Does Ginkgo Biloba Work Immediately?

Are you forgetting things and want to help your brain to work more efficiently? Does ginkgo biloba work immediately?

It is well-known for its health benefits for memory and brain function.

It is also great with some other diseases like Alzheimer’s, vision loss, anxiety, peripheral vascular disease, and others.

This herb has some effective ingredients to help you with diseases but it will take some time to see positive results.

When you treat disease with herbs, you need more time than with medicines. I recommend you to talk to your doctor before taking any ginkgo supplement.

What is ginkgo biloba?

It is the oldest living tree species in the world. The tree can reach the age of 1000 years and a height of 30 meters.

In the Mesozoic Era, about 150 million years ago, it has been widely used throughout the globe, including Europe.

The tree died in the ice age but remained in China. Chinese are familiar with its healing effects for already 5000 years.

People brought the ginkgo tree from China to Japan and Korea, where it was worshiped as a sacred temple tree.

It was spread throughout Europe as an ornamental tree in the 18th century, where it still adorns many parks.

The tea

Tea is getting popular due to its health benefits. The tea is made of whole or chopped leaves and is prepared similarly as other teas and herbal infusions.

It has a large number of antioxidants. They are the reason people drink it; to look younger and live healthily.

Improves circulation

The tea can stimulate and improve the circulation of the body. We need proper blood circulation to live longer and to function properly.

It has been found that prolonged consumption of this tea can eliminate Reynaud’s disease.

Cardiovascular agent

It is a type of disease that is caused by poor blood flow to the fingers. The tea prevents Reynaud’s disease, as well as blood clotting.

It helps to reduce blood coagulation, cramps, and headaches. It also reduces the clogging of the arteries by inhibiting the formation of plaque, and thus protects you from heart disease.

Improves mood

It will also improve mood and reduce lethargy. Does ginkgo biloba work immediately?  You should drink it for some time to improve your mood and reduce lethargy.

People, who regularly drink it, often have a good sense of well-being and mental alertness.

Even those who are upset achieve mental balance with this tea. It shows that this herb improves the functioning of the human brain, treats depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and other mood changes.

Sleep remedy

The antioxidant properties of the plant will enable you to be free from diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia, stroke and premature aging.

The exponential growth of the energy levels of the human body is still one of the main benefits of ginkgo biloba tea and moreover, proved to be an excellent remedy for sleep.

Effects on the brain

Research of the influence of ginkgo on cerebral insufficiency (inadequate oxygen supply to the brain) has demonstrated efficiency in reducing symptoms.

The herb gives satisfactory results when used in appropriate doses for memory and concentration.

Stimulates creative thinking

One of its most reputed “secondary” effects of ginkgo biloba extract is its effect on the cognitive processes.

Some studies have shown the ability of its extract to increase memory and retention, improving concentration and stimulating creative thinking.

Prepare the tea

For a cup of tea, you will need 1 teaspoon of dried ginkgo leaves and 2 ml of water. Pour 2 dl of boiling water over the leaves.

Leave it for 10 minutes and then remove the leaves. Cool it down a little bit and drink.

What are its benefits?

Extract from the leaves improves blood circulation and supplies the brain with oxygen and glucose.

Impaired blood supply to the brain can be seen mainly as a fading memory and intellectual abilities. Dizziness and tinnitus can also be present.

Ginkgo protects the cells and tissues from damage caused by a lack of oxygen by controlling the metabolism.

The extract also improves blood flow to the extremities (legs) since they eliminate the feeling of cold feet, pain while walking, numbness and tingling.

You can use leaves, seeds or fruits. Leaves should be beneficial for the heart and lungs, vapors leaf infusions for the treatment of dyspnea.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients from the extract are the flavone glycosides and terpenes, which expand blood vessels. They also prevent the clumping of blood platelets and thus improve the blood flow.

Possible side-effects

Scientists didn’t see any side-effects after taking prescribed doses of leaf extracts. They didn’t see changes in body temperature, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

There were also no interactions with other medications such as cardiac glycosides and antidiabetic preparations.

They reported mild gastrointestinal nausea and headache after excessive doses. The seed may cause allergic reaction, redness, swelling, rash, and itching if it is swallowed or touched.

The seed contains the toxin 4-on-metal pyridoxine that would be guilty of food poisoning called “gin-nan” in Japan and China.

The signs of food poisoning are muscle spasms and loss of consciousness. Mortality is around 27 percent. Children are especially vulnerable to poisoning.

Does it work immediately?

The effect of ginkgo biloba shows after some time. If you have anxiety then you will have to take this herb for about 4 weeks to see reduced symptoms.

If you have Alzheimer’s disease you could take a specific gingko leaf extract that is called EGb 761. You will need 5-6 months to see the results.

You can also use it for vision loss. You will have to take it for many years to see improving pre-existing damage to the visual field.

You have peripheral vascular disease and leg pain when you walk? You could use the herb for helping you out but you will need about 5 months to see changes.

No matter which disease you wish to treat, you will need to take ginkgo for some time to see the first positive results.

The active substances should accumulate in the body so they can efficiently work on the cause of the disease.

I recommend that you consult with your doctor first before taking any ginkgo supplement. It is better to be careful than sorry.

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