Is Chamomile Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

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Chamomile is not only a beautiful and fragrant plant. It also has a long list of medicinal properties, which is confirmed by numerous studies.

However, is chamomile tea safe during pregnancy? In this article, you will find all the information about chamomile and its effects on pregnant women.

Chamomile is one of the most famous and popular herbs of our ancestors. Today scientists also see how chamomile is helpful in treating different kinds of diseases.

Did you know that chamomiles are relatives of daisies and that we have many sorts of chamomiles?

Can you drink chamomile tea while being pregnant?

The answer is yes. It is an herbal tea that is safe to drink during pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry.

It doesn’t contain caffeine which can cause negative effects on you or your baby. This is the main reason why pregnant women can drink this herbal tea.

Relieving stomach problems

This plant has also other properties that can help pregnant women during pregnancy.

Chamomile tea should relieve stomach problems, as its essential oil contains bisabolol and matricin, which relieve inflammation and destroy bacteria.

Calming effect

Chamomiles are well-known for its calming effect. If you are expecting a baby, you can drink the tea from chamomiles as your daily drink or in the case of health issues like constipation and tension.

If you can’t fall asleep, prepare tea before you go to sleep. It will help you with insomnia due to active ingredients that work calming. It also helps with insomnia, which is associated with anxiety.

What does chamomile tea do for the body?

People say that chamomile helps with almost any problem. They are used in the case of gastrointestinal and respiratory problems and they also help with insomnia and skin problems.

The flowers will help you if you feel pain in the body and with inflammation. They have a calming effect and destroy bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

They are useful in healing and cosmetics, in the household and even in the garden.

You can prepare tea from chamomile flowers, steam bath, macerate, ointments, compresses and much more.

There are more than enough reasons for you to grow them in your home garden.

Live longer with chamomiles!

Scientists have found that drinking chamomile tea reduces the possibility of premature death for women by 29 %.

A new study which was published in the Gerontologist magazine showed that drinking this herbal tea has a beneficial effect on longer life expectancy.

Researchers have found that chamomiles bring a positive effect on the length of life only for women. This tea doesn’t work equally positively on men; it isn’t yet clear what the reason is.

Researchers have followed the lives of 1.677 Mexican women and men for seven years and studied the effects of chamomile tea on the length of their lives.

According to their data, 14 % of the people involved in the study drank it.

They found that women in this group had a 29 % lower probability of premature death than those who didn’t drink the tea.

Even when researchers changed certain variables such as demography and health condition, the relationship between chamomile consumption and longer life still remained. This is amazing, isn’t it?

It doesn’t work the same for men

Interestingly, this effect doesn’t work on men.

Bret Howrey, a professor at Texas University said: “The reason for this difference between women and men is not clear, but women tend to drink tea more than men.

The difference can also be due to the traditional roles of women, since women take care of everyday household tasks and for the health of the family, so it can reflect a stronger belief in the functioning of popular medicines, such as herbs.”

He also said that it isn’t clear how chamomile tea is associated with a lower rate of premature mortality, but this doesn’t reduce its positive effects.

He concluded that the findings of the survey are an important starting point for future research.

Women, drink it for a beautiful skin

Most people still connect tea from chamomiles with colds, but this plant can do much more than just treating a cold.

They also act as a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agent; therefore it helps with rash and dry skin.

chamomile flower

It also strengthens the health of the digestive tract, which is often the main reason that changes occur on the skin.

Many beauty creams contain chamomile as it calms the skin and returns its shine.

Does chamomile fight cancer?

A study was made that included a chamomile extract on the action of cancerous cells in humans.

The results showed that chamomile has excellent anti-cancer properties due to its polyphenols and terpenoids because the scientists have proven different apoptosis of cancer cells that didn’t work negatively on healthy cells.

Thus, chamomile is proven to be an effective home remedy that can be used in cancer treatment without any side effects. The research is a clear indication that we should enjoy chamomiles more often.

Teach your children about it

You can teach your children about chamomile so they will enjoy and benefit from these flowers.

If you teach them about healing plants in their youth, they are more likely to drink herbal teas in the mature years and thus prevent many diseases or cancer development.

Use chamomile flowers in pregnancy

Is chamomile tea safe during pregnancy?

We can conclude that this herbal tea is safe to drink during pregnancy due to its healing effects and also because they don’t have caffeine.

Caffeine can have negative effects on you or your baby, so you better avoid it. This means you shouldn’t drink coffee, real teas, and caffeine-drinks (as energy drinks).

Rather prepare an aromatic chamomile tea that will calm you down and protect your body from different kinds of diseases and harmful viruses.

This way you will also protect the baby so start drinking the tea today.

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