The 3 Week Diet Review To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

3 week diet review

This is the 3 week diet review of Brian Flatt book. He is certified sports nutritionist, trainer, health coach and speaker. After ten years of research and years of tests, he wrote a guide for a fast diet that gives results quickly.

This is a foolproof, science-based diet that is 100% guaranteed to melt away 12 to 23 pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days. His diet plan doesn’t contain pills, potions or drugs. It is natural and safe to use.

The book was created as a solution to those “mainstream” diets which are not effective. It contains 3 big chapters – Diet, Exercise & Willpower and Motivation & Mindset.

Why The 3 Week Diet Review

There are two reasons for 3 week diet. Many diets last too long and are boring. Dieters lose motivation during transformation because they don’t see results soon enough.

The first reason of 3 week diet is a short period that is needed to lose weight and to see the results. This quick system gives dieter motivation to proceed.

The second reason is time needed to break old habits and adopt new ones. With this, we mean adopting healthy eating habits and regular exercise routines. It is scientifically proven that you need this period for changes.

What Will You Find In This Book?

The 3 week Diet is a 96 site book of rich content. It will explain you all that you should know about losing weight in 3 weeks naturally. Every chapter includes an explanation and an action plan. The book is divided into four sections. It is advisable that you read the whole book from start till the end.

Let’s see 3 Week Diet Book sections

Introduction Manual

You will know all science the 3 week diet reviewfacts about gaining and losing weight. In this section you will learn what you should do to fight stubborn body fat.

The introduction also talks about supplements and how they help you with your weight loss goal. You will find all this information in 43 pages.

Diet Manual

In 22 pages you will be introduced to exact diet plan in 4 phases. Every phase has a period (days) and specific directions for meals and its preparation. Every day is covered with eating rules that you must follow. Meals are made from unprocessed food and most of them must be cooked.

The main goal is a deficit of calories through the day so that you can start losing weight. To do so, you must know your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The author gives the exact formula for calculating a BMR for both men and women. BMR will tell you what is your calorie limit that you shouldn’t overcome.

Exercise Manual

This section will explain you which exercise will help you to accomplish your weight loss goal. Exercises are relatively short (20-30 minutes). Every exercise is explained in text and with pictures.

The explanation includes the purpose of exercise and the right performance technique. You will get the right combination of different exercises that boost your metabolism and build muscle.

Willpower, Mindset, and Motivation Manual

This section is important that you stay motivated enough to complete the 3 week diet chalange without mistakes or cheats. The author helps you to focus on positive statements and forget the negative.

He also tells what negative thinking cause and what are the consequences. This manual has a lot of useful tips to make your weight loss journey easier, more efficient and fun.

Who Is This Book For?

In general, I think this book can help people to lose weight in a natural way. A person who has a right paradigm will accomplish a goal with this diet.

In my opinion, the book is the most appropriate for two kinds of people
1. Overweight people with extra 10,15 or 20 pounds
2. Busy people

It is a short diet that will take a little of your time. Exercises are short ( 20-30 minutes a day) and meals are prepared on the simple and healthy way (rare, steamed, cooked or baked). I see that protein powders that author recommends are a quick meal that can save your precious time.

Pros & Cons Of 3 Week Diet Book

The 3 week diet review wouldn’t be complete without honesty and good and bad features. Let’s see what are pros and cons of 3 week diet.


• The book includes a whole diet system that can give you fast and good results. Why is that? Exercise will go hand in hand with your nutrition plan. You will get more muscles with his exercises. More muscles also mean faster metabolism and more burnt calories

• A product is made by a health coach, certified sports nutritionist, trainer, and speaker with a decade of research and testingdiet

• A detailed explanation of all elements is included in the diet. You will have exact plan that you can follow (meals, which food is allowed, preparation, exercise performance, etc.)

I think that author did a good job by explaining why and how people become fat. You will understand a whole process of getting fat and have more power to stay fit

• After 21 days, you will have a good opportunity to stay friendly with a new way of living. You will get rid of bad habits because your body will adopt

• As a customer, you have 60-day money guarantee. If you find that product didn’t satisfy your needs, you can get a full money refund

• Motivation chapter is a big benefit that this diet offers. I have never seen such a diet that also encourages you to go to the end. The author did a good job here

• The book received many positive feedback from people who tried it


• Protein powder instead of cooking meals to spare time. It is an option you can choose, but I don’t recommend taking protein powder regularly instead of fresh cooked meals. Healthy and nutrient rich food that you cook at home is best

Let me highlight that protein powder is not necessary for this diet. The author just mentioned it as a good way of consuming protein in your diet

• You have to stick with the program. The author made this plan on his research, and he can guarantee the results only in case you followed the rules

How Much Does It Costs? Is It Risk Free?

special discount 3 week diet

With 3 week diet system you will get 4 manuals for $47. If you decide to try this product you have no risk. You can buy it and try it.

And if you will not be satisfied, you can simply request your money back. The author gives you 60 days money back guarantee. This means that you can get your money back ($47) in 60 days after the purchase.

If you have any questions or request for money back, just contact the author of 3-week diet:

The 3 Week Diet Review – Bottom Line

Brian Flatt wrote a book that is a good opportunity for you to lose extra weight in a natural way and relatively quick – in just three weeks. I think that his decade of research and tests shouldn’t be overlooked.

It is a safe way that can help you get leaner and stay fit for the rest of your life. It does not include strange preparations or extra hard exercises. Of course, you should listen to your body. You should never overdo with the exercises.

It is never a bad thing to go to the doctor or a specialist before taking this big step of change and talk through.  This way, you can start a new chapter in your life safely.

You can decide if the purchase of the product is worth it. With the 3 week diet review you have enough information to start your weight loss journey.

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