acts as a stimulant, extinguishes thirst, eliminates gastrointestinal disorders, heals the beriberi disease (a disease caused by a lack of vitamin B1), prevents fatigue, and improves renal and brain functions.

Matcha tea

The cup of matcha tea helps to concentrate and clarify thoughts without nervous energy, which follows after drinking coffee.

Matcha has the ability to provide concertation and calmness at the same time. L-theanine is responsible for this.


The story of the matcha effects comes from the Japanese monks who practiced meditations.

During long hours of sitting, they drank matcha in order to stay concentrated but still calm. Modern science has recently confirmed the lessons of tradition.

L-theanine helps to keep the state of relaxation and well-being because it affects brain functioning. It produces alpha waves and contains up to 5x as many amino acids as other green and black teas.

As an additional advantage, L-theanine contributes to memory and learning while preventing the side effects of caffeine, naturally occurring component.

It is a superhero with antioxidants and a source of power for everyone who listens to their body. Matcha is super nutrition for people who afford only the best.

Wake up with the energy boost

If you want to do something good for yourself and feel that morning energy flowing through your body, cook an aromatic cup of tea.

I told you about the best tea to drink in the morning that can boost your energy and still feel it throughout the day.

Teas that I mentioned contain caffeine. If you worry about the caffeine intake, try these teas. They are healthier than coffee and will provide many vitamins and antioxidants to your body.

But you shouldn’t limit yourself picking the right morning drink.

You can also choose the tea like rooibos or herbal, fruit tea that doesn’t contain caffeine but it should bring you refreshment.

Try different kinds of teas and find your good reason to wake up in the morning smiling.

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