Do You Know Which Vitamin Is Good For Hair Growth Fast?


Which vitamin is good for hair growth fast? It is nice to see a nice groomed and shiny hair, but this is not something that should be self-evident.

It is absolutely not enough to protect them only from the outside, you have to take care of them also from the inside.

Vitamins, which are responsible for healthy hair, are mainly C, A and B complex. If you eat food that lacks them; you will soon see your hair changing.

Nobody wants to have friable, dry and split hair, so it is good to know what nutrition provides you vitamins that will speed up their growth.

What vitamins are good for your hair?

Vitamins C, A, and B complex are crucial to have beautiful hair that grows fast. You will see why they are efficient for their growth and which foods are rich with them.

Vitamin A

It accumulates in the liver and can stock it for almost a year. Did you know that illness and infections deplete vitamin A from the body?

The consequences of its deficiency are seen as flaky skin, dull and brittle hair, bad nails, acne, etc.

In order to keep them strong and beautiful (and of course protect your body from any other consequences of its lack) you will have to consume enough foods that contain it. Which are rich in vitamin A?

Which foods are rich in vitamin A?

The highest value of provitamin A contains alfalfa, dandelion leaves, carrots, spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, parsley, mustard, watercress, broccoli and pumpkin.

Which fruits are rich in vitamin A?

What about the fruits? Melons, apricots contain 11 times less of it from Lucerne (alfalfa). Persimmon, papaya, and peaches follow. Almost all vegetables and fruits contain at least some of it.

Vitamin A in foods of animal origin

You can find a pure form of the vitamin only in foods of animal origin. These are liver, egg yolk, milk, and dairy products.

Vitamin B

It stands for a group of vitamins that can never be found individually in nature. The B-complex belongs to more than 20 vitamins. Each of them effect on cellular respiration, cell metabolism in its own way.

They take care of the complete formation of red blood cells in the blood-forming organs as well.

Does vitamin B2 help your hair?

Sufficient amount of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is very important for shiny and strong hair. PABA (which is also part of the B-complex) is also vital.

You can find it in rice, sprouts, kidneys, yeast, and liver. It is found in raw milk, offal, and vegetables.

What are the symptoms of lack of vitamin B complex?

Varied nutrition provides enough of it, but modern lifestyle often leads to eating habits resulting in a strong lack of vitamin B.

The consequences are not only familiar to hair which get gray too soon and fall out excessively.

It also affects the mood, because the lack of it can cause depression. Unfortunately, they also have enemies, and these are sugar, black coffee, black tea, and alcohol.

Which foods are high in vitamin B?

It can be found in fresh and unprocessed food (e.g. turkey, tuna, liver and certain other types of meat), vegetables and even fruit (e.g. bananas, lentils, potatoes, peppers, beans) and yeast.

Whole-grain products provide a good supply of them.

Here is the list of foods that contain a specific B vitamin:

  • B2: liver, meat, milk, cheese
  • B3: yeast, liver, meat, fish, legumes
  • B5 (pantothenic acid), meat, pulses, wholegrain cereals
  • B6: yeast, liver, fish, legumes, melons, cabbage, paddy rice, oats, peanuts, nuts, yeast, eggs
  • B7: offal, egg yolks, yeast, legumes, cauliflower
  • B12: liver, meat, eggs, milk and milk products
  • Folic acid (B9): green leafy vegetables, liver, offal, yeast, fruit

Vitamin C

There is no secret that vitamin C helps to grow hair. It is the only one that you can’t consume too much because your body will excrete excessive amounts.

It is one of the antioxidants that protect tissues from damage, but also strengthens the immune system.

If you pay more attention to the intake of sufficient quantities of vitamin C, you don’t care only for your hair but your body in general.

In which foods is vitamin C found?

Most of it is in raw vegetables and fruits. The important thing is that fruits should be stored for a short time because storage reduces its content.

So, if you see that your hair is not powerful and glamorous anymore, improve them with enough vitamins. You have the option of taking supplements also. The differences won’t be seen only on your hair!

Most of the vitamin C is in fruits and vegetables

It is found in foods of plant origin, mostly in fruits and vegetables. The recommended daily intake is quite easily achieved if you eat some of them every day.

fruit and vegetables

Vegetables and fruit from the store have it but if you have the option to get it from a farmer or on the local market, choose this option.

Maybe you can have your own garden? The heat destroys a bit of the vitamin, but a significant proportion of it remains.

These fruits and vegetables contribute to the daily intake of vitamin C.

Foods with most vitamin C:

  • Yellow and green paprika
  • Sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Swedes
  • Cabbage
  • Kiwi

Take care of your hair from the inside

Now you know which vitamin is good for hair growth fast. Strong and beautiful hair is the desire of many women and men.

Despite many nourishing products that we use, we don’t achieve the desired effect or just for a short time. Your focus should be on nutrition.

As you see, vitamins C, A and B complex are vital to have healthy hair. Do you have a hard time including the mentioned foods on your menu?

Don’t worry, if you eat diverse and vitamin-rich food, your hair will grow fast and strong.

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