Do You Know How Long Does It Take To Form An Exercise Habit?

Do You Know How Long Does It Take To Form An Exercise Habit

How long does it take to form an exercise habit? Some experts say that we need three weeks to form a habit. In this article we will discuss if you really need 21 days to make a habit.

Something bothered me when I first read the cover of Brian Flatt’s book 3-Week Diet. The subtitle of the book says that book is about foolproof, science-based diet. This diet guarante to melt away 12-23 pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days.

Well, I like work that is based on science. So when we read something or hear, it doesn’t mean it is true. It is advisable to check every detail. We live in an information society where data and information are the most valuable. We can gain a lot if we have the right data.

So, if I return to my skepticism, what bothered me is this “21 days”. Why exactly 21 days? Is this just one of the marketing approaches? Let’s find out.

21 Days To Make A Habit

21 days is exactly three weeks of time. So the author says that we need three weeks or 21 days to make a new habit. Let’s see why this book welcomes 21 day diet. First thing is relatively short time to lose 10-23 pounds regarding another diets that last longer. But why is this short time a good thing? Well, the author says because of real and fast results. We need the same time to make an exercise habit.

how long does it take to form an exercise habit
Patience and strong will are the most vital in dieting and workout. Who didn’t experience a lack of will and perseverance? I think we all did.

Brian is determined that only three weeks of time is needed that your brains will adopt a new habit. The dieter also must receive a quick feedback that he is progressing.

It is the same in all areas of human’s life. We all want quick results of our struggle in business, health and personal area. This is ok, but we must understand that we must give to receive. So, in these 21 days, you will have to do exactly what the book recommends. This way you should see quick and good results.

Before you are making unreal plans and believing that all can be solved the easiest way, think twice. Did something good happen without your struggle and hard work? And I don’t mean gifts. I know you remember a situation from your life when you saw results of your hard work.

How Long Does It Take To Form An Exercise Habit?

I did a research of these 21 days and I found something interesting. I think that fundamentals for 3-week diet book is the rule of 21 of Maxwell Maltz.

maxwell maltz

We know Doctor Maxwell Maltz for his book Psycho-Cybernetics. This self-help book was published in 1970. He believes that a person needs at least three weeks to develop and accept a new habit.

Doctor Maltz teaches that a person needs positive attitude and wisdom to transform bad habits into good habits. This self-help literature will help you understand that you can achieve anything with his internationally famous 21-day technique .

The Story Of Marshall Reddick

This is a personal story of Marshall Reddick, a college professor. author, professional speaker, and successful business man. In his 20’s he was unconfident, shy and had a poor self-image. He made a life change by reading Pscho-Cybernetics and doing some simplest and basic techniques. This is what he has to say about his remarkable change:

“I began to re-program myself. For example, I placed little notes all around me, in my pockets, on my mirror, in my car, “reminding” me that I was a confident person and a capable person. Sure enough, after just 21 days, I started to feel and behave differently”.

What he accomplished

• Obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics
• A Master’s Degree in Business in Colorado State University
• His Ph.D. in Business from Texas Tech Univerity
• Three-year tenure as Professor of Business and Economics at California State University

He also recommends Psycho-Cybernetics book to his students.

The Mind And Body Connection

the mind and body connectionI hope you will try this method of Maxwell Maltz in your life. I am certain that Brian Flatt was inspired by doctor Maltz so he wrote a diet book that has more depth than other basic diet books.

The 3 week diet is a good book for training your mind to accomplish goals. The mind controls the body. So if we decide to lose weight and develop healthy habits, our body will follow. But it must be a habit, not just temporary action.

In the end you can answer yoursef how long does it take to form an exercise habit or a diet habit.

We conclude that 21 days or three weeks is reasonable time for developing any habit. It is not necessary that you will achieve your goal in three weeks. But it is the time when you can change your lives. Will you try this method on your life goal? If so, I wish you all the best.

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