What Are 7 Best Natural Ways To Prevent Snoring?

Natural Ways to Prevent Snoring

Do you or your partner snore? What are natural ways to prevent snoring?

When we fall asleep, the muscles at the back of the throat relax and become loose.

If there is any obstacle between the nose and the vocal cords, the wall of the throat starts to vibrate, which others hear as snoring.

If you have problems with it and no serious disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, there are quite a few natural ways to help yourself and ultimately your partner.

This time we will focus on things that you can do at home to prevent snoring. You can try these tips and stop the annoying noise that you and your partner are facing.

Home remedies for snoring

Here you have natural solutions to prevent snoring that include plants, herbs, food, and techniques that you should try and what to avoid.


European studies (two conducted in Switzerland and one in Scotland) have shown that butterbur works against allergies as effectively as anti-allergy drugs.

Snoring occurs due to the rapid movement of the air up and down through the throat.

This causes vibrations and movement of the soft palate tongue and the sound of snoring.

Butterbur helps to reduce the airflow, so the nasal pathways open. Breathing is slower and snoring reduced.


Does singing reduce snoring?

A study was made in the UK that involved 20 normally-heavy individuals (obesity is one of the causes of snoring).

They asked the volunteers to sing every day for 20 minutes for 3 months.

More than 50 % of volunteers recorded a reduction of snoring. Experts, therefore, believe that singing improves muscle control in the throat, which also helps with the problem.

Can dairy make you snore?

Milk products leave traces of mucus in the body.

Just think of how cheese looks like when it gets wet, says Elizabeth Trattner, an acupuncturist and a Chinese medicine practitioner in Miami Beach. It would look like a mucous ball.

Because the organism has a difficult time digesting milk products, muscle weaknesses, including those in the trachea occur.

Therefore, Trattner recommends 4-6 weeks of testing. Try to cut or completely stop using dairy products for a few weeks, it may be helpful.

What foods to eat to stop snoring?

One of the main causes of snoring is swelling or inflammation of the nasal and esophagus tissue. It is recommended that you eat anti-inflammatory foods.

Enjoy fruit (except oranges), vegetables (except corn), legumes (except soya beans), nuts (except peanuts), and milk substitutes (such as rice and almond milk) instead of dairy products.

People who tried this treatment also reported to have improved their well-being. They were more energetic, they lost extra pounds, and they also improved their ability to concentrate.

However, this treatment process requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Results can be seen within a few days or after 6 weeks.

Drink banana smoothie

According to experts, phospholipids found in bananas should help reduce the air pressure on the throat during sleep.

And why exactly it should be a smoothie? Scientists found a higher level of phospholipids in the mouths of volunteers when they drank smoothie instead of eating whole bananas.

Is Ashwagandha good for sleeping?

Enjoying Indian ginseng is one of the natural ways to prevent snoring. I hope you know that overweight causes snoring too.

Many people are unaware that snoring also causes a gain of excessive pounds!

When we wake up, the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in our body is usually higher.

As snorers usually wake up while sleeping at night, the level of cortisol increases at that time also.

This hormone slows down the metabolism and damages the muscles. It also raises the level of blood sugar.

That’s why Jordan Rubin, who deals with ayurvedic traditional medicine, recommends the use of ashwagandha or Indian ginseng, which lowers cortisol levels and reduces snoring.

Can a pillow help stop snoring?

Perhaps the reason for your problem is hidden in your old pillow. Buy a pillow that will keep your head slightly elevated while sleeping, where the neck will be aligned with the spine.

This will open your airway and definitely reduce it.

Do anti-snore exercises work?

If you take about half an hour a day for the next exercise, you can greatly mild your issue.

Repeated pronunciation of the vowels and the curvature of the tongue in a certain way can strengthen the muscle tissue in the upper respiratory tract, thereby reducing or even preventing it.

Perform the following exercises on a regular basis and repeat them every day. If you are very busy, the lack of time won’t be an excuse to do the exercises.

You can do them while driving, walking, taking a gymnastics, or while taking a shower.

  • Repeat each vowel (a-e-i-o-u) loudly for 3 minutes, preferably several times a day
  • Place the tip of the tongue over the upper front teeth and slide it over the upper jaw to the throat for 3 minutes a day
  • Close your mouth and squeeze out the lips for 30 seconds like you want to give a kiss
  • Open your mouth, move the jaw to the right and wait for 30 seconds
  • Repeat and move the jaw to the left

Open mouth and work your throat muscles for 30 seconds. Do it in front of the mirror and observe how the soft palate tongue moves up and down.

Exercise and your throat muscles will get stronger as well as the body muscles and your problem can disappear.

Which anti-snoring solution will you try?

These are a few natural ways to prevent the snoring problem before going to the doctor for help.

If you haven’t got sleep apnea or some other sleeping disorder, these tips can be a great help.

Change eating habits starting today and also change your pillow for the start.

Don’t forget to exercise and strengthen the throat muscles.

Loose throat muscles can be your snoring reason, so try to do exercises that will work on your throat. If you lose some fat around the neck, it will help the air passage to stay open.

You have the power to change your situation, no matter if you will use natural ways to solve snoring or if you will seek medical help.

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