The Healthiest Teas To Drink Every Day

healthiest teas to drink

Which are the healthiest teas to drink throughout the day?

Tea is a beverage that can have many positive effects on your body besides hydration.

We know many types of them but this time we will talk about herbal teas that can help you with health issues.

With my guide, you will find the best tea for your needs.

Indians, Mayans, Aztecs and other people in the past knew that herbs and plants have the power to protect us and heal.

There weren’t medicines in the past and tribes used what they had available in nature.

They ate plant food and this is how they saw the health benefits of plants and herbs.

Women’s health problems

Today you can make a cup of tea that could alleviate your health problem.

More than half of women have problems regarding their reproductive organs and menstrual cycle.

These problems shouldn’t be neglected. Menstrual pain can prevent you from doing daily activities, so you should take care of them as soon as possible.

The next tea can help you to fix your women’s problems.

If you have mentioned problems, then you should try teas from herbs that can help you to ease the issue.

On this point, I must say that natural medicines take a longer time to effect than medicines.

So, if you have a health issue; you will have to drink herbal tea a long time to see some effect when your health problem occurs.

If you are expecting your painful period start drinking tea infusions that ease the pain one week before the period starts.

Cold and flu

There are teas that will help with cold symptoms and flu.

Ones with a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and other active substances could ease viral diseases and their symptoms.

We are lucky to have a natural solution that could help us get better.

Sore throat is a common symptom of infection. There are those that will kill bacteria in your throat and help you swallow.

Having a stuffy nose?

Do you have breathing problems? Some herbal teas have essential oils that will open your airways.

Inhalation with the specific herb can open your airways and moisture it. In the article, you will see which plant is the most appropriate for this.

Memory loss

Memory loss is common among the elderly these days.

Free radicals from the environment can harm your cells but nature gives us the answer to this problem.

Some herbs contain a lot of antioxidants that will fight against free radicals. 

Drinking specific herbal tea regularly can decrease aging and free radicals from damaging the cells.

They can also protect you from modern diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

I have also prepared some information about teas for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

These two groups should be very careful about what they consume. Some of them can increase their milk production.

Tea Pause has the information regarding the ones that are on the safe list and which one are forbidden to drink during pregnancy.

You will see how you can take advantage of different types of herbal teas.

Losing extra weight with tea

Some herbs have the ability to boost your metabolism, so they are appropriate in your diet.

Did you know that specific teas protect you from forming new fatty cells?

My site will teach you which ones are good for weight loss and dieting and why.

Which is the healthiest for you?

I will present to you the most beneficial infusions that you can drink.

Herbal teas are versatile and can improve our mood, and help us to prevent or cure different types of diseases and health conditions.

We will focus mainly on these types of teas but will also mention others.

The best tea for menstrual cramps

Are you one of those women who struggle with menstrual cramps every month? Do you want to stop the pain?

If you didn’t find the right solution till today; you can try herbal teas that are proven to ease the menstrual pain.

Prostaglandins are compounds that occur during menstruation. They are responsible for cramps which cause you tension.

Ginger tea

Ginger, chamomile, yarrow, and thyme are just one of those plants that can relieve the menstrual cramps and pain that you are having.

Each can help you in a different way. Ginger tea acts anti-inflammatory and directly intervenes in the inflammatory process and vanilloid receptors that regulate pain and also reduces its perception.

Chamomile tea

It is well-known when it comes to women’s problems due to anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic features.

Its infusion will prevent discomfort in the muscles and a contraction of smooth muscle.

chamomile tea for health

Yarrow tea

Yarrow tea relieves uterine cramps and pain during childbirth. If you have strong menstruation drink it.

It is also recommendable if you have irregular menstruation. It is a great plant that will balance your menstruation cycle.

Thyme tea

Experts from Iran tell that thyme is extremely effective against menstrual cramps.

According to data, it is even more powerful than ibuprofen which women take for the menstrual issues.

Which tea is good for a cold?

Do you wonder how you can accelerate the treatment of the cold or flu? When your immune system is attacked try next herbs.

Linden tea

Linden tea is great because it will help you to sweat and eliminate toxins from your body. It alleviates headaches and enhances sleep.

It is crucial to hydrate during an illness so you will get better soon. Liquids will flush the toxins out of your body and this plant can help you here.

Expectoration and thyme tea

Expectoration is a common symptom when having a cold.

Coughing and sneezing are good signs because your immune system is doing its job.

But you can help yourself to ease these symptoms with herbal teas.

Use dry thyme and prepare an infusion. It will relieve expectoration. Bronchi will love it during the cold.

It also kills bacteria in the airways so this is a powerful remedy to have at home.

Mint tea

Mint tea is a great fighter against cold. It will open the airways if you inhale it. You can boil the water and use the plant. Put them together for the inhalation.

We shouldn’t forget ginger. It is excellent, it alleviates cough, opens nasal congestion and stimulates the liver to eliminate toxins.

Is peppermint tea good for colds?

Peppermint tea should be first on the list when being sick. It has healing substances and is considered as the most popular among people.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Menthol is the essential oil in the plant that we should thank. It is used in nasal drops, for inhalation and also in candies and pastilles for sore throat.

Peppermint is a disinfectant and has anti-inflammatory properties. A warm drink from the herb promotes sweating and reduces the perception of the pain.

Active ingredients

It will help you with your stuffy nose and breathing troubles.

Its drink contains manganese, vitamin A and C, iron, copper, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and a bunch of antioxidants.

Antiseptic and antibacterial

Vitamins and antioxidants in the tea are the most important when treating viral disease.

It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties so it is recommended when being sick.

It is a natural analgesic. It masks the sensation of pain by binding to pain receptors in the skin and by binding to non-painful receptors.

As I mentioned earlier, this refreshing infusion is great for inhalation. Inhaling hot steam will open your airways and disinfect it.

A cold and sore throat

The most common reason for sore throat are germs that cause the infection. Some herbs have the ability to ease the ache.

If you have a difficult time to swallow and inflamed tonsils you should try with the next plants.

Gargle teas

When you have a sore throat, it is best to gargle herbal teas that will help you get better.

Eucalyptus, Icelandic moss, sage, Echinacea and peppermint are very effective for treating sore throat so gargle them.

Drinking infusions from herbs will even speed up the healing process.

Use sage tea

Sage is first on the list of remedies for sore throat.

You can prepare tea for gargling and/or you can drink 2-3 cups of this plant per day.

You shouldn’t overdo with drinking it because it can cause headaches, diarrhea, and digestive problems.

Sage has essential oil, tannins, and other active substances that fight against bacteria, fungi, and infections.

Chamomile tea

It is an antiseptic that will relieve the pain in your throat. Prepare yourself an infusion with pepper and honey and you will be one step closer to alleviate discomfort.

Colds and congestion

Congestion is one of the common symptoms when having a cold. It is a sign that your immune system is working.

Your body is producing mucus so you can remove the virus from your body.

So, what can you do when you have a stuffy nose? It is crucial at that time that you moisture mucous membrane.

With proper hydration, your mucus will have an easier time eliminating the virus. Herbal teas are great to do that.

Elderflower tea

Elderflower is recommendable when being sick because it will help you to get rid of the virus by promoting sweat.

It will clean your body and decrease fever. The plant helps to alleviate cough, pneumonia, and asthma.

Mint tea

Mint plant is used for one of the best teas you can take advantage of when having a cold.

It will relieve it, disinfect the mouth and respiratory tract. It can help with bronchitis, irritated bowels, nausea, headaches, and diarrhea.

Fennel seed tea

Fennel tea with honey will release mucus due to coughing and alleviate flatulence. You can also gargle it.

It disinfects the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. Fennel is also effective against bacteria which causes intestinal fermentation.

Echinacea tea

Echinacea will support your immune system and strengthen the white blood cells.

It can increase their numbers so they can effectively fight against infections, viruses, and bacteria.

A study proved that white blood cells killed bacteria 3x more effectively after 4 days of taking the plant.

Brain function

Want to retain your brain healthy and active? Nowadays, we are facing memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease more than in the past.

It is more common in the elderly but scientists see that the younger population is threatened as well.

Exposure of free radicals and aging are not friendly to our brain.

Free radicals can damage your brain cells so it is important that you know what you can do to sustain a healthy brain, even in old age.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the drinks that will help your brain stay healthy and active. It should help to improve certain cognitive functions, especially memory skills.

Basel University found that it improves the efficiency of the brain, especially working memory.

green tea health benefits

Rooibos tea

How about rooibos tea? Japanese tested it and found that it prevents from formation of lipid peroxidation.

This is a process that occurs when free radicals attack nerve tissue and brain cells.

They also found that this drink can prevent the accumulation of waste material in the brain.

We can thank bioactive phenolic components in the rooibos that our brain likes.

Gingko biloba tea

Gingko biloba is well-known for improving brain activity. An infusion made from this ancient plant relieves blood vessels and stimulates circulation.

It is used in Chinese medicine for improving brain function in the elderly for more than 4000 years. It reduces the decline of mental capacity, mood swings, and mental dullness.

At the same time, it improves concentration and memory.

Rosemary tea

When it comes to brain health, we should stress out the tea that has the ability to prevent Alzheimer’s disease that is one of the most common ones nowadays.

I think more people should know that rosemary can help here. Rosemary acid prevents the deposition of amyloid plaque.

This plaque is the main reason for Alzheimer’s. It accumulates in the brain and interferes with nerve cell communication.

The rosemary drink removes garbage from the brain, so it is most welcome to drink regularly.

Does ginkgo biloba work immediately?

Ginkgo biloba definitely deserves to be on the list of the healthiest teas. Many people who are having memory problems want to know if ginkgo biloba work immediately.

I mentioned this plant before. It is proven to help with brain function and memory. A tea helps with Alzheimer’s disease, vision, anxiety, and peripheral vascular disease.

This plant will provide you a lot of antioxidants so your body and brain will remain young. It’s great for blood circulation and even for Reynaud’s disease.

You should enjoy its preparations for some time to see positive results, like every other herb. With drinking it you should also treat hormonal imbalances, depression, and mood changes.

A study proved that it has an influence on cerebral insufficiency (inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain). It also has an effect on cognitive processes.

This is a wonderful plant that also increases retention, improves concentration and stimulates creative thinking.

The best green tea for weight loss

My site concentrates on ones that could help you in various health conditions and illnesses. Obesity is a major concern due to cardiovascular issues and possible complications.

A healthy lifestyle is crucial to maintain a healthy and fit body. You should include green tea in your daily routine no matter if you are obese or not.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that those who are drinking it on a regular basis will lose fat faster than those who don’t consume it.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that can be found in this tea is the component that accelerates thermogenesis.

University from Switzerland has found that it could accelerate thermogenesis by an amazing 84% in combination with caffeine. Isn’t this wonderful to know?

EGCG is the main discovery of the 21st century due to exceptional therapeutic properties. It boosts fat burn and has a beneficial effect on HIV patients.

Polyphenols are responsible for increased calorie consumption and have a positive effect on weight and metabolism.

Drinking green tea before bed

Do you have the second thoughts about drinking green tea before bed? I will reveal to you why a cup of this tea can rock you to sleep.

It has two compounds that have different effects on your body and sleeping. Caffeine in the drink is a stimulant and will make you stay awake for a longer time.


But maybe you don’t know that it also contains amino-acid called L-theanine.

This compound has the opposite effect as caffeine. It stimulates the formation of alpha waves that can be described as a state of deep relaxation.

L-theanine stimulates the formation of dopamine; a hormone for happiness. If you are stressed drink a cup of tea and it will relax you and prevent the anxiety.

You should know that it has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so one cup before bed shouldn’t harm you. Besides, it has many other health benefits.


Catechins prevent cancer and the activity of free radicals.

This drink will help you lose weight and stay young so you have enough reasons for drinking a cup of it (not more) before bed. 

It is like a miracle drink for many kinds of health situations, so that’s why it is one of the healthiest teas.

Is black tea safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time when a woman must be careful of what she consumes and do. Black tea is a real tea and this means that it contains caffeine.

Pregnant women shouldn’t be drinking stimulating beverages because they could harm their child.

A mother to be should reduce caffeine intake to 200 mg per day. This would be 2 cups of coffee per day.

How much black tea can you drink during pregnancy per day? It contains 23-110 mg of caffeine. In general, we can say that one cup (200 ml) has 47 mg of caffeine on average.

black tea for health

How can caffeine harm an unborn child? Fetus absorbs caffeine through the placenta and the umbilical cord.

A fetus hasn’t got the same biochemical processes as adults so they aren’t capable of efficient decomposition of caffeine.

What are the results? A fetus will have a higher heart rate, which may affect its intrauterine movement.

Caffeine is a diuretic that can cause a lower absorption of iron and calcium from the blood.

This action could hamper the different developmental stages of the fetus so be careful how much caffeine you consume.

Green tea and breastfeeding side effects

A mother should watch what she consumes even after childbirth. A child will consume everything that the mother eats through her milk.

Green tea is a drink that a mother should be careful with due to caffeine levels. If a woman drinks it a baby will get some caffeine in his body too. It can have a negative impact on the baby.

The caffeine can accumulate in the baby’s body because they can’t process the caffeine the same as adults. The result of such accumulation can be restlessness, wakefulness, and irritability.

A mother should know that caffeine is in her body even 6 hours after consuming a caffeine drink.

The baby can’t process the stimulant till his 4th month of age so this is good information for a mother to have.

Babies react differently to food, sounds, and smell. If you are a mother you should know how your baby tolerates the caffeine.

No matter if your baby tolerates it pretty well; you should limit all beverages which include caffeine. Limit your caffeine intake on 2 cups per day and your baby should be fine.

Take Precaution with Herbal Teas

Herbal and medicinal teas are one of the healthiest teas to drink and a wonderful gift from mother nature that could ease or eliminate your health problems.

However, you should know that no exaggeration is good.

These herbs have powerful active substances as flavonoids, polyphenols, amino acids, enzymes and essential oils that could harm your organs instead of help.

For example, if you consume too much sage it could lead to stomach discomfort, vomiting or nausea. You can also feel irritated and get dizzy.

On this point, I must warn you that you should learn about a specific tea that you are about to consume.

My site provides a lot of useful information about a variety of teas that you can learn about so don’t hesitate to check the rest of the site.

With proper knowledge, you can heal or alleviate health issues at some time.

There is one difference when it comes to medicines and herb infusions.

If you decide to heal your health problem with the tea you should know that you will need some time to see the results.

Teas have substances that are gentler to your body so you will need to have patience.

For example, if you want to improve your brain function; you will have to take ginkgo biloba for about one month to see the first results.

Teas from herbs are a wonderful alternative to medicines that can be harmful to you. Take my advice and learn about them before drinking them on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me.

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