10 Most Common Success Blocks That You Can Overcome Easily

success blocks

In this article, you will find out the 10 most common success blocks that will come to your way. All that is written in this guide is based on real experiences of me and my partner. It is not just a theory we developed, so I know we can help you to feel the same as we do and live a fulfilled life.

This article will open your eyes when you will have a hard time doing business and help you get on the right track again. There are obstacles and challenges in everything we do and this applies also for business.

Our online business

We faced many challenges because it took much effort for learning new stuff, programs, communication with sellers, technicalities and other elements of the business.

Constant learning

This kind of business needs constant researching and learning but it is worth it because we are awakening people with the fact that they aren’t slaves to no one, to no state or elite. We all can do something that we love without feeling guilty or unpleased.

No job

There were times when I could leave all behind and surrender myself to the mercy of my state and its labor market that has little opportunity for me because of my high education level and also of non-experiences on a field of study.

I say: “How could a young person get experiences when employers very often require working force with experiences?” I understand their reason but this fact was not to my advantage.

Technical issues

Many times I doubted in our work because our progress seemed very slow but when I think again there were just many technical things to manage before we start to be creative.


I am lucky to have Tadej by my side because when I have hard times he reminds me of my goal, these are his famous and meaningful words: “What do you work for?”


A simple question that clears the sky. When a pair or a group of people act together it is so important that you encourage each other, teamwork means adjustments but also unselfish support.

ecorage each other

Sometimes I felt that my activities have no meaning and I started to lose connection with my goal and being deviated from it because of the blocks I had.

I will tell you which ones prevented me and Tadej from our progress in business and how you can benefit from solutions that we made. Get to know 10 blocks that will come on your path that you can solve easily with our help.

10 common blocks that are preventing you from succeeding

Now I will tell you about 10 the most common blocks you will probably meet on your business path. You will not identify with all of them but I think you will see the majority of them as a potential obstacle. With each block, I will explain the cause and also the right solution for it.

1. Lack of motivation

Motivation is the center of your business process and it should be always present to grow and improve your actions. With a burning desire, it shouldn’t be the problem to accomplish a goal and have motivation because you want something so bad that all your forces are there to manifest the goal.

However, sometimes you will feel less motivated than other days or you will lose the connection to your goal. The lack of motivation shouldn’t be the problem when you have some health issues or your biorhythm and energy levels are low.

Can negative thinking make you sick?

This health state is just temporary and you will get better. However, remember, illnesses are caused by a negative state of mind. When we feel negative for some time our body and immune system get defeated and we become ill so watch out what you think most of the time.

Stress is also a modern killer that should be controlled so if you have stress in your life find ways to release it or even better, prevent it, learn how to handle stressful situations so you will be able to follow your dreams.

Losing the connection

The bigger problem is when you lose connection to your goal and when you don’t feel such strong desire anymore. Then you should ask yourself: “Why am I working on this, why do I want this to happen and what changes will it bring?”

Why are you working for?

In these moments you will stop your current work and repeat the main reason why did you even start your business. If your desire is big then the answer will be like an injection of motivation and you will start to feel that excitement again.

What causes a lack of motivation?

Why does lack of motivation happen? There are good reasons for it. They can be found in our environment and in our heads. We love to live in the comfort zone; it is in our nature to feel protected and good.

Sometimes we choose to be out of our comfort zone and fight for what we want however, it would be so nice to be in the comfort zone again and feel without worries and pressure.

Again, ask yourself the main question that I mentioned before: “What do you work for?” It would be so easy to switch and watch television again, play games, having unconstructive talks and so on but you are better than this, you have an important goal to catch!

Repeat affirmations and read positive quotes

People around you can also demotivate. I always remind of this factor because it is the biggest influence in our lives and it can be very destructive.

positive quotes

Having a lack of motivation means that you must repeat your affirmations again and read positive quotes more often. When you will get in the positive state and feel the joy of your goal again then you should peacefully continue to work.

2. Lack of self-esteem & fear of people’s reactions to your work

Fear is a common factor that affects us all. Every time we work for people and have products and services for them we worry if they will accept our work or not.

The fear is nothing but a block that is diverting you from doing your best to produce or deliver a quality service. However, fear can be managed with your conscious awareness of your self-worth and self-esteem.

Self-esteem is something that every person should have. It is important to have, especially when doing business because you will have to convince people that you have quality and appropriate products or services for them.

I know individuals who are so scared of what people will say about their efforts but they don’t understand that they have all the power that they need for success.

Show your talent!

Every businessman should know that he is the creator and that’s why he possesses the power that not everyone has. When you have the knowledge and love towards making drawings then you present a percentage of people who have this talent that not everyone has. So, you should take advantage of your power and give the world something that you are good at.

Sometimes a person is aware of his talent and still has not enough self-esteem to make the best of it. I think that low self-esteem is something that was built in our past. The past events that left us a bad memory always come up in life and then we feel powerless. Television is not helping here with their idealistic moments and events showing us how we should be and what we should do.

Visualize the solution

You should focus only on yourself and your self-worth. Here’s what you will do. You will go somewhere where it is quiet and you will think of your past events that made you feel unpowered and maybe ashamed. You will get peace with these events and yourself.

You think of the event and then visualize how you fix and overcome it, how you managed the situation that was not doing you good. Then you will say to yourself:

“I am a confident and worthy person who will create amazing future which will bring abundance and prosperity.”

Affirmations for self-esteem

You should overcome all the bad memories that were stopping you from getting where you deserve. Help yourself with affirmations; they are so great with building self-esteem. Talk with yourself every time you have the chance and give your subconscious mind to know that you are the power that the world needs.

Also, you will do everything that is needed for your business to succeed, not what you can do but what is required from you. You can do all that you create in your mind, so start filling your head with positivity that will lift your spirit.

When you know that you gave all your powers to make your business work and when you built your positive self-esteem then you will also feel confident to show your efforts to the audience without fear.

3. Lack of time

Time management is a common topic that attracts people’s attention today. We live in a modern world where time has become a valuable factor in our lives.

Time is giving pressure for us because our obligations are countless. Some of you have children to take care of, parents, pets, you have to do housekeeping and also work a whole day to feed your family.

We have the same amount of time

We all have the same amount of it. Someone in Japan has the same 24 hours per day as someone in America or India. All that counts is what do you do with it.

How to manage your time wisely?

If you want to reach your goal then you have to set your priorities. How bad do you want your business to succeed or how badly do you want to earn money?

Set priorities of activities that you have and take time for planning your work. It is not necessary that you work a whole day if you have no such time but you should manage some time, let’s say an hour, and do one small step towards the goal.

Do small steps towards the goal

Small steps count so that you won’t get overwhelmed with working activities. Think when do you have the most peaceful time a day for work and schedule it just for working. Don’t say that you haven’t got it, we all manage our time, so go and reserve it to progress.

4. Lack of money

Money is important to have for living a quality life. People have financial issues when starting a business, some more and others less. If you are thinking of opening a store in your town then investing money will be your first thought.

If you are a painter then you will think of investment in your drawing tools and material. Just maybe you will work as an internet marketer and you will invest it in the programs and learning courses.

Invest money to make money

I repeat the word investment because it is very important that you always invest money in the growth of your business. We all have some amount of it available to spend but it depends on what we do with it.

invest money

Are you a money saver?

You can be the type of person that treats money as a paper and save it rather than spend it. If you are like this, let me tell you, I was the same.

I was so happy to have it and that family members came to me to lend them some. But at that time of my youth, I never had any big wishes and goals so I couldn’t spend it, money was just a paper to me. It is meant for spending and it should always circle.

Where does your money go?

Where does your money go? For what purposes do you spend it? There are different purposes to spend it and I am proud that I am doing a great job being in that other group who invests it wisely.

Stop wasting your money

Every day I see people hanging in the bars in the morning, at noon, afternoon and evenings. I never drank much as I was a teenager, I hang out with my peers but I never saw the joy in drinking alcohol.

Today I see them spending much time in bars, even if they are just drinking coffee and smoking, it doesn’t matter, they are spending their precious time and money foolishly, especially those who make this a habit.


I don’t say that this is bad, no, I am not judging anyone, I just say that it is not a clever thing to make it a habit.

We all have options and putting money in other pockets doesn’t make sense to me. The majority rather enjoy and feel safe than going outside the box and start making something big. I hope you are not that majority, but if you are, it is your time to make bigger steps.

Make a spending plan

If you are thinking of becoming someone and starting your own business then you should think of finances and investments. It is the same if you are employed and you want to earn more than you do.

Think where your money goes, does it go to shops, bars, cinemas and for things that are associated with entertainment? Think about how wisely you can invest it in your business.

Are you willing to make a sacrifice?

Wrote on paper where your money goes and how you can cut the costs. Are you willing to sacrifice your pleasures for making your business to grow?

Sacrificing is what Tadej and I did in the past. We had little money at the start of the online business, so we had to put our desires to the side and invest it in a better purpose.

Some amount always went to sawing’s so we could buy a program, a course, an application or something worthy. There was a time when I wanted things but we couldn’t afford it because we had the plan to buy stuff for our progress.

If you really want something as bad as we did, then you will sacrifice your desires for the cause of your big goal. But you know what? I became more stable and less addicted to things so I started to grow as a person. Meanwhile, invested money brought us progress. Choose wisely where you spend it.

5. No will to learn

Learning is a big part of our life, we do it all the time. Learning and gaining knowledge makes us more valuable and powerful. I don’t know what status you have but your learning process didn’t finish in school. If you are thinking of having your own business then you will have to learn all the time.

Is this terrifying to you? Well don’t worry because when you will find your perfect job you will learn without struggle and with satisfaction, it will become your ritual.

Gaining knowledge

It is not hard to learn if you have a burning desire towards something that you want. When we started an online business there was a lot of knowledge to gain, especially a technical one.

Setting up a WordPress site

At the start, we needed to set up a blog with the WordPress platform. We decided to use this platform because it is user-friendly and you don’t need to know much about programming.

my website

WordPress is a good platform for everyone who will have a website or blog about his business. With downloading the platform, our learning process just started. Experts and people with specific knowledge will help you with your learning. We listened to people who knew WordPress and how to set up important plugins for the blog to function properly and smoothly.

Internet as a huge knowledge base

Internet is a huge base of knowledge that is supplanting other knowledge sources like books, magazines and other paper publications these days. We should never forget how books are powerful and educating, it is just that the internet made a revolution regarding getting fast and quality information about any topic possible.

Find reliable sources

You should be careful though, not everything on the internet has valuable information, we can also say that not everything that you hear is true. It is recommended that you take time for your researching process and that you look more than one or two information sources available and through the time you will quickly know the reliable person with quality information.

Do you have a willingness to learn?

But what if you don’t have the willingness to learn? If your will to learn isn’t strong then it is best that you don’t start the business. Before you go and do things think why are you doing it. Are you ready to give up things and learn instead? Is your wish burning inside you and moving you forward?

You can lose your will even if you find a dream job. I have experienced it also and it was not easy. But in this case, you will need to motivate yourself again.

People will get in your way

Sometimes people around you will disturb your focus on work so you will start to get distanced from your mission. When you see this happening you must stop it immediately and start focusing on your life mission again.

How do you stop feeling overwhelmed?

Overwhelm will also get on your way but then you have to take a pause and relax a bit. Take it easy with your leaning, it will wait for you. In the meantime I recommend you to go out for some fresh air and relax, it will do you good.

We practice it every day and we think it is the best thing to do when you have to take a break from work. Of course, you can do whatever relaxes you.

6. Lack of Law of Attraction & despair and feeling to surrender (no results)

What is the secret of men and women that are successful and grow their companies? Do you think that these people work the whole day and feel exhausted at the end of the day? I see successful people as the ones who love what they do and practice the Law of Attraction.

I do online business for some time now and I meet a lot of business partners on the internet. I was surprised by how many of them know the Law of Attraction and also practicing it. It’s not a secret that this universal law is something that you need in your life to be an ambitious and satisfied person.

Unbalance brought the change

I can confirm that LOA and our philosophy really work in business and that the lack of it can harm your progress. I experienced the lack of LOA Power not so long ago when all things changed.

Our business went very well till Tadej got a new school project to work on so I took care of his part of the work too. At first, it was not hard because I was balanced and still using LOA Power regularly, all the time.

Days passed and I started to see some changes. From day to day I noticed that I was more tired, irritable but I didn’t know what exactly changed my mood. I just knew that I am losing my energy and becoming old me.

It was the perfect time for doing something about it. When I wasn’t working I was thinking of the reason for the change. The moment came when I realized that I was working more and using LOA Power less.

This was the moment of truth for me which opened my eyes. Now I also know what Tadej thought by saying:

“Money is not earned by hands but with the head.”

How to stay balanced?

My thoughts were too occupied with obligations because I thought that I must work hard so that our obligations won’t be left behind. I was so unbalanced that I was feeling desperate and even wanting to quit our job because I had no energy left.

But at that time I was losing the connection with my own philosophy and I was terrified how quickly things can change if you stop repeating what gives you power. Too much work is never good, you must be balanced with good energy and take step by step.

I was giving energy away but I forgot to receive it. It is similar to the human body and working physically hard. If you work without proper food, hydration and rest you will soon have to quit it because your body won’t have any energy to proceed.

The LOA Power philosophy development

I recommend using LOA Power so you will be able to do your activities with a stable mind and without fallings.

7. The influence of others

What has the biggest impact on us and our lives? It is our environment and the people who surround us. If you will succeed in your intentions or not depends also from the place you are living and people who you hang out with.

How did parents affect me?

Let me say something about the environment first. It had an impact on me and also people who lived there. Before I moved to the city with Tadej I was living in a small village with my parents and a brother.

I was raised with lots of love. My parents taught me to be respectful to others and to be modest. They never forced me to go to any classes like ballet, sport or other classes.

There was one time that I had a desire for playing handball in school but I had stupid thoughts like “This will cost my parents too much money and time for driving me on the training.”

Modesty and no wishes

I was taught to be modest and to never ask for something because I saw them struggling. Don’t get me wrong please, as a family we had all for a good life and also fun, just that their behavior was telling me not to be demanding too much. So I got used to it.

This was the biggest mistake that I see now as a grownup. I never accuse my parents of this because they were giving all they can to raise me as a good-hearted woman and they also give me precious life for which I am so grateful for! So, on this point I am saying to my parents:

“Thank you mother and father for giving me the best journey I could ever want, it is life.”

Do you know how lucky you are to live, to have this opportunity? Some newborns close their eyes for good and don’t have the opportunity to make the best of their journeys but you have this chance, now.

The main point of my story is that parents weren’t guilty of anything but the environment taught them the same as they taught me, to be modest and have jobs that everyone there did.

But deep inside of me there was a desire to become someone who people will respect and see as a valuable person. People in my village saw me as a normal girl like every else but I wanted more from life, not just work hard.

The change of environment

So, the time came when we moved to the city of Novo mesto, then things started to change. I was in different environment which didn’t have the same impact on me as the environment before. I was free of some patterns developed in my youth but it took time for me to overcome it.

Carefully choose the people around you

People can be a big influence on your development and growth so watch out with who you hang out. If you wish to see your business succeeding then it is surely recommended that you socialize with positive ones and also with those who will support your ideas no matter how strange they sound.

Believe me, there are people who care or will care about everything you do, just choose the right ones.

8. Feeling overwhelmed with work & perfectionism

When you will do your business with passion you could become overwhelmed with work very fast. When you love doing something it will take you deep, so deep that you will even forget to eat and drink.

beeing overwhelmed

The bad thing is that it has consequences on your body. I believe that this happened to you before, if not with work then with studying or other activities like training etc.

Overcome overwhelm

What is the main problem regarding being overwhelmed with work? I see that non-organization is the problem, lack of planning activities through time. If you make a plan that will contain a reasonable number of activities per day then you will be able to do tasks easier, more motivated and also with energy.

I experienced work overwhelm many times and what do I do when I have a problem? I talk to Tadej and we solve a problem together. We decided to make a list of activities every evening before going to bed that will be executed the next day.

Plan & organize

In general, there were approximately six activities on every list. The activities were written from the most important activity to less important. This is a very good strategy for not becoming overwhelmed, staying motivated (because you see what you did from the list of activities) and focused. Your daily activities should be planned and organized, this way you will not face with the mentioned problem.

Take a break without guilt

But if you still get overwhelmed with them then you should stop working for a moment and take a break. The intention of it is to free your mind and body a little bit so you can gain energy. Every being on this planet needs rest and so do you. When you know that you are doing everything you can and pushing yourself to the goal then you should take a break without any guilt.

How to manage stress?

What happens with an athlete that runs over his limits? What are the consequences of repeating of being overwhelmed with work? The consequences can be dangerous to your health because you are exposed to one of the most dangerous factors of today’s diseases and it is stress.

I think you all know what stress is and I will teach you how to control it. I told you one solution already, do a list of activities and stick to it.

How to relax?

The second thing that you can do is enjoying things that make you relax. Some people listen to music, watch a good comedy movie, meditate, and do yoga. You know what relaxes you so think which kind of relaxation you will choose next time when you will need a break.

Walking in the woods

Tadej and I have a simple but effective activity that fills our energy levels. We have a few breaks a day. Two breaks I use for cooking meals and others are spent in the woods.

Forest gives me the energy that I need for continuing my work later. It is a wonderful ecosystem that will fill your body with oxygen and give your mind peacefulness. Well, if you are not such a nature lover then find the type of relaxation that fits you best, you have many options to choose from.

Work and be grateful

Take care of your health because we all need to have a healthy body, mind, and spirit for giving the best outcome for our customers. Always remember, work must be joy and the Law of Attraction will help you here. So, take breaks and be joyful of what you will become and how much good your efforts will do for the world.

9. Who do you listen to?

In our path to online business Tadej and I listened to many authorities who are experts in their field of work and we still learn from them today. We are analyzers by nature so we always make a good research on who is worth listening to.

When you are doing a business it is important to have someone who experienced things which he is talking and teaching about. There are many people who want to earn money just telling stories and these are not appropriate for you if you want to succeed. Why is connecting with leaders in your field of work so important and why not go without them?

If you are new in the business then it is crucial to have a mentor who will lead you towards the goal and show you the steps that he also made to succeed in the same niche as you.

Do you remember when you were in school and had a teacher assigned to help you with your project, homework or learning? This is the same; the well-selected authority will help you to reach your goal. Who is an authority in the field?

Listen to the authority in the field

The authority is someone that knows his work well, has experiences with activities and has some proof of success. It is important to be guided step by step by an authority on your field of work because he will show you steps that made him successful, it will show you his blueprint of succeeding.

listen authority

If you are new to the business and without an authority to lead you then you can easily go off the track and lose motivation. You can succeed on your own but maybe it will last longer and be more demanding. So, why not have a person who can help you?

Learning from the right people can open doors that you have tried to open. If you try to succeed in business but don’t know much about it then you are taking a risk of failure.

You can search, analyze, do and measure things but it doesn’t mean that your path will bring you the results that you want. We tried to do some work alone, we searched through the internet and in the end, we ended where we started – at the beginning and with the same questions.

Through time we learned that free information isn’t the best one, there can be exceptions, but in general, paid information is the best thing to have.

“We follow few authorities who make our business grow.”

It is the best practice that you have just one authority for one segment of your business. Let’s say you need to learn about Facebook advertising because you will use it to advertise your products or services. You will search the internet and find an authority that you see as valuable and with credibility.

When you see that this is a person who has all to take you further with your business you will subscribe to his plan, course or another program that will help you make the steps. I recommend you to invest your money in these programs because it is worth it.

10. How to overcome language issues?

More and more companies today work globally because of the simplicity of reaching people all around the world through technology that brought a revolution to our communication area – the internet.

learn language

Nowadays you can set up a website or e-commerce in languages that are globally spoken. If you want to reach English speaking people but English is not your first language then you should think and analyze how you will present your information to them.

English is not my native language

We come from Slovenia, a small and beautiful country in southern Europe and we speak Slovenian language that is unique, no country speaks the same or familiar language. I started to learn the English language in primary school and I had no issues to learn it and my pronunciation was good.

When Tadej and I started to think of our business there was no doubt that we should inform people in English. Tadej’s English is ok but we knew that he needs to learn much more and I am no exception.

Reading English books

So we started to read English books and we always watch movies or documentaries with English subtitles. We used to read English literature loud so we both were learning at the same time. The words we didn’t understand we looked up for translation and we made our own dictionary.

So, if you figured all out and you decided to work in your second language then you will have to watch out that your products and information will be of quality.

Learn the language basics

Before you go and publish your first product you should learn the language basics first. You can read the literature but also listen to the audio so you will learn how to pronounce too.

There are many language learning materials as CD’s, DVD’s, applications and other material from which you can learn. I can inform you that you have many quality courses also on the internet.

It is even better to have straight communication with people that talk a foreign language through Skype, messenger and other communication programs. Take action today and expand your knowledge.

Learn from the mistakes and progress

Obstacles and failures are common in the business area so you need to learn from the mistakes and progress. These were the 10 most common success blocks that I see as important for you to know if you are doing business. They are based on my experience and knowledge.

I recommend that you consider them when you face the problem and use my tips to get closer to the manifestation of your goals.

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