6 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair Overnight

How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair Overnight

How to get rid of upper lip hair overnight? Even if the men don’t notice them, facial hair presents a big aesthetical problem for women.

It is a fact that all women have them or so-called women’s mustaches.

Some of them are short and light, and others longer and darkened. Darker hairs present an issue, so let’s see how you can remove them.

Which method is the best to use? I will show you some of them that can be used on this type of hair.

Know each one and decide which you think it is worth trying.

The best upper lip hair removal method

In the next lines, you will get to know the methods that are appropriate to use on your face.

Laser hair removal

This one uses a laser that is directed to the hair growing area. Its waves destroy the hair follicle that can be found under the skin. The hair is destroyed and won’t grow again.

upper lip laer hair removal

Is laser hair removal permanent?

If you want to get permanent results then treatments should be repeated. The hair should be destroyed or very rare after the last treatment.


The advantage of laser technology is the permanency of removed hair. It can be used on the whole body, face too.


The weakness of the laser is a high price and the long treatment time. If you will decide on laser treatment, you won’t be able to use wax or epilators between the treatments.

IPL hair removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a laser that removes hair, which uses a variety of bright light waves (the laser uses just one wave).

This is why the formation of pigmented spots and burns is less possible.

How many IPL treatments are needed?

You should have up to 10 treatments for permanent results. There also should be a pause (1-3 months) between the treatments.

After each treatment, the hair should be thinner and smaller. When you end the last treatment, they shouldn’t grow back again.


The advantage of the IPL technique is the permanency of the procedure. This is a method that won’t cause you pain. It performs well on the light skin with darker hair.


The disadvantage is that it is expensive (unless you buy the device for home usage).

Waxing the upper lip hairs

You can use waxing as a quick solution. For waxing, you will need wax and special straps. You can buy waxing tools or you can make it at home.

How long do you stay hairless after waxing?

The straps go to the waxed area and then you should pull them in other direction of their growth. The result will last about 2-6 weeks after but it depends on how fast they grow.


The advantage of waxing is that it is cheap, and can be performed in every cosmetic salon or at home. It is a quick solution to have soft and hairless skin.


The wax is not ideal for people with darker skin, because it can discolor the skin and the hair grows back quickly.

In addition, it must be at least half of a centimeter long which can be quite disturbing.

Waxing can cause redness on the skin and rashes which fortunately don’t damage the skin in the long run.

Your mustaches can be eliminated naturally. Learn how to remove your mustaches with honey.

How do I get rid of my upper lip hair with depilation cream?

Depilatory creams are applied to the desired area. When applied, you should wait for a few minutes (follow the instructions), and then remove the cream.

The cream melts the keratin in the hair structure and eliminates it.


The benefits of depilatory creams are low cost, efficiency and fast results. You can also perform it at the comfort at your home.


The disadvantage of depilatory cream is that its effect lasts from a few days to two weeks. This is because the chemicals work on the visible hair (not the follicle).

The chemicals can irritate sensitive skin and cause its redness.

What is electrolysis and how does it work?

Electrolysis is a permanent technique of hair removal and you will have to repeat the treatments to be hair-free.

The expert penetrates with the thin and sterile needle to the hair root, and releases the electricity to it and destroys it.

The follicle loses oxygen and blood supply so the hair dies.

electrolisis hair removal

Electrolysis results are practically guaranteed. The follicle that was exposed to the electricity will surely die. The method is more efficient than a laser or IPL, but it requires time.

A cosmetic specialist will need up to 10 hours to remove your mustaches.

The causes of the female mustaches

If you have more visible upper lip hair, it can be because of a polycystic ovary, genetics, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, etc.

If your mustaches started to grow suddenly you should visit a doctor. He will determine if you have a medical issue or is it just genetics.


Threading is the most effective and one of the cheapest hair removal techniques out there.

However, it requires practice. With threading, you will eliminate even the thinnest ones with the root.

You don’t even need to wait for them to grow again, because this method will get each one without exception.

How do you get rid of a female mustache?

It is your choice which method you choose for getting rid of female mustaches.

Get to know all the techniques on how to get rid of upper lip hair overnight and try your favorite.

Laser and IPL won’t remove your mustaches overnight but can stop your hair from growing after a few treatments.

Depilation and waxing are fast ways to eliminate them. Waxing can be a little painful but just for a second.

Depilation is fast and easy and won’t cause you pain.

With so many options of removing hair, you can be hair-free and confident again in no time.

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