Peppermint Tea For Sore Throat And Pain

pepermint tea for sore throat

Is peppermint tea for sore throat a good choice? A sore throat is associated with various symptoms.

Most often there is unpleasant stinging and scratching in the throat, burning sensation, painful swallowing, esophagus, and throat dryness.

You can also have swelling and inflammation of the mucous membranes, hoarseness and feeling pain when speaking.

A weakened immune system, frequent contact with ill people, loud speech or singing, as well as irritation of the respiratory system, for example, smoking, high dust, or too hot air is often a cause for a painful throat.

How can peppermint help you here?

Peppermint tea for sore throat

A sore throat can occur due to many different reasons. You can help yourself with peppermint tea. Menthol oil in the plant is used for colds.

The power of menthol

Menthol relieves pain in the throat of various infections. Peppermint also has disinfection and antiviral properties, which are useful especially for the treatment of cold and flu.

Menthol is responsible for freshness. If you gargle peppermint tea, it will disinfect the mouth and throat.

In folk medicine, peppermint is used in nausea and vomiting, during menstruation cycles and vomiting during pregnancy.

Effective for insomnia and migraines

Where can we also use this herb? It removes nervous disorders and acts as an antidepressant. It is very effective in insomnia, as well as headaches and migraines.

People used its compresses on the forehead to stop a headache. Peppermint oil is often used in the massage of acupuncture points, on insect bites and inflammation of the skin.

Cook a tea

Cook a peppermint tea and let it cool down a bit. You can add honey and lemon to your (warm) cup of tea; the ingredients will help you to get better soon. Then drink it slowly sip by sip.

How is peppermint used in folk medicine?

The herb is widely used in folk medicine for different health problems.

  • Tea from a flowering peppermint plant is beneficial as compression for a headache if it is not a result of fever
  • To speed up the birth, a pregnant woman drinks a warm wine in which they soaked a plant for half an hour
  • The leaves are soaked in diluted wine vinegar and then drunk in belching, gastric discomfort, and against the worms
  • From crushed leaves, vinegar, and sourdough, they prepare compresses which are placed on the stomach area against vomiting and painful belching
  • Its essential oil is used to inhale through the nose for the catarrh of the throat and nose
  • The water of the peppermint is good for flushing your mouth against inflammation of the gums, toothache and wounded tongue

Side effects

Side effects are not known, they are not expected to be administered at moderate doses at the prescribed doses.

The observed side effects mainly refer to peppermint essential oil and its main constituents of menthol ingested with non-pharmaceutical products, such as some desserts.

The estimated safe daily dose of menthol is up to 0.2 mg/kg body weight.

Interactions with other medicines and the impact on the management of vehicles and other machinery are not known.

Although its essential oil can be harmful in certain circumstances, peppermint tea is mostly a safe medicine.

The plant is similar to lemon balm and is suitable for the treatment of common problems because it regulates digestion, soothes a cold, it strengthens, but also soothes and helps to sleep.

Sore throat remedies

Here you have some useful and effective home remedies for throat treatment.

Onion syrup

If you want to stop cough and the pain in the throat prepare syrup.

Chop the onion with a bar blender, squeeze the juice out of the pulp through the gauze, and mix it with honey and lemon.

Eat one or two teaspoons of syrup several times a day. Sounds awful? Well, you should try it first. Honey and lemon will give the syrup a nice taste, so don’t worry.


Vinegar also relieves the pain in the throat. Moisten the towel with lukewarm water, in which you added a little vinegar. Place it around your neck and wrap the scarf around it.

Drink enough fluids

Make sure you drink enough fluids. Hydration is very important because it keeps the mucous membrane moist, helping the body fight the bacteria, allergens and other symptoms of cold.

What to drink? Water and teas always work. Natural juices are also a good choice. What you choose, depends on you.

Prepare a chicken soup

Prepare chicken soup. It has always been regarded as an effective cure for the weak and sick people and is still #1 in the fight against colds.

The active ingredients in soup stop the movement of white blood cells, called neutrophils, which are crucial in maintaining the overall resistance of the organism.

Soup has another advantage for the sore throat. When your throat hurts, it is difficult to swallow but a warm chicken soup will be soothing.

In addition, it provides additional nutrients to the body that fight the infection as well.

Prevent it!

For prevention, you can help yourself with vitamin drinks 2x a week for breakfast.

Chop half of the apple, half of a (bio) lemon and add the juice of an orange, 3 carrots, half of the red beet, a fennel leaf and a third of celeriac in the mixer.

Blend it and drink it while it is still fresh.

Use remedies today

Drink peppermint tea for sore throat, cook yourself a nutritious chicken soup and stay warm, and you will get better soon as your immune system will strengthen up.

If you want to prevent cold and sore throat in the future make sure you eat nutritious food, drink enough fluids and have enough movement on the fresh air.

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