How To Make Hair Thick And Long In One Month?

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Did you notice that your hair is becoming thinner and less strong? How to make hair thick and long in one month?

Every woman wants to have thick and shiny hair. If it is beautiful and taking care of, it indicates whether a person is rich or poor in certain parts of the world.

We can determine a person’s age according to the quality and density of the hair.

Hair is a sign of femininity and attractiveness through the Millennium, and also determines the fashion trends of different time periods.

Dyeing, ironing, curling, coupling and experimenting with different products and techniques affect the quality of the hair.

Do you use a lot of these kinds of products? Using too many of them can make your hair even more tired.

Today I will show you some secrets which will make them look thicker, longer and more glowing.

It will happen in one month if you follow the tips.

How can I make my hair grow thicker and longer?

These are the tips that will make your hair thicker and stronger in no time. Stick to them and you will have attractive hair that everyone will admire.

Washing hair

Do not wash them every day, because you will remove the oil from the head that is responsible for their growth.

If you would wash them every day, I am sure that they would become dry, would split, and look damaged.

Combing the hair

Comb them before you wash them. Start combing from the hair ends and slowly continue towards the head.

If you begin combing them from the top of your head down, hair knots may occur. Knots are hard to comb and the result would be excessive hair loss.

This is an easy trick to prevent the issue.


Use natural shampoo

Wash them with a natural shampoo that won’t contain any preservatives. This way your hair and skin will be free of toxins, which is also important for your health.

The herbs and natural components are the power of nature that will make them strong and healthy.

Make DIY hair conditioner

Are you using the hair conditioner from the store? Make homemade hair conditioner using vinegar (domestic or organic) that you mix with the water.

Rinse the hair with cold or lukewarm water after applying the conditioner. It will make them more shiny and healthy, and the hair ends closed.

Is it better to comb your hair wet or dry?

Don’t comb them immediately after wash. They are more fragile and sensitive at that time, and you can quickly lose them in large quantities (I am sure you experienced it already as I did).

I recommend that you wrap them in the old T-shirt (not towel), and let them dry for about 20-30 minutes.

Then go with your fingers through your hair (as with a brush) and leave them to dry naturally.

This is a way better than drying them with a hairdryer. This trick should change the density and quality of the hair.

How can I dry my hair naturally?

Don’t dry or rub them with the towel, because they will split even more. They could become dry and not looking healthy. I recommend step 5 instead, where you wrap them in the old (cotton) shirt.

Is it okay to use a hairdryer?

Are you using hair iron and hairdryer? Don’t use them because these two will surely destroy the hair in the long run.

hair drying

If you want to have beautiful and long hair; remove them and promise to yourself that you won’t use them anymore. You will notice an improvement.

Drinking enough water

Drink enough water every day. Water is perfect not only for healthy hair but also for your nails, skin and toxin elimination from the skin.

I recommend you add lemon in the water, which has also a great effect on the hair.

Make a detox smoothie

Make an ultra-detox smoothie for healthy hair and skin. I recommend consuming ultra-detox smoothie once a day.

It has a great effect on hair, skin, and well-being. It should be a natural smoothie without additives that cause toxicity.

What does it contain?

And what ultra-detox smoothie contains? It has vegetables and fruit from the garden in the right proportion. Drink smoothie periodically (every day).

It will nourish your hair, make them stronger and longer in a very short time. Vitamins are crucial for healthy hair, check which are the most important in your diet.

Best food for hair growth

It is necessary to make a strategic plan for consuming healthy nutrition. These are 9 foods that will allow your hair to grow faster.

  • spinach
  • beans
  • salmon
  • eggs
  • avocados
  • sweet potatoes
  • almonds
  • sunflower seeds
  • oysters

How often should you cut your hair if you want them to grow?

If you want them long and thick then I don’t recommend cutting them after 8-12 weeks. This way you would cut the grown hair.

Can you actually repair split ends?

Cut the ends 2-3x per year. In case they are destroyed, cut them, and nourish them properly in a natural way and without preservatives.


Make a homemade hair mask

Make a natural hair mask at home. They should be made from natural ingredients that you find in your own kitchen and garden.

I recommend that you apply them regularly. Apply it on the wet hair, at least 2-3 x per week or before each wash.

Have a scalp massage

Give yourself a scalp massage or ask someone to do it for you. It stimulates the blood circulation and thereby greatly increases the hair growth.

This is how will you do it. You will massage the scalp with fingertips 2x a day (in the morning and evening) for 3 minutes.

I suggest that you turn your head down and gently massage your scalp. If your hair becomes greasy because of the massage; then you should perform it before you wash them.

Use natural ingredients

How to make hair thick and long in one month? If you paid attention to the ingredients found in the tips you saw that they are all-natural.

It is vital that you make a nutrition plan and perform techniques to grow them thicker and stronger.

Buy vegetables and fruit like avocado, lemon, banana, etc. If you have a vegetable and fruit garden it is even better. Choose fruits and vegetables that are rich in oils and citron acid.

The oils will nourish them from the inside, and the citron acid will make them shiny and will clean them from excess oils.

Nature has all the answers to grow beautiful and strong hair. Follow these tips, let them become your habit and you will see results.

If I helped you, you are free to share this article with your friends and family who want to have nice looking hair as well.

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