How do you get rid of skin tags on your eyelash line?

skintags on eyelids

The skin tag on the eyelash line is an unattractive small skin growth that can occur around your eyes.

Acrochordons can occur in every part of the body.

They are not harmful but can be disturbing, especially if they are found on body parts like face, neck, armpit, groin and under the breasts.

Nowadays people worry about their looks, especially women. Looking good is today’s main focus so acrochordons aren’t something people would wish for. Are you one of them?

It is like having stretch marks, cellulite, scars, or anything that makes your skin look damaged.

In this article, we will focus on skin tags on eyelids because people found it the most disturbing.

Skin tag on the eyelash line

The face is a part of the body that is the most exposed.

People make the first impression by their looks and face is the first thing that other people notice.

Having an acrochordon eyelash situation can make you feel less attractive or can lower self-esteem.

Looking and feeling good is even more important if we have occupation that concerns media, modeling, acting and being exposed to a crowd of people.

Eyes are the most sensitive organ in a human body so you have to be very careful how to treat skin tag eyelash problem.

If you worry about your skin growth being cancerous, please watch this video.

In my other article, I mentioned home remedies for skin tags that are effective as the best skin tag remover solutions.

However, what about putting oils, acids (lemon, apple vinegar) and other strong remedies (garlic) on eyelashes?

I think this is not a good solution so you have to be careful how you remove them.

garlic remedy

How to remove skin tags on the eyelash line?

You should never treat it with chemicals, acids, and other ingredients that would cause eye irritation.

There are many solutions that you can choose as your way of removal on your body parts like arms, chest, and back.

In this cases, people report of removal methods like:

  • Clippers
  • Dental floss
  • Freezing them
  • Eliminating skin tags with chemical peel
  • Cauterization or burning them off
  • OTC creams
  • Laser treatment and other methods

I recommend that you are very careful when treating them on eyelashes. You can try these two options when treating them:

  1. Cure it with natural ingredient creams or products that won’t irritate your eye
  2. Go to the doctor and let him deal with it

How did I remove skin tag on the eyelash?

If you choose the first option (natural product) then I have a solution that helped me to get rid of them.

I was using it on my arms and also on my eye. It is a natural skin tag product that has no chemicals and is painless.

I was careful when putting it on to my eyelash.

I put the product on a small cotton ball, closed my eye, and put it on for 20 minutes every evening for about 1 month.

It is a natural and affordable removal technique that gave me positive results.

You can know more about Revitol skin tag removal here.

You can also go to your doctor and ask him for help. 

I decided to treat it myself and I am happy with the result, also it didn’t leave me any scar.

People react differently on skin tag products, so choose your acrochordon removal carefully.

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