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best teas in the world

Welcome to Tea Pause! Are you excited to know all about teas and drinking the best teas in the world? 

Regardless if you love teas or not, I am sure that you will look differently on teas from now on. I have a pallet of different types of teas from which you can choose.

Tea is the second most drinkable beverage in the world and deserves to be called the healthiest drink. People from different countries have their culture of drinking tea.

Chinese people stick to the rule that we have to take time for ourselves and for tea. The Chinese have a special ceremony of preparing and drinking tea.

Japanese are also known for their tea drinking culture and tea ceremonies. They borrowed it from the Chinese and nourish it even today.

In Japan, the culture of tea drinking developed in close conjunction with the philosophy of Taoism and Zen.

It resulted in the emergence of theism. Theism is based on the respect for all that is beautiful, revealing and respecting cleanliness, harmony, the mystery of mutual love and romanticism of the social order.

English Breakfast tea

Tea preparation defers from culture to culture. English Breakfast tea is considered as the most popular tea blend.

It became popular in England during the reign of Queen Victoria.

It is a mixture of fine, black and Keemun tea (famous Chinese black tea).

English Breakfast tea is served with milk or lemon, but they are not served together. It is also served as an ice tea.

English Breakfast tea is the most famous in Ireland. Irishmen drink it in the morning due to its robust flavor, but the Irish drink this tea throughout the day.

It is served with sugar and honey due to its strong taste. Milk is always served at room temperature, never cold, whereas it would cool down the tea too quickly.

Russian Caravan tea

Russian Caravan tea is an excellent tea that was created in Tsarist Russia from the teas that were brought overland by camels from India.

Since the supply of tea was weak, people prepared primarily a mixture of Indian and Chinese black teas. Besides Irishman, Russians also drink tea throughout the day.

Tea is served with milk and sugar. Russians drink very sweet tea. Sometimes they also add honey or jam in their teacup.

Earl Gray tea

Earl Grey tea is a type of black tea and bergamot oil that gives a special flavor to the tea.

This tea is smoky with a hint of sweetness. People serve it pure, without additives. It is the second most popular tea in the world.

Meanwhile, Keemun black tea is the most famous.

It has a very distinct taste. Earl Grey tea is a juicy tea that can be enjoyed alone or with sugar and milk.

Indians and Americans have their own tea-drinking habits, but their tea blends are extremely similar to the Chinese.

All about tea

Who had discovered tea and when? Do you know all about tea? Countless legends talk about tea discovery.

There is a legend that tells how the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung (2737 BC) accidentally discovered the taste of tea.

Cesar was very clean and he kept an eye on his drinking water, so he always boiled it.

One day the wind blew some tea leaves into his kettle of boiling water, which had colored in gold and had a pleasant smelling.

Cesar tried a drink, which refreshed him. Thus, tea became a drink in the “kingdom of the middle”.

The other legend says that a Buddhist monk Bodhidharma discovered tea when he was traveling in Japan for his nine-year meditation.

The legend says that he was sleepy so he closed his eyes for a moment. Suddenly, he took his knife and cut his eyelashes.

The eyelashes fell in the land where tea bushes grew. Buddhist monks started to drink tea which helped them to stay awake during their long meditations.

Tea in Japan

It was not until 552 AD when Buddhist monks taught the Japanese the art of preparing tea.

Soon, the Japanese elevated preparation of the tea to a ceremony, where every detail was specified.

The concept of “worshiping tea”, which was created much later, is indicating almost religious worship of tea in Japan.

Tea as the merchandise

During the sumptuous Tang dynasty (618-907 AD), tea spread throughout China as merchandise.

Thus it broke in all strata of society and was no longer a privilege of the upper classes and the priesthood.

First tea book

In the 8th century, a Chinese man Luh Yu wrote a book about tea in three parts, which was ordered by some tea traders.

Thus the first history of tea was written, which also represented a hymn to already a very popular drink. Many generations later, Luh Yu was worshiped as the protector of the tea.

Europe discovers tea

The first shipment of tea arrived in Amsterdam with the sailboats from Japan via Java in 1610.

Since then, the Dutch were the only importers of tea who supplied entire Europe for more than 50 years.

English had started to trade with tea in 1669. They founded the East India Company, which held the monopoly of the tea export until 1833.

Tea came to Europe also by the land. In the middle of the 17th century, the caravan from Mongolia brought 200 packages of tea as a birthday gift for Michael I, the first Tsar of the Romanov dynasty.

Caravans were traveling from Peking through the Gobi desert, across Siberia, past Lake Baikal up to the Volga.

Even in the 19th century, it was considered that Russian Caravan tea tastes better than tea, which arrived by ships.

Tea from ships was stored in a stuffy, damp and tar impregnated pantries. This tea was sweetened due to an unpleasant aftertaste.

The introduction of tea time

In 1662, they officially introduced a tea time at the court of English King Charles II. Thus, tea in Europe has become socially acceptable and very important merchandise.

Boston tea party

English settlers brought tea in the United States at the end of the 17th century. The tea became increasingly popular over time, especially in the higher circles, where they held tea parties.

Around 1760, the tea held the third place among all the goods, which were imported into New England (USA).

England, which has been in a financial crisis due to the Seven Years’ War, saw this as an excellent opportunity for an additional source of revenue, so they highly taxed tea.

A strong wave of disagreement has been triggered throughout New England, so the East India Company (the largest tea trading company) immediately reduced taxation.

This was done too late, because revenge was already preparing.

On 16th December 1773, members of the Masonic Lodges of Saint Andrew, dressed in Mohicans, break into the ships owned by the East India Company, which were anchored in Boston.

Members of the Masonic Lodges throw 342 crates of tea into the sea.

This event is ironically called the “Boston Tea Party” and marks the beginning of the American liberating from British authorities.

Best teas in the world

Where do finest teas come from? We have tea producing countries who are producing the best tasting teas in the world for sure.

Asia is a home of Camellia sinensis, a tea plant that grows in mountains and among rivers.

Look which countries produce the most tea, which are their famous tea landscapes, and which are their famous teas.

World Tea Production

Today, we produce more than 3.5 million tons of tea yearly. India produces the most black tea, and some green and oolong tea.

Their most famous tea growing landscapes are Darjeeling, Assam, Dooars, and Nilgiri.

China is the homeland of the tea drinking culture and tea tree (Thea sinensis). It is the second largest producer of tea in the world.

It can serve a wide range of tea types, especially green tea. The most famous tea growing landscapes are Yunnan, Fujian and Sichuan.

Japan is the homeland of the tea-drinking ceremony (chanoyu). They produced only green tea in the first place.

The most well-known Japanese tea types are Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha, and Matcha tea.

Taiwan was historically known as Formosa ( “Ilha Formosa” in Portuguese means “beautiful island”). They produce mainly selected oolong teas.

Kenya mainly produces products by the method of the CTC (“crush, tear, curl”). It is leading tea production country in Africa and forth in the world.

South America is much more famous for the production of beverages such as mate and lapacho instead of tea.

Argentina produces dark black tea with natural flavor, which are mainly exported to the United States and China.

Brazil produces the largest part of the tea in the form of tea bags which are consumed on the domestic market and in the US. Turkey produces tea exclusively for the domestic market.

Camellia Sinensis – A Tea Plant

Camellia sinensis is the botanical name of the evergreen tea plant and belongs to the camellia family. Its name repeatedly changed.

Swedish naturalist Linné initially named it Thea sinensis (in 1753), but he omitted this name due to the two subspecies – Thea bohea and Thea viridis.

According to the international agreement and by the entry in the “Index Kewensis”, the correct botanical name of the tea plant is Camellia sinensis.

Its two subspecies are known as var. sinensis (Chinese tea) and var. assamica (Assam tea).

Nowadays, we grow mainly tea varieties (hibrids) derived from sinensis and assamica.

Tea plant (Camellia sinensis, var. Assamica and var. Sinensis) can develop into a tree, measuring up to 15 m in height in a natural environment.

We can still find such trees in the original homeland of tea, stretching from the southeast of China to the upper stream to the Brahmaputra River in India.

However, tea tree is cultivated as a low shrub for thousands of years. It grows slowly and it blooms abundantly yet in the second year of growth.

People are not using seeds anymore to cultivate tea but they use grow grafts. Tea leaves can be harvested three to five years after planting the tea plant.

The plant has strong roots that provide strength to the plant. Their lateral roots soaks up water and nutrients.

Tea tree doesn’t tolerate standing water, so its lateral roots develop above the groundwater. It is sensitive to low temperatures and requires abundant rainfall and high humidity.

Green leaves are harvested by hand, with buds. Two youngest top of the shoot and the leaf bud are especially appreciated because they are used for extremely high-quality teas.

The type of tea depends from the processing of the tea leaves.

Heathiest Teas to Drink

Which are the healthiest teas to drink? We will present you some teas that have the most health benefits for us. Each of them has different active substances which can positively affect on our bodies.

Tea contains active ingredients such as essential oils, tannins, bitters, and many bioactive substances which have healing effect on the body.

The tea leaves also contain a lot of flavonoids, which are a type of antioxidant substances that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, help in maintaining a youthful appearance and stimulate vitality.

Regular, but moderate drinking tea helps us maintain health as tea strengthens the body’s defense capabilities, helps detoxify, stimulates the metabolism and helps in speeding up the curing process.

One of the most important ingredients of tea, if not the most important, are the catechins. These are the types of antioxidants, which may present more than a third of the tea.

Another important ingredient of tea is definitely thein or caffeine. Nevertheless that it represents only 3 percent of tea, it gives unique taste to any tea.

We can find theobromine and theophylline in tea as well. They have a similar impact as the caffeine. Fluoride and vitamins are also added in the tea, they make a tea special.

Due to all these ingredients, the tea is worldwide known as a refreshing soft drink and a good catalyst for positive thoughts.

Real Teas

Real teas are the best teas in the world that people adore. All real teas contain antioxidants and caffeine. Do you wonder which health benefits each real tea has? Let’s take a look.

Black Tea

A study from the University of Illinois shown that black tea may protect against decay and gum disease.

If you enjoy a cup of black tea after a meal, it will slow the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.

It will even reduce their ability to stick to the enamel and produce acid that destroys teeth.

Los Angeles University researchers found that if you drink three cups of black or green tea a day, you will significantly reduce the risk of stroke.

They both protect vascular walls from damage that can inhibit cholesterol and plaque, which travel through the blood. They can accumulate to the extent that can block the veins.

In addition, the University of Western Australia has also found that patients with hypertension can afford to drink black tea, even if it contains caffeine.

Their studies have shown that blood pressure doesn’t increase when drinking black tea, but it slightly declines.

It has a beneficial effect even on the cholesterol.

Study of the Beltsville Human Nutrition Center showed that black tea reduces cholesterol levels, but only if the rest of nutrition isn’t too rich with bad fats that increases it.

Several studies noticed that black tea may actually destroy cancer cells.

Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey found that black tea has certain compounds in polyphenols and antioxidants that destroy cancer cells.

Their experiments showed that this compound doesn’t harm healthy cells, while destroying the cancer ones.

Green Tea

Green tea is good for our health in many ways. It can help with weight loss, lack of energy and prevention of cancer.

According to the study published in the Nutrition Research journal, green tea may help slow the aging process and consequent loss of bone mass.

It reduces the risk of fractures caused by osteoporosis. Researchers have found that women who drank up to three cups of green tea per day had to 30 percent lower risk of hip fractures related to osteoporosis.

Green tea can help prevent cancer, the same as black tea.

According to research of the University of Maryland Medical Center, the cancer rates are lower in countries such as Japan, where green tea is regularly drank.

Researchers can’t be sure that only green tea is responsible for the low cancer rate. But it is commonly known that it contains chemicals that have antioxidant activity.

These chemicals may protect cells from DNA damage, which is one of the first reasons for cancer cell growth.

Green tea also helps to protect skin from the sun, which is the most common cause of skin cancer.

A twelve week study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that green tea may help maintain a healthy weight and even reduce body fat.

Green tea extract helps reduce obesity and combat diseases associated with obesity such as diabetes. It is surely one of the best teas in the world.

White Tea

White tea has the most antioxidants among real teas. According to some studies, regular and long-term drinking of white tea could reduce the risk of certain cancers.

It could also help to detoxify the body faster, reduce the impact of skin aging, and help in the regulation of glucose and reducing weight.

It works antibacterial. These are all characteristics of white tea that we are discovering in a growing number of studies.

Free radicals damage the skin and body cells, which leads to faster aging. White tea contains polyphenols, which help neutralize free radicals and thus reduce their negative impact on our bodies.

Research has also shown that regular drinking of white tea helps to maintain healthy skin and protects it from the effects of UV light (you should know that white tea is not a substitute for sunscreens).

Some studies have shown that white tea has an influence on diabetes.

It should help with excessive thirst and decrease the level of glucose in the blood.

The fast way of life compels us to unhealthy eating choices and prevents us from having quality activity time. We can gain pound or two quicker than we can lose it.

Therefore, white tea can be a great help with balanced diet, because it contributes to the termination of the extra fat cell formation.

Teas for Insomnia and Sleeping Issues

A third of people suffer from various sleep disorders. Often they don’t even realize that they have a sleeping problem, because they think it’s just a fatigue.

Since our sleep is influenced by many psychological and environmental factors, it is sometimes difficult to find a true cause of a poor sleep.

A sleep disorder isn’t something that you should neglect. Find a cause for your poor sleep and act to fix the problem.

There are some sleepy time teas that can help you to fall asleep faster and provide you quality sleep.

Hops Tea

Hops have a calming, sedative, and spasmolytic effect.

Various studies have confirmed that hops have a sedative and hypnotic effect due to essential oil and its compounds with oxygen.

German clinical tests have shown that preparation of hops and valerian are as effective as benzodiazepines for treating sleep disorders.

This combination has proven to be effective in treating problems with the nerves in adults and children.

Hops are used for all forms of restlessness, the feeling of fear, sleep disorders, nervousness, irritability and poor appetite.

Valerian Tea

Valerian is a popular alternative for sleep problem medications because it is safe and effective.

Unlike many prescription sleeping pills, valerian has much fewer side effects, such as morning drowsiness.

Also, people who took sleeping pills, report of the deterioration of insomnia when they stop using these medicines. Valerian hasn’t got such effects.

Currently, the valerian is the only sedative of vegetable origin, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated also by clinical research.

They have shown that valerian helps to reduce the wakefulness time, and improves the quality of sleep at the same time.

Detox Tea

Our bodies are exposed to toxins every day. Toxins from the environment, fast food, and our fast way of living are encumbering the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder.

With detox teas, we can help the body to detox. All that we need is perseverance and patience.

Dandelion Root tea

Dandelion preparations accelerate the secretion of gastric and intestinal glands, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.

Dandelion tea is suitable for cleaning the blood and stimulates the metabolism.

It accelerates toxins from your body. Dandelion is an excellent diuretic since it promotes the excretion of urine.

Choline in a dandelion has an effect on fat metabolism and on functioning of the nervous system. Both the leaves and the roots have diuretic properties.

The enjoyment of one or the other is therefore useful in water retention, malfunction of the kidneys and bladder. Dandelion preparations also promote the dissolution of gallstones.

Nettle tea

With nettles, we excrete more urine, and thereby effectively remove accumulated toxins from our body.

Nettle has a positive effect on our skin, cures eczema, and arthritic problems. It also treats poor kidney function and eliminates fatigue.

You can prepare a nettle tea that will stimulate blood circulation, detoxification, and help with rheumatism (if you have it). It is appropriate for treating the symptoms of eczema; it assists in the production of milk in nursing mothers, decreases blood sugar levels and prevents the formation of inflammatory and bacterial infections.

Slim Teas

Wish to have a slim body isn’t just vanity or self-importance. Beautifully shaped body without excess fat isn’t only an ideal of beauty, but also a health ideal.

All research shows that being overweight is one of the main reasons for a variety of diseases.

These are cardiovascular disease and diabetes, bone problems, infertility and it also has an impact on some types of cancer.

If you want to lose weight, we support you with our list of slim teas that can help you with your goal.

Losing extra weight is important, not only for the beauty but primarily to ensure that you are healthier and your quality of life improved.

Green Tea

Green tea is considered as one of the best tea for weight loss, but it is also good for the health in general. It contains a huge amount of antioxidants and cleanses the body.

Caffeine in green tea invigorates us. Its ingredients stimulate the breakdown of body fat and increase energy consumption required for digestion, metabolism and absorption of nutrients.

Oolong Tea

Some people are still unfamiliar with oolong tea. It is a real tea that is made from the Camellia sinensis plant and is a great tea for weight loss.

Its leaves are dried in the sun after harvest and then broken so that oxidation starts. The oxidation is only partial, as they dry and store the tea before complete oxidation.

Oolong tea should prevent cancer, and is considered as the best to break down fat.

It is one of the best teas in the world due to its very powerful effect on the human body and health.

Check Different Types of Tea

Today we have a pallet of teas to choose from. Some people like bitter tea without any additives, some like flavored teas and other like fruit teas.

How to choose a tea that will suit you? The decision depends from your purpose of drinking tea, personal taste and drinking time. In the next lines I will help you to choose the right tea for you.

How to Choose Your Favorite Tea for Your Needs?

You should know some basic rules when choosing the perfect tea for you. As I sad, choosing a tea depends from a few factors.

It is important for you to know how different teas affect on your body in different conditions and time.

Tea Drinking Time

tea drinking time

As you may already know, some teas are not recommendable to drink in the evening or at night.

Drinking any kind of tea through the day shouldn’t cause any problems, unless you drink it too much.

Teas that are not so good to drink in the late hours are those who contain caffeine.

Why is caffeine so contentious? Some people are caffeine sensitive and should watch how many caffeine beverages they drink per day, especially in the evening or at night.

Caffeine is not a problem, if you drink it in normal doses. In fact, it can stimulate you during the day and positively affect on your health.

If you are caffeine sensitive, then you should know which teas contain caffeine.

Why should you avoid too much of caffeine teas in the evening?

Caffeine is an alkaloid and a stimulant. From a medical view, caffeine is an effective cardiac stimulant and a weak diuretic (promotes the secretion of urine).

Recreational people use it to boost their energy levels or to be more aware.

Therefore, if you consume too much of caffeine tea through the day or especially in the evening, you could have troubles falling asleep or waking up at night.

Don’t forget that caffeine is a stimulant that affects nervous system and can prevent you from having a good night sleep.

But if you drink caffeine tea in the morning, it should have positive effect on you, as you start your day.

So, which teas have caffeine? All real teas have caffeine levels that vary from each real tea type.

These teas are made from Camellia sinensis plant which has 5-6% of caffeine.

The amount of caffeine in specific real tea depends also from the tea production process and the area where tea grown.

These are general information regarding caffeine in real teas:

caffeine in real teas

Black tea: 23-110 mg

Oolong tea: 12-55 mg

Green tea: 9-36 mg

White tea: 6-25 mg

And which teas are safe to drink in the evening or at night? Choose herbal and fruit teas which don’t contain caffeine.

There is one exception; a yerba mate tea is an herbal tea that contains caffeine. This tea plant grows in South America and has the caffeine amount that varies between green tea and coffee.

Relaxation Teas

It is important that we can find the right balance between tension and relaxation in this fast paced and sometimes a little chaotic life rhythm.

In addition to various relaxation techniques (such as autogenous training and various breathing techniques) that can defuse tension, we have herbal teas which can help us further on to feel more relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

The valerian root can help with all forms of nervous excitement.

It has a positive impact on our sleep, so we can fall asleep easier and have no trouble waking up in the middle of the night.

People who are severely strained can drink valerian tea during the day, without being tired.

We can make valerian tea in the morning and drink it in the evening. Use one to two teaspoons of valerian root and pour them with boiling water.

Then wait for about 10 hours and drink a warm cup of tea in the evening.

Mint tea is well-known for relaxation. It has an extremely positive effect on our mentality. It soothes, and provides a better night’s sleep.

A tea from this plant could banish the headaches caused by nervous tension. Mint tea is appropriate to drink during whole day, especially in the evening when you need a rest.

If your daily life is full of stress, do not forget of a cup of mint tea before sleep.

Purpose of Drinking Tea

What is the reason for deciding to drink a specific tea at a specific time? There are many reasons that can make you think of a cup of tea. Let’s take a look which reasons you may have.

Teas that Stimulate

Many people drink coffee in the morning but there are also many who drink real teas with a lot of caffeine to start the day. As I already told, real teas have caffeine that wake us up and stimulate us.

This is the main reason why people choose real teas in the morning. Most people use black tea due to its highest caffeine amount.

Other real teas that can stimulate you and raise your concentration are green, white, oolong, and pu-erh tea.

These teas are also appropriate when you feel fatigued and loss of energy.

My advice is that you don’t drink them too much during the day. Overdose of caffeine teas can bring you troubles with sleeping.

Ginger is also a wonderful spice that will lift your spirit, and is one of the most desirable and best teas in the world.

Teas for Better Mood
Woman drinking green tea

When you feel down or just feeling melancholic, you can help yourself with next teas.

Lemon balm tea raises the mood and improves the ability to focus. It is a tea that is ideal consolation in the dark autumn days.

Ginseng is one of the most famous Chinese plants, which is very appreciated in the West.

It calms the central nervous system and helps the body to adapt to stress. Long-term usage of ginseng improves mood and general well-being, and life-giving power.

Fruit teas can also be a very good selection, and you can choose among variety of these type of teas. Maybe you like a specific fruit, so you can find a tea that is made from that fruit.

Some people will get energy from vanilla tea or other aromatic teas. You know which aromas and flavors you like, so you should consider to drink these type of teas to make you feel better.

Teas for Relaxation

These teas are the most wanted because we live in the world where stress is affecting us on almost every step of the way.

A tea for relaxation can help us when we feel anxiety or nervousness. The best teas that you can choose for this type of situations are herbal teas.

Some herbs have active substances that will calm us naturally. I don’t recommend drinking too much of real teas due to high amount of caffeine.

Valerian tea has a beneficial relaxing effect and reduces nervous tension. St. John’s wort is one of the most valued plants to overcome depression.

Passion helps to push back the panic and anxiety and calms the nervous system.

Lavender tea and other lavender preparations are commonly used for relaxation. I think this purple plant is a miracle plant that really helps us to relax and calm down.

It has a beautiful, gentle smell that you can use also for headaches (it works for me).

If you have essential oil of lavender, you can use it for inhalation, it should bring you a relax state of mind.

Tea Types You can Choose

Professionally, we can distinguish tea according to the oxidation degree of the leaves. The main types of tea are white, green, blue (oolong), red (rooibos) tea and black tea.

White tea is made from the Camelia sinensis plant as green, oolong or black tea. The main difference is that white tea is not processed.

White tea leaves don’t contain chlorophyll. It contains very little caffeine. Green tea is full of antioxidants and good for your general health.

It is good for the bones, heart and for losing weight. It prevents cancer, and lifts our spirit.

Oolong tea is a cousin of black and green teas, as derived from the same plant. Researches have shown that this blue tea has beneficial effects on health.

It has a great influence on weight reduction, accelerating digestion, and helping us during the digestion of fat.

Recent research has shown that the rooibos tea contains a lot of minerals, but none in a large amount.

Therefore, it is an important drink like green tea that has a lot of antioxidants.

Antioxidants in rooibos tea are phenolic acids and flavonoids, including orientin and aspalatin.

These two are similar to flavonoids in green tea but are not as strong as in green tea.

Black tea is a popular drink in the West and in Great Britain that has the most caffeine among teas. It is a natural antioxidant that contains vitamin E and C.

This real tea is excellent against radicals, which damage our body and cause premature aging.

You can choose herbal teas due to their health benefits or enjoyment. Each herb has some active substances that can positively affect on us.

I will not give you the list of all but will explain what they are. I am sure you know chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, ginger, lavender and other teas. Each herbal tea is made from an herbal plant.

The best thing is that you can help to solve your health issues with these type of teas.

All that you should know is which herb is good for a specific health situation, what is the right dosage, and which side-effects it may have. Watch out for the dosage of medicinal teas which contain herbs.

It can bring you reverse effect, if you drink them to much.

fruit tea

Fruit teas are always popular to drink in different time of a day. Did you know that fruit teas developed from herbal teas in the 90s?

They haven’t got any caffeine and are full with vitamins and minerals.

Tea made from fruits is an excellent choice during summer time due to its freshness and possible sour taste.

They are also recommendable for treating colds and some other diseases.

Aromatic teas are also available on the market and are quite popular.

Tea manufacturers use fruits and spices to add additional aroma and flavor to the tea.

Earl Grey tea is the most famous aromatic tea which is made from black tea and bergamot. We also have aromatic green and white teas.

Vanilla, ginger, lemon, all kinds of fruit, lime, jasmine, cinnamon and other are added in real teas to bring the customer an excellent experience.  

These are especially appropriate for those who don’t like strong and bitter taste of some real teas.

A Moment of Pure Joy and Happiness

Tea is a beverage that shouldn’t be neglected as a daily drink. Now that you know all about different kinds of teas, you can decide which tea will be appropriate at specific time of the day.

Tea Pause gives you useful information which you can take advantage of, and prepare yourself a cup of pure joy and happiness.

Each one of us has a different taste regarding teas. With today’s endless assortment of teas, you shouldn’t have problems to pick your favorite one.

Experiment a little bit and try different teas that we are presenting you on our site. Drink the best teas in the world and take your buds to a journey that you will never forget.

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