What Activities Burn The Most Calories? 11 Sports That Kick Ass!

what activities burn the most calories

We know that people want to know what activities burn the most calories, so we decided to write a few words about this topic. When your goal is losing pounds, you want to know which sport or activity will have the biggest effect on burning fat.

Regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight or just to maintain it and stay fit, the rule is the same. Keep control of your calorie intake and consumption. We don’t want to convince you that you will spend time for counting calories, weigh each meal accurately and write calorie equations. It will be enough, if you know some of the facts about calories and choose the right sport to help you burn them.

What Activities burn the most Calories?

If you want to lose pounds, here are some sports that burn the most calories. The more intense is the workout, more calories are burnt. Let’s see these kinds of sports.


The entire body works when you swim and is an excellent aerobic exercise that speeds up the heartbeat and helps to burn fat. One hour of swimming burns between 700 and 800 calories, which makes it one of the most effective sports.


It’s just one of the basic and most popular exercises, because it only needs a good pair of sports shoes and a little initial startup, but soon you can make it a habit. If you want the training to be as effective as possible, combine fast and slow running. Try run slow for two minutes and fast for a minute.



Kickbox is one of the most effective sports you can choose to quickly burn your calories. This sport is becoming increasingly popular precisely because of the fast results, and it has the calming effect also. Just imagine how you will kick after a stressful day.


Have you seen a climber with too many pounds? We didn’t. This is an activity that involves all the muscles of the body and takes a lot of our power and energy to achieve the goal. Fortunately, it’s not just for adventurous people as some may think, as you can also decide to climb in the hall.


With cycling, you will burn up to a thousand calories per hour. Cyclists are lean right and don’t have a problem with overweight. Go for a half-hour ride on a bicycle a few times a week, and you will see your pounds dropping.

Weight Training

The advantage of weight training is that we gain muscle mass and thus burning calories even when we are resting. The muscles consume a lot of calories for its growth. So add weight training to your aerobic activities and the results will be even faster.

Group Sports

Group sports are a great activity for those who are reluctant to practice alone. They speed up the heartbeat and we insist on them longer at the same time, as we are having fun with friends and simply forget about time. Everything from basketball, football, handball, as well as to various group exercises such as aerobics is therefore a great choice for losing calories.

HIIT Training

Have you heard of HIIT training or interval training before? If you are one of our loyal readers, then you should know how it looks like. It’s a high-intensity workout that is great for those who don’t have much time and want an effective exercise. It is a combination of exercises that we perform quickly and intensively. It is enough to do it for 20 minutes a day as the heart rate is greatly accelerated, and calories are burnt long after the exercise.



If you are an enthusiastic skier, you will spend a lot of calories. The only thing that you will have to watch out is the food that you will eat after the skiing in the comfort of your warm home.

Walking in the Mountains

Hiking is great, as this is an excellent way to consume calories, and to breathe a fresh air full of oxygen. When it comes to hiking, the advantage is that we don’t give up until we reach the top, so we can always be sure that we will achieve our goal.


Tennis is an entertaining sport where you are changing the movement, competing, there are many jumps, sprints… Tennis has a very positive side as you spend a lot of calories in one hour, even from 500 to 600. But not just burning a lot of calories, tennis is great for the brain, because you have to think about how you will beat the opponent during the game.

Choose the Sport regarding Your Needs

sports equipment

What activities burn the most calories? Mentioned sports are just a few that will burn the most calories. In the end, I want to give you some additional advice before starting with the activities. Think about the mentioned sports and choose the most interesting for you.

The sport activity should motivate you so you will burn calories without any additional effort. If running makes you bored, choose hiking in the mountains or train HIIT, etc.

The sports equipment is very important. Get quality sports shoes and sportswear so you will feel comfortable in. We shouldn’t forget about warming up before any activity and cooling down after. Eat a balanced meal after the workout and enjoy it during the day without stress.

Stress causes cortisol levels rising and it isn’t something that you want, especially if you are watching on your good looking body. Perform yoga or mediation beside sport and you will have an easier time avoiding stress during the day.

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