Is Black Tea For Constipation Recommended Or Not?

black tea for constipaton

Is drinking black tea for constipation recommended? It is recommended to drink after a meal because it works antibacterial and also takes care of your gums and teeth.

Because antioxidants contain free radicals, it contributes to improving the body’s well-being and reducing the likelihood of disease.

People drink this tea all around the world and enjoy its flavor. It is a healthy drink and it can be used for many health problems.

Like other real teas, it also comes with flavors of fruit and flowers. Is drinking black tea good when you have constipation? Read on and you will find how it is affecting this health issue.

Caffeine and dehydration

The modern way of life is one of the greatest culprits for many health problems, which undoubtedly include indigestion problems such as heartburn, bloating, gasses, abdominal pain, and constipation.

Many people drink black tea in the morning as their morning refreshment. It contains caffeine that makes them more awake. How about you, do you drink it?

Everybody is having a hard time giving up coffee, black tea or coke. These are drinks that offer us fuel to start the day energized, right?

Do you know that caffeine dehydrates the body, and dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation?

Caffeine is a diuretic, so drinking black tea can make you secrete more urine than usual. But drinking 1 or 2 cups can’t harm you unless you drink more.

How to recognize dehydration?

Even the smallest change in the amount of water in your body can lead to dehydration, but luckily, your body gives signs that it is dehydrated.

Mild signs

Mild signs of dehydration are mild to a strong feeling of thirst, absence of appetite, dry, reddening skin, fatigue, headache, dry mouth, very little dark urine (or even nothing), muscle weakness, and dizziness.

Mild symptoms of dehydration can occur (rapid pulse and breathing, no sweating, no urine, increased temperature, extreme fatigue, muscle spasms, headaches, and nausea) when water loss reaches 10 percent, the condition becomes critical.

Critical signs

Critical signs of dehydration are muscle cramps, vomiting, tachycardia, visual disturbances, hot skin, painful micturition (urinating), confusion, respiratory disorders, seizures of the whole body, chest and abdominal pain, and unconsciousness.

If you are constipated for some time I suggest you try this herbal tea that has a laxative effect.

How to deal with constipation?

Everyone had constipation at least once in their life. It is one of the most common health conditions of this time.

Stress, consumption of heavily processed foods, improper combinations of foods, dehydration, eating too fast – these are all factors that can cause it.

About dietary supplements

There are quite a few dietary supplements containing fiber in the market, but they often contain a variety of preservatives and artificial pigments that have a bad effect on the intestinal flora.

Therefore it is most advisable to find a natural solution to solve the constipation problem.

Useful tips to treat constipation

If you are constipated consider these 5 effective tips and you will see results in no time.

Eat fiber foods

Enjoy lots of fresh fruit and fiber vegetables. Reduce the intake of starchy vegetables such as carrots and potatoes (you can drink carrots juice).

Some people have problems with the use of starchy vegetables. It is important to observe how your body reacts to these foods.

Enjoy healthy fats

Enjoy more healthy fats, such as cannabis seeds, chia seeds and avocados, and less in the form of raw nuts.

For people who have problems with constipation, it is recommended to avoid the simultaneous use of fat from various sources, as this is often the cause of it.

Eat foods rich in inositol

If you suffer from constipation, you should also eat foods rich in inositol. Inositol accelerates the action of intestinal muscles.

Foods containing inositol are green beans, sprouts, cabbage, grapes, citrus fruits, and egg yolk.

Avoid highly-processed foods and meat

Reduce or completely abandon the use of highly processed foods, as well as limit the consumption of foods of animal origin and replace them with fiber-rich green vegetables and fruits.

Be active

After each meal, take a 20 to 30-minute walk. This strategy is very helpful in digestive problems.

Movement is beneficial for general health and well-being, so be active. What to drink during constipation?

be active

Drink plenty of water and freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice. If you are sensitive to citrus, drink warm water to “awake” the intestines.

You don’t have to exaggerate the amount. It is important to drink when you are thirsty and make sure to take at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Drink refreshing fruit teas as well.

Add ginger and turmeric

Add ginger and turmeric to a freshly squeezed vegetable juice. Ginger and turmeric (especially the combination of both) are quite strong spices, so don’t overdo with their quantity.

If you are particularly sensitive, start with a small piece of ginger or root of turmeric. Increase the amount slowly and observe how your body will respond.

Prepare a green smoothie

Prepare a nutritious green smoothie. Mix celery, cumin, lemon, ginger and pineapple in the blender. Sometimes, just a little extra dietary fiber makes a big difference.

Take probiotics

Probiotics are a variety of lactic acid bacteria in the intestinal flora that help restore and maintain it.

They can be found in yogurt, sour milk, kefir, some food products with milk cultures and in the form of capsules, powders.

Consider prebiotics

Unlike probiotics, which are living microorganisms, prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates.

They promote the activity of intestinal bacteria (in particular the growth of bacillus Bifidus and lactobacilli – most important for digestion), bind water, stimulate the gut movement, and thus have a beneficial effect on the reflex and the frequency of sludge secretion.

Think of your lifestyle

I think I gave you enough useful tips for the constipation problem that is very common among us.

So, is black tea for constipation ok or should you avoid it? It is nothing wrong if you drink a cup or two of black tea.

It has caffeine and it is known to dehydrate but a few cups won’t cause you problems.

If you have problems with constipation rather think of your activities and what are your eating habits.

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