Is Black Tea For Upset Stomach Beneficial To Drink?


In most cases, the irritated stomach isn’t a serious problem or symptom of diseases, thus natural solutions can be very effective.

You can go to the kitchen and relieve the upset stomach with a cup of tea.

On this point the question pops up – is black tea for upset stomach good to drink or not?

We will take a close look at the drink and its properties and find out if this caffeine tea can help to relieve stomach pain.

People have pain that accompanies an irritated stomach very often due to different reasons.

Thus, there is a high probability that you have had problems at least once in your life. If stomach pain occurs often, it’s definitely time to visit a doctor.

About stress

A modern way of life brings a lot of headaches, frustrations, and some other kind of demands that can put people in stress. Nowadays, stress is a major factor for an upset stomach.

However, stress is not always bad. In small quantities, it motivates you to give your best.

But when you are constantly under stress, it can have a fatal impact on your mental and physical health. Fortunately, you can recognize its signs and symptoms in order to reduce the negative effects.

Stress is a natural reaction of the body to events that are endangering you or making you restless.

When you perceive the danger (real or imagined) your body automatically responds and prepares you to face this danger. This is called “escape or fight” stress response.

After a certain period of time, stress can’t longer help you, but it becomes a threat to your health, well-being, productivity, relationships, and provides a poor quality of life in general.

So let’s see how black tea plays an important role here.

Is black tea good for an upset stomach caused by stress?

There was a study made that proves the link between black tea consumption and irritated stomach relief.

Drink black tea when you are under stress as it should help you. Scientists saw that volunteers and non-smokers, who are drinking it regularly, reduce stress symptoms better than others.

They measured participants beat, pressure, concentration of blood cells and cortisol when they were under the stress. At the same time, participants had to evaluate their level of stress.

In stressful situations, the pulse and pressure also increased in those in the control group, and therefore the level of cortisol and the personal experience of stress were significantly lower in the group that drank black tea.

However, since the anti-stress effectiveness of the tea doesn’t come until after half an hour, it is good to know that it doesn’t work acutely in stressful situations, but its power lies in a faster recovery.

The researchers from London University concluded the same. They found out that black tea can help people to cope more effectively with day-to-day stress.

Those who drank a cup of warm tea 4x a day had significantly lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood after each stressful event prepared by scientists.

L-theanine in black tea

L-theanine is chemically similar to the glutamate, the nervous carrier. It binds to the brain receptors.

In contrast to glutamate (in some cases it causes excitotoxicity that can destroy nerve cells) L-theanine protects nerve cells by soothing the nervous system in the brain.

Many studies have shown the beneficial effects of this amino acid on problems such as depression and anxiety.

It relaxes

This rare amino acid stimulates the brain function and provides relaxation and well-being.

Stress induces beta brainwaves, while L-theanine triggers alpha waves and with them a state of relaxed alertness.

It supports memory pathways, learning, and memory while simultaneously inhibiting the side effects of caffeine (a natural ingredient of black tea).

Which tea has the most of it?

Matcha green powder contains most L-theanine, which is also called as the source of energy, concentration, and pure mind.

A cup of black tea in the afternoon will awaken the body without exposing it to nervousness at the same time.

What does chronic stress do to the body?

Research has shown that chronic stress-exposing can in fact cause tissue changes and disrupted organ function. Many health problems are closely related to chronic stress.

Some of these are obesity, autoimmune diseases, skin diseases (eczema), heart disease, digestive problems, sleep disorders, as well as body pain.

chronic stress

In the case of chronic stress, the level of cortisol remains unnaturally high for a long time leading to many disorders such as thyroid problems, hypoglycemia, catabolism or muscle loss (and bones), elevated blood pressure, susceptibility to diseases or infections, and obesity (fat accumulation mainly in the abdomen).

The usual symptoms of stress include skin problems, impotence, upset stomach, high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia, and irritation.

Heart, lung and vascular system are affected by increased heart rate. The blood pressure rises and the breathing is accelerated.

The mouth and throat can become dry and the skin can become cold and moist due to poor blood circulation since more blood is intended to support the heart and muscles.

Digestive problems can also occur, which usually slow down the digestive system.

Manage stress naturally

It is important for you to know how stress affects you. It is a silent killer that you should prevent in all-cause.

There are many solutions for stress relief and you can find your own that will suit you best.

Black tea has beneficial substances like L-theanine that will help you to relax and prevent harmful health conditions.

So don’t hesitate and start to drink it regularly as it is a powerful agent for your general health as well.

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