Why Does Baldness Occur And Which Are The Causes?

men baldness

Why does baldness occur and which are the causes? It can be a cause of heredity.

Male baldness is the most common. Many people change their hairstyles; start to wear a hat or a wig or even use a hair-loss product.

If you have this problem you should know its cause. Every problem starts with the cause.

Our hair regrows like body cells. It is normal that a person loses 70 to 120 hairs a day.

You won’t count them of course, but you can quickly notice excessive hair loss when you have too much of them on your comb.

It depends on gender, but also from age and the time of the year.

It is normal that a young guy loses 70 hairs a day and an older woman about 120 hairs day. In spring and autumn, falling hair is greater than usual.

Read on and you will know which are possible causes for losing hair.

What is the cause of baldness?

There are several types of the condition. The most common is male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) and symptomatic hair loss (telogen effluvium).

Autoimmune alopecia occurs suddenly and can cause partial (partition) hair loss or even throughout the body.

It is different from male pattern baldness, that experienced dermatologist sees soon as it starts to show.

You can treat it and slow down the progression significantly if you treat it soon enough.

Men baldness

Men can get bald at an early age. It appears as thinning hair on the top of the head.

A hairline from the front of the head is moving back and may be accompanied by excessive greasiness of the scalp.

It is a high forehead situation.

When does it appear?

It begins to appear between 25 and 30 years of age and is a normal phenomenon. If it starts too early it is already considered as a mild form of baldness.

Men baldness

However, it appears in every person sooner or later. Some people have deep baldness and some hardly even notice it.

It occurs in every other man until his 50 years of age. There are three-quarters of male baldness among all patients who visit a dermatologist for hair loss. Most of them are men.

Hair loss in men and women

Can it happen to females, although we call it a male issue? Indeed, androgenic alopecia is generally carried out in males after one pattern, and in females at the other pattern.

Interestingly, it may be a sample that is otherwise typical of the male, but it can be also found at women and vice versa.

Male pattern baldness

According to the male pattern, the hairline is moving back. Baldness causes a high forehead.

It, therefore, begins at the front of the head, and hair begins to get thinner at the head top.

At the last stage, man has a little hair above the ears and at the nape of the neck where the issue never occurs.

Female pattern baldness

In females, hair starts to get thinner at the top of the head but they will never experience complete baldness in that place. The front line of the hair is also not withdrawn back.

Is hair loss in women less often?

Why does it occur? It is true that women experience it less often. It is because male baldness is caused by male sex hormones.

Testosterone and men’s hair loss

Testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone due to the influence of an enzyme on the surface of the hair follicle. It binds to the follicle and causes thinning.

The amount of testosterone is the cause of losing hair in men.

Testosterone is the main male hormone, meanwhile, females have just one or two percent of it.

Differences also arise depending on how the follicles are sensitive to the hormone.

Estrogen protects the hair follicle

On the other hand, estrogens (a female sex hormone) act protective.

They protect the hair follicles and the occurrence of baldness.

Females have many more estrogens in their bodies like men, and this is a good reason why they have fewer problems with it.

Is it hereditary?

We know many different factors of the baldness occurrence. Heredity predisposition and environmental factors are one of them. There are several theories about how to inherit it.

Many scientists have studied the family genealogy in which it occurs, but the different research groups came to different, even contradictory conclusions.

Nutrition factor

We can conclude that environmental factors have a role in baldness together with heredity. Several genes are involved in the emergence of male baldness.

A lot of attention is given to foods that include hormones, for example, the chickens or animals that are fed with hormonal supplements. A lifestyle and healthy nutrition certainly play a role here.

Find your cause

Causes of baldness are known. Did you find your cause in this article? It is important that you know it due to the treatment procedure.

Baldness can get harsh on an individual’s self-esteem. So if you see excessive hair-loss and baldness occurring; don’t hesitate and act.

My site offers medicines and natural solutions for stimulating your hair to grow and regrow again.

However, it is vital that you start with treatment as soon as possible.

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