How To Make Someone Stop Snoring While Sleeping?

How To Make Someone Stop Snoring While Sleeping

Oh no, he snores again! How to make someone stop snoring while sleeping?

Is it getting on your nerves? Or maybe do you snore and your partner is having a hard time sleeping?

Snoring is a problem that can make a lot of bad energy between partners and can even end a relationship.

However, it isn’t just annoying, it can have consequences on your health also.

Some people neglect it and think it is just annoying little thing that happens to many people.

They move from the bedroom to a living room or find other solutions as ear caps, etc.

What about snorer’s health? You should know that snoring shouldn’t be neglected and left unsolved.

See how you can help yourself or your partner to have a normal sleep again.

Snoring 101

First, you should find a reason for the condition due to proper treatment.

See what are the reasons for the condition and how you can manage it.

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Why snoring occurs?

Snoring is a situation that can affect anyone regardless the sex and age, even children. It isn’t a disease, it is an acute occurrence in the throat of some people during sleep.

Who snores more?

It is more common in men than in women and is increasing with age.

On average, 40% of men and 20% of women are snorers.

About 10% of snoring is so severe that it causes respiratory arrests with serious consequences.

Most common reasons for snoring

Why do we even snore? These are the most common reasons for this annoying and dangerous health issue.

Flapping soft palate

Flapping soft palate can be a reason. It becomes loose and longer and causes the tongue to fall back.

This is more common in older people, children, obese people, and people with increased tonsils and syringes.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is the worst and we will talk about it many times.

It can be dangerous because a snorer stops breathing during rest.

It occurs due to respiratory block in the upper respiratory tract.

A person with sleep apnea can choke and catch air while he rests. It is dangerous to have it, so it must be treated.

Does sleeping on your back cause snoring?

Sleeping on your back is a bad choice if your snore. It is possible that you do it due to this sleeping position.

Muscles of the jaw and tongue press on the throat and narrow the air passage.

Air that has little space to go through will cause snoring sound.

Can drinking alcohol cause snoring?

Alcohol and some medicines can loosen the muscles. It will loosen the muscles in your throat also and block the air to flow smoothly.

Mucus can be a problem if you eat a large meal before going to bed. The digestive system will produce mucus that will narrow the airflow and cause it.

Why do pregnant women snore?

It isn’t strange that pregnant women snore. Gaining weight means also gaining fat around the throat.

It narrows it and the airways and causes it. It is common in pregnancy, around a quarter of women have it. In pregnancy blood flow is increased.

Blood vessels extend in the nose, throat, and mucous membrane so it narrows the airway.

snoring during pregnancy

All you need to know about sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is accompanied by loud snoring and frequent congestion in breathing, so it’s not easy to if you have it.

Consequently, sleep disorders, tiredness during the day, oxygen deficiency, and increased risk of heart attack, and stroke can occur.

Sleep apnea types and treatment options

It is treatable with different approaches and it should be treated due to life danger.

There are three types of the disorder. The most common form is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), and we also know central and complex sleep apnea syndrome (central + CompSAS).

Is it normal for a child to snore?

Our youngsters snore too. Adults do it but it is even worse when a child snores.

Why is that? Children are developing, and breathing and sleeping normally is a must for their good development.

Child’s snoring and school performance

Kids are having a hard time tolerating the consequences of this health issue.

Sleepiness, fatigue, irritability, and anger are just a few consequences that affect a child’s life and school performance.


Children’s snoring and health problems

It is crucial that you take your child to a doctor if he snores. Children who regularly snore suffer from a chronic cough twice as often.

They are also more affected by colds and ear inflammation. In rare cases, night-time respiratory distress is so strong that it leads to developmental backlogs.

Reasons why sleep is important

I am sure that you know how it feels when you didn’t sleep well and woke up tired.

Good night rest is vital for our health and well-being. It gives us rest and energy for the next day.

What are the side effects of snoring?

A person who snores for a long time is more prone to obesity. He has greater possibilities for diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure.

You are prone to these conditions even if you have other sleep disorders. This is why it is crucial to know the reason for poor sleep and treat it.

What are the best snoring products?

You have many options when it comes to solving the problem. The market offers different kinds of products that ease snoring or eliminate it.

You can choose among chin straps, pillows, anti-snoring sprays, nose clips, and other solutions.

Snoring pillows and straps

Pillows and straps have the task to support the chin and the head so snoring doesn’t occur. These are especially good for those who snore with their mouth open.

Nose clips for snoring

And there we have nose clips. These clips are suitable for those who have problems with breathing through the nose (allergies, sinus issue).

It will open the nostrils and enable you to breathe normally. Clips are made from silicon and are soft and gentle for your nose.

Anti-snoring spray

Anti-snoring spray should help you to widen nostrils so you will breathe through the nose easier.

It is reducing inflammation of soft palate and obtaining normal moisture in the nose (preventing excessive mucus).

It helps to moisturize the mucous membrane (good for snorers with an opened mouth).

How do you treat snoring?

You have the option to try natural and surgical and nonsurgical ways of its treatment.

Natural ways include herbs that moisturize and enable open airways. Butterbur and Indian ginseng plants are perfect herbs for treating this kind of problem.

indian ginseng

Get a new sleeping pillow

Changing your pillow can be a good choice if you see that your pillow lost its shape.

A pillow should support the head so it is supporting the spine. It is a small investment but it can change your way of sleeping.

Did you hear that singing prevents snoring? Regular singing strengthens the throat muscles and prevents it.

Anti snore exercises

Anti snore exercises include exercise with the tongue and pronouncing of the wolves. Repeating vowels loudly each day can help to reduce snoring.

Phospholipids in a banana are great for reducing the air pressure of the throat.

If these natural things won’t work, you can always go for the doctor’s help.

He will examine you and decide which treatment is appropriate for you. How to make someone stop snoring while sleeping?

Using CPAP mask

CPAP mask can be a perfect solution to treat it. It is a mask that you put on your face.

It blows the air into your nose under pressure. This way respiratory tract is able to do its job normally.

How to stop snoring surgically?

The condition can be treated surgically also.

The symptomatic procedure will strengthen the soft palate which can be the reason for your issue.

It can be done by coblation or radiofrequency, injection of the chemicals into the tissue, or with the Teflon inserts.


Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) in a small and painless procedure that shortens soft palate. It lasts for 15-30 minutes and is done in local anesthesia.

Doctors say that it hasn’t any significant side-effects. The only thing that can happen is the change of voice.

Say goodbye to snoring

We snore due to different reasons and it is vital to know the cause.

When you know the reason, it is much easier to select the right treatment method.

If you like to use home remedies, you can try herbs and anti-inflammatory foods to prevent it. There are also other natural ways that I mentioned in the article.

Devices as masks, nose clips, and sprays may be effective. I explained which product is appropriate for which type of snorer.

You can always go for the doctor’s help if you need to. Together you will find a solution that will work.

Remember, snoring is preventing you and your family members from having a quality life, so treat it as soon as possible. Your life will change but only if you act.

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