8 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags Fast

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Do you want to know how to get rid of skin tags fast?

Many skin tag removal procedures are taken around the world that uses different methods.

People suffer from acrochordons no matter what their gender, age, or health condition is.

However, pregnant women, obese people, and those with diabetes are prone to get them faster.

Some people may be more prone to them due to genetics.

About 50% of the world’s population will get skin tags in their lifetime.

They are physically harmless flesh-colored bits of hanging skin.

Acrochordons normally occur in places like the eyelids, upper chest, armpits, and groin area.

Let’s see how you can remove them and other information that will come handy.

Can a skin tag grow?

Generally, skin tags remain relatively small, but they can grow to the size of a grape.

Doctors and researchers have never pinpointed an exact cause of their development.

Since they aren’t a health threat, there is not a lot of scientific research done to find the cause.

Skin tags and health problems

Even though it is a type of tumor, there is no risk of a skin tag becoming malignant.

They don’t lead to any other health problems. There are no symptoms related to it unless they rub on clothing or get irritated in another way.

Harmless or not, many people prefer to have them eliminated because of aesthetical reasons.

How to get rid of skin tags fast?

Their removal can be done in several different ways, which can include at-home treatments or visits to your doctor.

How do doctors remove skin tags?

Your doctor will probably use one of the following methods to eliminate them:

  1. Freezing – Also known as cryotherapy. Freezing is the most common way to treat skin tags. Normally, liquid nitrogen is used to kill the skin cells, making them fall off.
  2. Cauterizing – With this method, the acrochordon is snipped off first, and then the area is cauterized with a heated instrument to stop bleeding.
  3. Ligation – This procedure is done by tying the tag at its base with a string. The tag will gradually shrink and fall off.

Excision of skin tag

Today there are many ways of removing skin tags, which are basically divided into surgical and non-surgical methods.

Excision is the most common surgical one that is also called shave excision.

This procedure destroys them with a sharp spoon in which doctors cut or remove it only to the skin level and not deeper.

Did you know that you can even prevent them from growing back after a removal treatment?

Here you can find out how to do it.

Non-surgical methods for skin tag removal

Among the non-surgical methods, doctors use freezing with liquid nitrogen – cryotherapy, removing skin tags with electric, such as electrocoagulation.

They can also use a radiofrequency, ablative laser, or localized, medium-deep chemical peel of the skin growth.

Does cryotherapy work on skin tags?

Cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen) is a non-surgical method that your dermatologist or medical practitioner will do on your acrochordon.

How does liquid nitrogen work on skin tags?

It is used for a quick and relatively painless treatment for skin tags that are small-sized.

The doctor will dip a hemostat (which is a non-toothed pair of forceps) or a needle holder into liquid nitrogen for about 15 seconds.

The instrument will gently grasp the stalk of each acrochordon for about 10 seconds.

The patient shouldn’t touch the surrounding skin.

The frozen tips of the instrument can treat up to about 10 of them after being dipped in liquid nitrogen.

If there are multiple skin growths to be removed, a second instrument can be freezing in the liquid nitrogen, while the first is being used.

The reason for this action is to save time.

Can you remove skin tags with a laser?

Laser technology in medicine advances each day.

A laser can replace drills, scalpels, and various accessories in some cases due to its advantages.

Most are used in ophthalmology, surgery, dentistry, and aesthetic surgery of the skin.

skin tag removal

What are the uses of laser in medicine?

Modern devices with multiple laser sources are indispensable for the elimination and prevention of hair growth, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, tattoo removal, and vascular and pigmented irregularities.

How do ablative lasers work?

Ablative lasers work on the skin surface (sanding the skin surface, stain removal, cutting …).

These lasers may also smooth the scars after acne, wrinkles, for example around the eye.

Cons of ablative lasers

This type of laser can also eliminate the toughest pigment marks.

Unfortunately, these lasers are less popular due to the lengthy healing process, the possibility of hyperpigmentation, and limitation in darker pigmented individuals.

How does a non-ablative laser work?

Non-ablative lasers penetrate into the depth of skin structures, which encourage natural processes and thus improve the appearance of skin.

Doctors use them in the reduction or removal of capillaries, veins, fire signs, tattoos, and pigmented signs, hairiness, as well as for skin rejuvenation.

What are non ablative lasers good for?

Over some time, laser stimulation of natural processes makes the color and tone of the skin better and slows down the aging process.

They are also excellent at getting rid of hair and tiny blood vessels.

Benefits of non ablative laser

In these procedures, skin surface is retained and energy is transmitted into deeper levels of the skin.

They are increasingly popular among people because of its simplicity, high security and virtually no possibility of any problems after the procedure.

Which is the best skin tag removal method?

It is difficult to identify the best removing method of a skin tag in relation to the diagnosis of skin change.

Doctors must consider several factors, among which the most important are:

  • Qualifications of the therapist
  • His experience with the methods that he uses
  • Access to modern sophisticated medical apparatus

In any case, it is less recommended to carry out the removal in a manner in which two layers of the skin are removed.

Get rid of skin tags at home

You don’t want to go to the doctor to remove it? Its treatment can be safely done at home using one of the following methods:

  • Medicine – There are some over-the-counter treatments that are topically applied and cause the skin tag to dry and come off in about a week.
  • Home remediesTea tree oil applied to the acrochordon, 3x a day, is an effective way of its elimination. A mixture of castor oil and baking soda applied on it will also cause them to fall off.

Remove your skin tag safely

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Take care of yourself and don’t make any sudden decisions regarding their removal.

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