Where To Buy Celestial Seasonings Tea?

celestial seasonings tea

Where to buy Celestial Seasonings tea? People love this brand’s story, design, and products, don’t you?

The company is passionate about teas and brings moments of pure enjoyment to people all around the globe.

Their story began in 1969 and today they expended their lines to green tea, chai, wellness, rooibos, and Cool Brew iced tea.

The company’s teas include over 100 ingredients that are sourced from more than 35 countries.

With artful and iconic tea packing they lead us to the world of fairytales and moments of pure relaxation. You can check their awesome teas.

Where to buy Celestial Seasonings tea?

Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time tea

Step in the magical world of Celestial teas and find yours to enjoy every day.

Choose the right drink for your everyday drinking or the one that will help you with health issues.

There are many herb and spice combinations that you can choose from. Coconut, lavender, cherry, apple, vanilla, mandarin, ginger, you name it.

These are just some of the flavors you can have at your table. The company is also offering green, white, black, rooibos, matcha, hot, cold teas, and much more.

Check their rich offer and find your cup of tea that will make you dream.

Artful tea boxes

Celestial Seasonings Raspberry tea

Celestial Seasonings are a company that is environmental and customer friendly.

Their purpose is to get the best quality ingredients to the customer who will enjoy the flavor and aroma of the drink.

According to customer reactions, their artful tea boxes are very popular. People love flavors of their tea mixtures and are satisfied with the taste.

Celestial Seasonings history

It was the year 1969 when new thought of a tea was born. Mo Siegel, one of the founders, started to handpick wild herbs in Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

He was a dedicated herbalist who sold 36 Mo’s and 24 herb teas to health food stores. That’s how their success story began.

Best selling Celestial Seasonings tea

Red Zinger® and Sleepytime® are two of the flashing blend that were introduced to the public in 1972.

They became very popular among tea lovers; Sleepytime is also bestselling specialty tea of all time.

The Celestial Seasonings became a company that brought their magical teas in people’s lives.

They believe that people can have happier little moments which will bring them balance and relaxation.

The quality of ingredients

The company is combining many different ingredients like herbs, flowers, spices, and botanicals to make your day special.

Each tea bag has a special flavor and aroma. Ingredients are brought from more than 35 countries around the world.

You can choose teas from spices, herbs, and flowers that are carefully combined into tea mixture. Every mixture has a story. Some herb teas are beneficial to your health and some will freshen up your day.

Celestial Seasonings is committed to bring the best quality teas to customers and protect the environment.

They are made from high-quality herbs and plants that have been grown according to Earth-friendly practices.

The company works with farmers that meet strict purity, quality and consistency standards.

Sustainable agricultural practices

The farmers use sustainable agricultural practices that are good for the land. The company thought on every step of the tea producing process – from the quality seed to the quality teacup.

Standards and tests

Every shipment of ingredients is thoroughly tested. They are working with experts who evaluate and refine testing protocol of Celestial Seasonings.

Ingredients must meet the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Union Pharmacopoeia Convention.

If some of the ingredients don’t meet their standards; they are not included in the process.

The tea production process

The company has a tea production process explained so the customers can understand every step.

Getting herbs and spices from farming partners

They are working with farming partners that are growing plants under quality, purity and consistency standards.

The company is cooperating with 35 countries in the world to get the best ingredients.

70% of the ingredients are purchased directly from farmers and local communities. The firm also buys some of the fresh crops to produce the best teas.

Ingredient testing

All ingredients that are shipped to Celestial Seasonings are tested with the help of experts. Ingredients which don’t meet the standards are not included in the production process.


This step includes cleaning the herbs and milling them by their experienced staff. They get whole herbs which are milled by the company to ensure the freshness of the tea.


The company has a product development team that formulated the tea recipes.

After herbs are milled, they are going to be blended. In the end, every batch of tea is tested by Blendmaster that has 40 years of experience.

Sustainable packing

The quality of herbs is an important factor but the tea bags quality is also.

The company uses natural fiber, pillow-style tea bags without strings, tags or individual wrapper.

Their artful tea boxes are made with 100% recycled paperboard.


Their carriers participate in the USEPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership. This means that the costs of transport and fuel are lower and environmental impacts reduced.

Drink their yummy teas

Some people also report of relaxation when drinking a particular Celestial Seasonings tea and helping them with diseases like diabetes. But in general, people are in love with their yummy taste.

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