Diabetes Destroyer Review – Is This The Best Type 2 Diabetes Cure?

diabetes destroyer review

This is a full diabetes destroyer review based on a bought product.

After few months of using this product I reverse type 2 diabetes.

My glucose levels are more stable and I have more energy.

At first I didn’t believe that type 2 diabetes cure exists without taking medicines.

After my important decision I became a reborn person.

Diabetes Destroyer Review

David Andrews is the author of the diabetes solution and former diabetic.

His work was inspired by Doctor Roy Taylor, the medical doctor, and professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University in England. Dr. Taylor and his college found out the reason that causes diabetes.

Andrews recreated Taylor’s method and wrote a Diabetes Destroyer book which is promising that disease will not come back after you cure it.

After two weeks using the diabetes destroyer system you could be free of diabetes type 2.

The system has four modules – the introduction to diabetes truth, three steps to jumpstart your pancreas, reversing the disease, and finally, reducing or eliminating medication forever.

Should We Blame Fatty Pancreas for Diabetes?

Fat is a product of our overeating, or if we say it differently, we eat more calories than we burn.

But fat isn’t just an aesthetic issue for people, it can threaten our organs and health. It is known that fat and obesity are causing diseases.

Maybe you heard of fatty liver, but did you hear of the fatty pancreas? And what is pancreas?

It is a gland that produces insulin (among others), which is a hormone.

The goal of an insulin is a drop in blood glucose and its conversion into glycogen in the liver.

There is a link between obesity and getting diabetes. And if we have extra pounds, we could have fatty organs too that we don’t see.

According to Obesity Society, overweight is a single best predictor of type 2 diabetes.

The data show that 90% of diabetics are overweight or have obesity.

Doctor Taylor did a study on 11 people who had diabetes, fatty liver and fatty pancreas.

The subjects had 600-calorie diet for eight weeks.

Diabetics have the problem of insulin intolerance. And when the body does not recognize the insulin, it can’t do its function.

After this 8-week diet, subjects got good results on a glucose tolerance test. So, their pancreas (and insulin at the same time) started to work normally again.

He also claims that fat in the liver and pancreas are causing problems.

And what is the answer at the end? Why does fat influence on diabetes appearance?

Dr. Taylor figures out that high levels of fat are causing the liver to become insulin resistant. Diabetes emerges because fat around the pancreas doesn’t allow insulin to work.

 Here you can read the whole study of Dr. Taylor.

What Exactly do You get With the Product?

David Andrews prepared:

  • Temporary meal plan to dissolve fat deposits around pancreas
  • Seven metabolism-boosting rules for disease to retreat
  • Meal-plan strategies
  • Diabetes workout plan
  • Eight videos created by Andrew and his friend Troy Adashun, who is certified nutrition expert and certified personal trainer
  • Diabetes Destroyer EXPOSE: Health Foods in Disguise (BEWARE!)

The first paragraph is an introduction. You will be able to read what will follow in the e-book. The first paragraph is motivational.

You will motivate yourself to start this plan and to finish it. You will make yourself a “Diabetes-free Bucket list” items, asking yourself what you will do as a diabetes free person.

The paragraph of eating habits of our ancestors is an eye opening.

The author is going to tell you how FDA and pharmaceutical industry is filling their pockets with money on patients account.

How does Diabetes Destoryer Book Work?

The book has phases that a person will get to know one by one.

The product has a focus on eating healthy food, especially vegetables and fruit. Meals are balanced with all nutrients that body needs.

A person will have to do two steps and follow the seven rules regarding everyday’s life activities.

The main focus is on nutrition because the diet is crucial in a disease like diabetes.

Step 1: 10 Day Super Drink Cleanse

In 10-day Super Drinks you will find whey protein, liquid coconut oil, coconut water, almond and coconut milk, and lucuma powder.

The drinks are rich in antioxidants, the most powerful diabetic superfoods on the planet, naturally detoxifying ingredients, super diabetic spices, and powerful metabolism boosters.

Drinks contain special ingredients designed to increase energy levels while calories are low, nutrient and fiber-rich carbohydrates to keep you full, delicious diabetic friendly healthy fats, and “secret” diabetic superfoods for added taste.

Recipes cover preparation, ingredients, nutrition facts and total calories per drink.

Coconut oil

It is proven that coconut is good to reverse type 2 diabetes. Coconut oil has benefits for diabetics and their pancreas.

It increases insulin sensitivity that diabetics lack, says Dr. Bruce Fife. It is the most important that diabetics know what food and drink they must consume to jumpstart insulin sensitivity.

Lucuma fruit

Authors in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brazil made an evaluation of the antihyperglycemic and antihypertension potential of native Peruvian fruits using in vitro models.

They found what was essential for cost-effective management of the global epidemic of type 2 diabetes. It’s local food diversity and traditional crops.

They conclude very good results of Peruvian fruits as effective type 2 diabetes cure and antihypertension solutions.

Step 2: 8 Week Eating Strategy

After 10-day super drink cleanse you will have lists of food that you can eat.

You can drink two of the super drinks per a day. Lists are covering macronutrients and micronutrients.

You have the opportunity to combine your meal from these lists of food.

The reader of the book also has meal samples, so you can see some examples of how the day should look like.

All meals and drinks are made for boosting your metabolism. Antioxidants play a big role in this nutrition.

The 7 Rules to Live by

In my diabetes destroyer review I also mention the rules for faster results that can be found in the e-book.

The author is teaching you what should you be aware of in the restaurants.

He will explain to you what to do if you crave something bad and how to make a realistic workout schedule. He also helps with choosing an exercise that you like.

The author gives the examples which food is not good for you to consume, and which ingredients you should avoid.

He talks about marketing approaches that attract us in buying food that has no benefits for our health.

What Extra Material You get With the Program?

  • You will have 16 videos to see.
    Troy Adashun gives you examples of exercises that you can choose from. I think the workouts are ok because it will speed up your heart rate and boost your metabolism. These are excellent for burn calories because they are a combination of cardio and strength exercise. This is a good way to increase that glucose in your blood after a meal.
    The personal trainer also gives you examples of his meals. Preparation is easy, and the food is delicious.
  • Accelerated fat burning guide PDF that will help you with manage workouts, progress and stay motivated trough whole time. You also get the summary plan of workouts.
  • A PDF document regarding How to reduce blood pressure naturally. In 40 pages you can read all about blood pressure, what damage can it cause, symptoms, and what are the medical treatments for hypertension. The author will tell you which herbs for diabetes and nutrients will help you with blood pressure.
  • Aging no more is a PDF document that will inform you which are problems of aging, anti-aging treatments, and what are simple ways to prevent aging.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the System


  • With this program you will never have to count calories
  • You can eat food from the diabetic super food list without limitations
  • Option of picking foods from lists like you want (over 1000 different meal combinations)
  • Use of herbs for diabetes treatment
  • Meal suggestions and tips
  • Effective type 2 diabetes cure
  • Saving money instead of buying medications (by author’s data an average of each year)


  • First you have to lose weight
  • It’s a diet. So, it means you are limited to food and drink consumption
  • Some people will have difficulties in the start because of 10 days of liquid food
  • 80% of the time you must be active and eat healthy
  • Permanent lifestyle change for type 2 diabetes cure
  • Diabetics could be in doubt if they can stop taking the drugs and if this diet is safe

How Much is the Price and is It Risk-Free?

diabetes destroyer money back guarantee

The price for diabetes solution system is But you can take advantage of my coupon code and save.

When you write your best email address in the box and click Add to Cart button down bellow, you will be redirected to the purchase site of the product.

On the right side, you will see the price and under the coupon code box. Write the coupon code into the box and click apply.

When you fill up the order form completely, you just have to click pay now, and you are ready for the adventure.

If you decide to purchase the product you don’t have to worry, it is a safe purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the book and results, you can get money back without questions asked within 60 days after purchase.

You just contact the author on email: support@diabetesdestroyer.com and he will get you a full refund.


At the end of my diabetes destroyer review I should say that this diabetes book isn’t a scam.

If we look the product as a whole, it is quite good. It has logical statements and explanations of what a diabetic should know and do for leaving diabetes type 2 behind.

When reading and looking the program, I found it useful even for other healthy people. I think that we eat many garbage foods that companies sell to us.

I believe that pharmaceutical and other food companies have approaches to make their budget even bigger. And this includes non-ethnical methods.

Other diabetes destroyer reviews are positive. Costumers are reporting of reducing insulin shots and becoming a diabetes free person.

I think that every diabetic should try this program regardless if he will just decrease his insulin dose and not become the diabetes-free person.

I am sure that this program is positive and will change a diabetic’s life for certainty. The price is low for a diabetic if he wants to give it a try on his new life.

With the product you get 3 PDF’s. You will read accelerated fat burning guide, aging no more, and reducing blood pressure naturally.

If you don’t see any results, you can ask for money back guarantee in 60 days after the purchase.

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