What Are The Benefits Of Lifting Weights For Females?

Benefits Of Lifting Weights For Females

Are you a woman and asking yourself what are the benefits of lifting weights for females? This article will explain why weight lifting is good for females and which the benefits are. In the past women didn’t lift weights, no way, it was reserved for men to gain muscles and to show their masculinity. But how it is today?

Today more and more women are getting dumbbells to do their home workout or are training with weights in the fitness center. How did came to this trend? People saw that weight lifting is also beneficial for women. But one question still hunts women even today when they are thinking of starting weight training. Will lifting weights make you bulky and unattractive as a woman? This and other facts will be explained here so welcome to read further.

Women, Will Lifting Weights make You Bulky?

Let us clear this question first before we jump to the benefits of weight lifting. Many women are afraid of weights due to possible muscle gain. They think that lifting weights will make them bulky like men.

In general, women don’t have the possibility to build such large muscles as men due to physiological factors. Women who compete in bodybuilding or fitness, and have really distinctly visible muscles or increased muscle mass are very rare.

It is necessary to combine genetics, years of extensive training, strict diet, and various additives to achieve this level. An average woman can’t get an extreme muscle mass with intense training. So you also don’t have to worry about waking up one morning with extreme muscle mass.

Benefits of Lifting Weights for Females

We are stressing some of the weight lifting benefits that women can take advantage of. Read them carefully, and you will see why training with some weight is even recommendable.

Burning more fat

Forget the treadmill or bike, if you want to lose fat. Listen to this; Obesity magazine published a study that proves that weight training burns more fat and calorie than working out on cardio machines. But women hear this! While you burn fat and muscles with cardio training, this won’t happen with lifting dumbbells. Your body will use energy from fat only and won’t harm your muscles.

Burning more calories

weight lifting burns more caloriesWhen you lift weights, you will burn calories even after a workout. Researchers at Southern Illinois University have conducted an experiment.

They found that those women who performed at least 15 minutes of training for stamina burned an additional 100 calories per day over the next three days.

Don’t forget ladies, muscles are your friend. Muscle mass helps your body with calorie burn. About half of the pound of muscle burns from 7 to 10 calories (fat burns only 2 to 3 calories).

Improves memory

Scientists at the University of British Columbia have found that lifting weights also helps to improve memory. This was also shown by a survey involving older women who carried out dumbbell exercises for six months, twice a week. It turned out that their memory was improperly better than in those women who performed cardiovascular exercise only. At the same time, they were also more attentive. Their brains were quicker; resolving conflict situations was easy for these women.

Flexibility improvement

Okay, yoga is great for a flexible body, but exercises with dumbbells will impress you also. Researchers at the University of North Dakota have shown that power exercises with regular stretching work wonders for the body flexibility.

Strengthening the bones

Lifting weights doesn’t only strengthen your muscles but also your bones. A number of studies have been published showing that women can strengthen their bones also with light dumbbells, and even when they are 40 years old or more. Exercise stimulates the bones to produce new cells.

Reduced dressing number

reduced dressing numberThis is one of the more interesting benefits of lifting weights for females that women will like. Some women think that weights will greatly increase their muscles.

But as we already said, this is not true. It is true that your weight will increase, but the dressing number will decrease.

Joints will be grateful

Grab your weights and go into a low squat, your knees will be grateful. A good weight training is a true blessing for your joints.

Better running experience

Stronger muscles provide better running experience, better results, and easier running. Makes sense, right?

A healthier heart

Cardiovascular training is not the only one that strengthens the heart. In fact, weight training also greatly contributes to a healthy heart. One study that was made at Appalachian State University proved that 45 minutes of weight training reduces blood pressure by more than 20 percent.

Prevention of injuries and pain relief

Stronger muscles also mean stronger connective tissue and stable joints, which can greatly reduce the likelihood of injuries. By weight lifting, you can also effectively deal with pain in the lower back, which was confirmed by numerous studies.

Better psychic state

You can successfully fight depression with weights and exercise in general (confirmed by Harvard research). The bare fact that you can lift a heavyweight over your head every day has a positive effect on self-esteem.

Women, grab those Dumbbells!

confident woman

Training that includes dumbbells has many benefits of lifting weights for females. Ladies now you don’t have to worry about being bulky or look less feminine when lifting weights. You can start with light weights and increase the weight according to your progress.

You should also learn how to lift weights in a proper way, so you won’t get hurt, and will get positive results. Today you have the opportunity to join fitness clubs or to do your training at home. If you decide to work out at home, inform yourself which dumbbells are the best to use. I recommend vinyl dumbbells that have a good grip.

Start with the exercises for beginners, and when you feel stronger you can increase the weight. Take care of your breathing during the exercises, and watch out for your back. Your back should always be straight when working out with dumbbells.

You have also a million exercises with weights on the internet that can help you to lose weight, and build a beautiful body that you will be proud of.

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