How To Grow Natural Hair Fast And Healthy?

nettle hair growth remedy

Do you wonder how to grow natural hair fast and healthy?

Having hair is very important for our looks and self-image. That’s why losing it can be a huge shock and stress for an individual.

There are many forms of baldness that can affect both men and women.

Allegedly there are between 60 and 70 percent of men and from 25 to 40 percent of women suffering from various forms of baldness.

In this article, you will know everything about baldness and its treatments.

There are different causes of baldness and they differ regarding sex and other environmental factors.

So let’s see why people even get bald and what can they do about it.

If you are losing hair you are welcome to read on to find your way to solve the issue.

What type of hair do you have?

Hair is made of proteins, which we call keratin. Its quality and density are determined by genes that we inherit from parents. Some of the characteristics are also due to differences between races and sex.

hair type

For example, people with the darkest hair have the thickest hair, while light-hair people have thinner hair. Cells are also important.

Melanocytes that form pigment melanin and the amount and type of melanin determine the color of the hair.

What types of hair loss are there?

These are the types that can occur in men and women.

Androgenic hair loss

There are several types of alopecia. The male or androgenic form is the most common, as it comprises for as much as 95 percent of all forms of accelerated hair loss, including women.

Let’s see when the first signs appear and what the mechanism is.

It is known that men and women who are prone to men’s form of accelerated hair loss have receptors on the hair follicle that are too sensitive to male sex hormones.

Men can get it in puberty and women in menopausal periods.

An imbalance between androgens and estrogens

At that time, there is a distinct imbalance between androgens and estrogens in women.

Androgens are indispensable for the development of secondary sexual characteristics (hairiness as in men) and on the other hand, have a detrimental effect on follicles.

Androgenic hormone action

If they are permanently exposed to the androgenic hormone action, they begin to decrease, so the hair they produce is increasingly thinner.

This means permanent follicles collapse during a long period of time, which can be seen as a diluted scalp.

Symptomatic hair loss

We lose hair due to other causes, not just because of the hormonal imbalance.

Sometimes hair loss appears excessively throughout the scalp. The disease occurs very rapidly and patients usually remember the sudden change very well.

It is a symptomatic alopecia. The mechanism is a sudden increase in the number of follicles from which hair is falling out due to the reduced number of those from which hair grows.

Symptomatic fallout occurs 2-3 months after the trigger factor.

What triggers it?

Medicines, vitamins, dietary supplements, thyroid disorders, starting to use birth control pills are among the most common triggers of symptomatic hair loss.

But there are also anemia, giving a birth, overweight, and chronic illnesses that can cause it.

Temporarily increased alopecia can be a result of extreme physical and mental strain. Patients treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy are facing with complete hair loss.

It is important for patients that the disease is not permanent. It usually lasts from a few months to several years, and the treatment is mainly focused on detecting and eliminating triggering factors.

Alopecia areata

One of the more frequent scalp disorders is alopecia areata. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the scalp and other hairy body parts.

The disease also affects patient’s nails; while one-third of people have one of the allergy forms.

How does alopecia spread?

The course of the disease is unpredictable. The disease can remain limited, or it can spread to the entire scalp (alopecia totalis) or even the body (alopecia universalis).

The disease takes place with periods of improvement and deterioration that are exchanged. It can occur at any time in life, and can affect both children and adults.

Alopecia areata treatments

Treatment may be local (application of a medicinal product to the affected skin or irradiation of the affected skin) and systemic (tablets). The effect is often unpredictable.

The first goal of the treatment is to reduce the inflammatory response and to stop the progression of the disease. The other goal is to stimulate hair growth.

There are several medicines and treatment procedures that are combined in each phase of the disease for every patient.

Growing hair naturally

Nature can help you with falling hair. What are your eating habits? Do you eat enough vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruit?

healthy eating habits

Changing your eating habits can lead to accelerated hair growth, thicker and stronger hair. But which are the foods that can help you the most?

Hair food

Salmon is a king when it comes to beauty. Its supplements are the best products for hair growth fast. It is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, and it also contains a lot of vitamin B-12 and iron.

Spinach, broccoli, and shrimp are a great source of vitamins A and C that your body needs to produce sebum.

This is an oily substance produced by our sebaceous glands. It is our natural balm, which ensures that the hair doesn’t lose its moisture.

Eat legumes

Legumes should be an important part of your menu if you want to improve the structure of your hair.

Legumes not only offer rich amounts of proteins that benefit their growth, but they also supply them with iron, zinc and biotin.

Eat nuts

Brazilian nuts are one of the best natural sources of selenium, an important mineral for healthy scalp.

Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acid that can energize your hair.

They are also a great source of zinc, just like Indian nuts, pecans, and almonds. Zinc deficiency can definitely lead to alopecia, so eat nuts regularly.

Eat proteins

Chicken and turkey meat offer high levels of the protein that will take care of the health of your hair. Deficiency of proteins can lead to weak and brittle hair. Severe protein deficiency can cause gray hair.

Especially dark chicken and turkey meat offer a good amount of iron, which also ensures a good looking hair.

It doesn’t matter how you eat eggs, they will help you to get healthy and strong hair.

Eggs are the best source of protein. They also contain biotin and vitamin B-12, which are very important factors for hair beauty.

Eat wholegrain products

Eat as much wholegrain products as you can. Go from white flour to whole grain flour and you will see positive results on your hair and body.

Wholegrain foods will take care of healthy hair. They will enrich them with zinc, iron and B vitamins.

Enjoy calcium

Oysters are a very rich source of zinc, but if they are not your favorite food, you can eat beef and lamb instead.

Low-fat milk and yoghurt are a good source of calcium which is an important hair growth mineral.

Eat carrots

Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A that helps to protect the scalp. Healthy scalp is the key to shiny and healthy hair, so include them in your meals often.

Top herbs for hair growth

Today you have hair loss supplements and other products to help yourself. These are the solutions that are made for easy and simple use.

Most of them are made from plants and herbs that are proven to help to stimulate the follicles and prevent dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a plant that promotes blood circulation and consequently hair growth. The follicles get more nutrients from the food due to increased blood circulation of the scalp.

ginkgo plant

It is a popular plant in China. Chinese use it for treating thinning hair for centuries. It has A and E vitamins that take care of the healthy scalp.

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is another herb that is effective with men pattern baldness and baldness in general.

It stimulates the follicles and the blood circulation to regrow hair. A good scalp circulation prevents hair from dying due to DHT.


Nettle and nettle root are well known in many hair shampoos and hair loss products.

This amazing herb effectively inhibits the formation of DHT that is the main cause of excessive alopecia.

It is a perfect solution to grow natural hair fast and healthy.

Top products for hair growth

These are some of the products that show positive results on regular usage.

Nutrafol capsules

The market offers pills, foams, shampoos and other medical devices to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Nutrafol capsules are a natural solution for men and women who have thin hair and other similar problems.

These capsules contain nutraceutical ingredients that target the hair root. This oral solution helps to revitalize it and stimulate it.

The Rogaine foam

Rogaine made foam for men and women to regrow the hair that is one of the most used products these days.

These unscented foams are first FDA-approved hair regrowth foams on the market.

Minoxidil is the substance that is a vital ingredient in these two products.

In the past, it was used for treating blood pressure. Rogaine foam for men and women contains 5% of minoxidil.

The foam removes the old hair so new stronger ones can grow. Hair follicles will be stimulated and after a few weeks, new hair will start to show.

If you want to know more about the foam check one for men and the one for women.

Pura D’or shampoo

Did you hear that argan oil gives promising results with hair? Pura D’or made an anti-hair loss shampoo that contains argan oil.

It is a 100% preservative system that promises stronger hair.

If you want to treat your hair naturally this is a perfect daily solution. It is so gentle that you may wash them every day.

Amazing argan oil

Argan oil is proven to nourish the scalp and to strengthen the hair. It is one of the most effective hair repair ingredients.

This nutrient-rich oil will help with tired hair damaged by dyeing, heat, and with those who are robbed of its natural health with devastating balsams containing keratin and silicates.

Shampoo from Pura D’or contains 15 DHT blockers that bring positive results for many people.

iRestore laser system

iRestore laser system is a sophisticated medical device that is one of the best hair loss solutions.

It works with the power of light to stimulate the follicles to regrow hair.

The product is FDA-cleared. iRestore laser system will induce the growth of fuller and thicker hair with the power of technology.

You can grow hair again!

Now that you know all about baldness and how to grow natural hair fast and healthy it is your turn to make a difference in your appearance.

There are several reasons for thinning hair and baldness. I recommend that you find the reason for your issue and act.

Nutrition is the first thing you can change. Your meals should contain at least half of the plate of vegetables each time you eat. Eat fruit when you are hungry as a snack.

Eat diverse vegetables and fruit that I have mentioned, and concentrate on proteins that build hair.

You can also make a mask form vegetables and fruit (avocado) and nourish them from the outside.

Herbs are effective too. Gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, onions, saw palmetto and others are great when treating inactive follicles.

You can find these herbs in products for hair growth, mostly as extracts.

And last but not the least, you can choose solutions that are made from well-known companies.

These products come in the form of foams, capsules, pills, extracts, and devices.

It is your choice which solution to choose but consider all facts and side-effects before getting it.

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