How To Stop Snoring Naturally?

How To Stop Snoring Naturally

Is snoring causing you a hard time? How to stop snoring naturally?

It breaks down the continuity and quality of sleep that is indispensable for the relaxation and normal life of an individual.

It is also more than just the tension and burden in a partner relationship.

It can lead to a lack of refreshing sleep, resulting in chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, which seriously threatens the individual’s health and life.

Snoring affects the quality of life and the individual’s position in society.

This is why a snorer needs to treat his condition. Every person that started snoring should read this article and know the treatment methods available.

Read on and you will get to know how you can treat the condition.

Herbal remedies for snoring

Many people follow home remedies and natural ways to treat their health problems. There isn’t any difference with snoring.

We know herbs and techniques that can help you to solve this annoying sound and in some cases dangerous condition. Let’s see what you can do about it.

Butterbur for snoring

Butterbur is the first herb to mention. It works wonderfully with allergies and it’s very effective.

Butterbur will open the nasal pathways, so you shouldn’t snore anymore. If you have allergies and snore, this is a herb for you to use.

Indian ginseng

Jordan Rubin recommends Indian ginseng or ashwagandha for treating the snoring issue.

The cortisol levels increase when we wake up in the morning. How is this plant connected to snoring? It decreases the cortisol levels in the body.

indian ginseng

A snorer can sleep and snore through the day due to lack of sleep at night.

He wakes up a few times in 24 hours, which means that cortisol levels are high.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that slows down the metabolism and can damage the muscles, so it needs to be controlled.

Indian ginseng is known to decrease it, so it is the most recommended for all snorers.


Are you a snorer and like to sing? I have good news for you. Singing is an answer on how to stop snoring naturally.

There were studies made with snorers that sang for some time. The experts say that singing prevents snoring.

How is this possible you may ask? Regular singing helps to strengthen the throat muscles and thus preventing snoring sound.

Strong throat muscles enable free airways so you can breathe normally without snoring.

Avoid milk products

Too much moisture in your throat and nose can lead to snoring.

Milk products can trigger too much mucus in the body. If you are milk lower, try to limit the consumption in the evening and before going to bed.

According to Elizabeth Trattner, the body has a difficult time to digest milk and its products.

She recommends to stop eating milky products for a few weeks. Try this and you will see if your condition is getting better.

Can diet help snoring?

Swelling or inflammation of the nasal and esophagus tissue is one of the main causes of snoring.

Now when you know this information you can adjust your nutrition. Anti-inflammatory foods will help your body to eliminate inflammation.

healthy nutriton plate

Which food should you focus on? Eat as many vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes as you can.

Stay away from milk products and regular milk, and eat milk substitutes instead.

I should stress that oranges, corn and soya beans are not recommendable.

Healthy nutrition not only reduces the inflammation and mucus in the body.

It will also enable you to live a healthy and satisfying life without health issues. In addition, healthy eating can be a reason for your weight loss.

Obesity can also be a reason for snoring, so this is killing two birds with one stone.

Drink banana smoothie

Do you love bananas? If you do then this information should make you smile.

Experts report that a banana smoothie has phospholipids that should help to reduce the air pressure in the throat while you sleep.

Don’t think that you can eat a banana instead of making the smoothie.

A banana smoothie has more phospholipids than just a banana fruit. Drink it regularly and enjoy the sweet taste.

Get a quality pillow

How old is your pillow and what shape does it have? A pillow can be a reason for your snoring problem.

If your pillow is old and flattened then you should get a new one that will support your neck and head well.

I recommend that your head is slightly elevated during sleep and a good quality pillow can make a big difference here.

Talk to a merchant and let him give you advice on which pillow to choose.

Today we have so many good pillows that support the head and spine that I am sure you won’t have problems in getting one.

Throat exercises

Did you know that we have anti-snoring exercises? The loose soft palate can be a reason for your problem and you can do exercises that will strengthen it.

These exercises work similar than singing. If nothing worked to eliminate snoring, try next exercise.

You will repeat the pronunciation of the vowels for half of an hour every day. This will strengthen up the muscles of the upper respiratory tract and reduce or prevent it.

Surgical and nonsurgical snoring treatments

If you don’t want to use natural solutions to eliminate snoring (or if they don’t work for you), you can always try other options.

The market is full of devices and products that can help you to prevent it. CPAP mask is a mask that you put on your face. It works as an artificial respiration machine.

It blows air to your nose with the help of pressure.

There are also chin straps that support the jaw and thus prevent snoring from occurring.

These straps can be a perfect solution for those people who snore with their mount open.

The anti-snoring spray is an easy and effective solution also. It is great on road trips when you sleep in the public.

Surgical treatment is the last to mention but not the least. If you tried all to stop it but didn’t succeed, you should go to the doctor and talk about surgical treatment.


Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) is a procedure done by a doctor.

It is a painless procedure that shortens and transforms the soft palate. It eliminates snoring and enables you to breathe normally again.


The other surgical treatment is called somnoplasty. With this procedure, your soft palate will be strengthened.

A symptomatic procedure will prevent flapping soft palate which is causing the problem.

What to do next?

Now you know how to stop snoring naturally. I recommend that you start treating your condition right away.

If you are scared of surgical procedures, you can always try natural solutions first.

If they don’t work for you, get help at your doctor and talk about your issue.

He will examine you and find a cause for your issue. According to the cause and your snoring intensity, he will decide which procedure is appropriate for you to have.

And don’t be scared if he tells you that you should have a surgical procedure.

Today’s operational machines and tools are sophisticated enough to do a fast and effective procedure.

Remember, your life can change for 360 degrees if you act to stop snoring today and your family will be happier also!

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