Iluminage Touch Review 2021 For Easy Hair Reduction

Iluminage Touch Review

Are you still shaving, waxing or paying expensive treatments at salons?

Do you want to be hairless with a permanent hair reduction system that will save you time and money?

This time you can end your worries about hair for good.

See how you can remove them permanently no matter what your skin tone is or the color of your hair.

Iluminage touch review

iLuminage™ is a luxury beauty brand founded by Unilever Ventures in 2011. They invented a device that removes hair for good no matter what your skin tone is or the color of the hair.

It is a sophisticated device that is powered by TOUCH permanent hair reduction system and IPL RF technology.

TOUCH is the only FDA-cleared technology for permanent results on all skin tones.

How does Iluminage hair removal work?

This device is combining two powerful technologies. These are IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and RF (Radio Frequency).

These two energies allow painless hair removal process that will bring you smooth, hair-free skin with a matter of a few weeks. Now let’s see how the device works.

A combination of IPL and RF works hand in hand. The IPL heats up the hair follicle and prepares it for RF energies to finish the work.

The RF energies are attracted to the pre-heated follicle and they heat it further. This will damage the follicle so it inhibits hair from growing.

What are its benefits?

I love the fact that people with darker skin tone and hair can use it to be hair-free as many devices can’t do it.

These are the benefits of using the device:

• Safe to use
• For men and women
• Efficient and permanent results on ALL skin tones and hair colors
• TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction System as only FDA-cleared technology for permanent results
• Clinically proven
• Used by dermatologist all around the world
• Easy to use
• Visible results
• Lightweight
• IPL technology and RF for double power
• It is painless
• Fast treatments


There are no obvious disadvantages to this product. It can be used on the body and lower part of the face.

People can use it regardless of their skin tone and hair color, so no disadvantages here.

Light and radio frequency can hurt your eyes

The only thing I can expose is using some eye protection when using the product on your face.

The device uses light and radiofrequency so it is highly recommended that you protect your eyes during the face treatment.

There are safety eye goggles for hair removal treatment on the face that will assure you protection.

Who can use it and where?

skin tone and hair color chart

This item is clinically proven to permanently remove hair on the widest range of their colors and all skin tones.

This means you can use this modern technology on your skin and hair safely.

It is known that some IPL devices are not appropriate for darker skin tones and red, blonde or grey hair but this device solves their problem.

Iluminage TOUCH is uniquely designed for body and face hair treatments.

There are guidelines for both kinds of treatments that I will explain in the next paragraph.

You can use this device on your arms, underarms, legs, bikini and below the cheek lines.

Safety information

This is safety information that you must read before using the iliminage TOUCH device. Like any other product, this device has user limitations.

Please do not use it if you have:
• an active implant (pacemaker), an incontinence device, an insulin pump, etc.
• epilepsy or chronic migraines
…and do not use it on:
• ears, nipples or other intimate areas (possibility of serious injuries)
• man’s face, neck or jaw
• children under the age of 18

How to use the iluminage Touch device?

Before using the iluminage TOUCH please read the user manual and get to know all information for safe treatment.

There is a skin sensitivity test in the user manual that you should do before using the device. You will find information about recommended treatment times of the body parts too.

3 steps of the hair removal process

II will explain 3 steps to remove hair with this device. Follow them for safe and efficient treatment:

1. Shave the skin that you will treat so the device can reach hair follicles easily. Then clean and dry the skin.

Remove hair with iluminage TOUCH

2. Turn on the device by pressing the start button. Wait for few seconds so the device is prepared (green start button).

Select the desired ELOS level, you can choose between three intensity levels (low, medium or high).

Remove the applicator from the base. Press the flashing ELOS activation button.

Wait for the blue indicator light to stop flashing so the cooling band is ready.

Now you are ready to use the device. Place the applicator on your skin, the two silver bars should be on your skin for efficiency.

Do you worry about using it right? When you will see light flashing, this means that you are doing ok.

Move the applicator slowly in continuous glide emotion, the light should flash all the time.

You will feel a slight warming sensation. If you feel comfortable using the device on the low-intensity level you can increase the level.

Hair removal treatment on face

Iluminage TOUCH is specially designed for face treatments under the cheek lines. Read the user manual for more safety instruction.

It is recommended that you use some eye protection so please consider having one when using on the face.

Select the low energy level and press the ELOS activation button. Move the applicator gently over your lower part of the face. Repeat 2-3 times in the desired area.

3. On this stage, you will finish your treatment. Press the activation button so the device will shut down.

Clean the treatment window on the applicator with the soft tissue for the next usage. Place the applicator to its base and store it in a safe place.

==> Say goodbye to unwanted hair with iluminage 

How often can you use Iluminage touch?

If you want permanent results and beautiful hair-free skin, you should use this beauty device 1x a week for 7 treatments over the 6 week time period.

It is recommended that you use it when you need it (when you see hair growing).

Is it risk-free?

Yes, the company gives a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

If you do not see the results you want or you have a bad experience with this hair removal technology then you should request a refund.


This machine is easy to use and a hassle-free, painless method of hair removal. And, not time consuming at all! After four uses, I saw a difference on my facial hair regrowth, very fine and easy to pluck out. Also, slowed down the growth. Love it!

At the time I was looking for a hair removal system, the TOUCH came into my life. After a little over a year I use it less and less. This product does what it says.

This is so great to remove hair permanently and affordably.

Is it worth buying?

On this point, I can say that this is a beauty product for people who don’t want to shave and wax anymore.

The best feature that it has is the technology (TOUCH, IPL, and RF) that assures painless treatments and permanent results for all skin types and hair color.

This is wonderful to hear because some of IPL hair remover products don’t have the ability to remove hair, but which?

People with darker skin tone, toned people and people with blonde, red or grey hair may have a difficult time removing them for good but not with the iluminage TOUCH.

It is costly but it is logical regarding high-quality technology that offers great user experience.

This modern technology is now available for home treatments and it is a great substitution for costly salon treatments.

Some people shouldn’t use it like epileptics or people with pacemakers because the company didn’t test their product on them. Better prevent than heal.

You see that it is easy to understand the device and its functioning. With just three easy steps for a few weeks and you can achieve the best results ever.

There are no side-effects if you use the product properly. There is no better feeling than having smooth skin for a long time!

Shaving, waxing, and pulling hair are past, it is time for you to step forward and reveal the revolution of smart beauty with iluminage Touch permanent hair reduction device.

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