How To Stop Snoring At Night?

How to Stop Snoring

Do you or your partner snore? Know which are surgical and nonsurgical snoring techniques so you will be able to sleep normally again.

Snoring is not just annoying, it can also be a health problem.

It prevents you from living a quality life and can even jeopardize it (sleep apnea).

The most important thing is that you find a reason for it and stop it as soon as possible.

If you find a cause for it, it can be solved by the operation. In most other cases, it is eliminated by the regular use of custom-made oral apparatus or CPAP apparatus and mask.

This also eliminates all potentially harmful effects for the snorer and other people. These devices increase the quality of life.

Exact diagnostics and comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment are needed to select the optimal treatment for the individual (operation, CPAP, oral orthodontic device, other measures).

This decision depends on the various causes of snoring, sleep apnea, and various snoring treatments.

Let’s see what can you do to be free of this annoying condition.

Surgical and nonsurgical snoring techniques

In case that snoring of a person is not so problematic, the cause of snoring can be solved naturally and with some methods that a person can perform at home.

But there are cases (small percentage) which require special treatment. The doctor can decide for surgical or un-surgical treatment.

How can I stop snoring without surgery?

stop snoring spray

If snoring is understood correctly, the prescription for its treatment is simple. It is necessary to remove its cause. We know several options in practice.

There is a treatment with measures that you can try alone and some medical devices. In case these treatments don’t work, surgical treatment remains.

How can I stop snoring naturally?

You can try different techniques such as exercising, avoiding alcohol, tranquilizers, and sleeping pills before going to sleep.

This strengthens the muscles of the pharynx and prevents its slackness during sleep.

I recommend that you quit smoking, sleep on the side, and also lose extra weight and fat.

You can also try to sew a tennis ball on the back of the pajamas.

Anti-snoring sprays

Various sprays that soften the sky palate and mouth devices that pull the lower jaw forward can also help. They will increase the passage for the soft palate.

How to get rid of severe snoring?

In the case of severe snoring, which is also associated with breathing blockage, the so-called CPAP mask can be useful.

This is a device similar to an artificial respiration machine that blows air into the nose over the mask during pressure.

In this way, the respiratory tract is expanded to allow normal breathing.

severe snoring

When should I see a sleep doctor?

If there is no desired result with these procedures and devices, a snorer should visit an otorhinolaryngologist.

If respiratory blockage (apnea) and signs of over-daily sleepiness are present, a visit to a sleep disorder specialist is required.

The purpose of examinations is to determine the condition of the throat, especially the soft palate.

The doctor will also identify possible additional factors that influence the onset of the issue, and identify the most appropriate treatment.

Surgery for snoring

Surgical treatment is the most effective to eliminate it. If you will decide to have it, don’t be afraid, it’s not a big operation.

However, pay attention, all surgeries aren’t the same, and there are important differences between them. We distinguish causative and symptomatic surgical treatments.

UPPP surgery

The surgical procedure is done by a doctor. The surgeon extends the strain in the throat.

This action will remove the snoring cause. In addition, breathing and sleeping will be improved at the same time.

These two are even more important for the person who snores. Such an operation is called uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP).

UPPP surgery facts

This is a minor and completely painless procedure in local anesthesia, by which the soft palate is shortened and transformed, thus extending the passage for breathing.

It takes 15 to 30 minutes. A patient can go home after one hour after the procedure.

UPPP surgery recovery

The recuperation period lasts a week. It is necessary to enjoy soft and cooked foods, liquids, and painkillers during this time.

According to the statements of surgeons, there are virtually no significant side-effects in the case of uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.

UPPP surgery side effects

Side-effects are shown in less than 5% of cases. The procedure may change the color of the voice (which may be important only for singers), and there may also be a feeling of throat tension.

Somnoplasty procedure

Another option is having a symptomatic procedure. These procedures are professionally referred to as somnoplasty.

They strengthen the soft palate. A symptomatic procedure prevents flapping of the soft palate and the appearance of snoring.

However, it won’t help with obstructed breathing and disturbed sleep.

Injection snoreplasty 

The soft palate can be fixed with the high temperature (coblation, radiofrequency), chemically (injection of chemicals into a soft palate) or mechanically (insertion of Teflon inserts).

These procedures thus quiet snoring, but breathing may even worsen due to scar tensile in the soft palate.

The negative result can be sweeping drinks into the nose while drinking.

Which snoring treatment should you choose?

Healer medicine is helping you to know everything about this health problem and its surgical and nonsurgical techniques.

However, I can’t tell you which procedure is the best for you and your needs.

If you are a snorer that hasn’t got major health problems during the day (fatigue, irritability, no focus, lack of concentration, etc.) then you can try natural ways to stop it.

Talk with your partner and your loved ones and they will tell you how they see your condition.

If you will decide for snoring remedies I am giving you advice for eliminating it in a natural way.

It includes herbs and methods that won’t cause you side-effects.

If you are experiencing snoring that affects your health and quality of life, then you should go to the doctor and talk about it.

He will help you to find its cause and the right solution. Don’t be afraid of solving it with a doctor’s help.

Remember, doctors are here to help you not to cause you additional pain. You will be grateful that you did a crucial step and improved your life and life of others who love you.

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