Boost Your Bust Review  – Can You Naturally Increase Your Breasts?

boost your bust review

This is my boost your bust review. Having beautiful and full breasts is every woman’s wish. The reality is that some women grow small breasts which are causing them to fell less attractive.

Are you one of these women? Did you always wonder how to increase breast size? Well guess what, you are not the only one, I have small breast too. It affected my self-esteem in high school and I always wondered why can`t I have this luxury like other women.

I also see that women with bigger breasts have less visible tummy, maybe it is just optical illusion but it is the truth.

Many women are scared or just haven`t got enough money to pay plastic surgery for having bigger breasts. But listen to this, I found something that can boost your bust naturally. I didn`t know that I can increase my breast naturally without any medical procedures but here it is. I have this solution at home and I have tried it. It`s time that I introduce you my Boost your bust review.

What is Boost Your Bust?

Boost your bust is one of the best breast enhancement products on the market.  It is a book about increasing breasts naturally by Jenny Bolton who went through the same issue like you and I did. Her guide book is the result of several long years struggling and researching regarding the topic.

In this book you will find routines, techniques, results, massages, recipes and stretches that will help you increase your cup size naturally without surgeries.

What will you find in the Book?

Boost your bust isn`t just techniques to increase your breasts. It also teaches what influences on breasts growth, how we can increase breast size naturally, which herbs help us with this goal, etc.

If I am more specific you will know:

  • The truth about your breasts – how can they grow even if you aren`t a teenager anymore
  • How to prepare your breast enhancement cream
  • The science behind natural breast enlargement
  • How to avoid potential side-effects of natural breast enlargement techniques
  • How to increase firmness of your breast and stop sagging
  • Which exercises will help your breast stay firm
  • Making sure your new breast stay as big and round as you want them
  • A cheat sheet for making your breasts look bigger

Boost your bust is all in one when it comes to understanding natural breast enlargement.

Who is this Book for?

You wonder if this natural breast solution is appropriate for you? Let`s find out.

Boost your bust is for women who want to:skinny woman with small breasts

  • Naturally increase breast size
  • Look and feel more attractive
  • Increase their cup size
  • Have more self-esteem
  • Firm their breasts
  • Have full and large breasts

…and for those women who don`t:

  • Want to have complications after plastic surgery
  • Have enough money for plastic surgery or don`t want it

On this point I must say that this isn`t the right approach for those women who lack patience and discipline.

Increase your Breasts with the Secret of Nature

I will tell you straight: If you want to increase your breasts; you must balance your hormones. You can do it with the power of nature. Some herbs provide our body important minerals and also stimulate hormones for breast growth.

For breast enlargement you will need to buy:red clover

  • Red clover
  • Saw palmetto
  • Fenugreek

Why these herbs for breast enlargement?

Red clover will provide you estrogen and block progesterone. Red clover and saw palmetto cover the basic requirements of this program for breast enlargement. The program adds phytoestrogens; reduce binding of testosterone and progesterone.

What you should consider when taking Herbs?

There were no reported problems with herb consumption but you should be safe using them so take these bullet points for consideration:

  • If you are pregnant; you should talk to your doctor before using any herb
  • Don`t take more herbs that is recommended or else it could harm you
  • If you have allergies then test yourself before this herb program
  • This herbal program shouldn`t last long

What will you need to do?

What else does my boost your bust review include? Boost your bust is a book of recipes and other techniques for breast enlargement. What I want to say is, this is just one half of the picture, and you will need to do the other half by yourself.

First you will have to buy progesterone (USP) cream that you will massage into your breasts before using the herbal program. If you won`t find this cream you can also use milk thistle.

Second, you will need to buy or make tinctures that will go into your cream. When tinctures will be ready you will have to buy a massage cream. Tincture will go into massage cream. With this cream you will massage your breast in four steps (pictures added) every morning and evening.

Third, you will need to buy capsules of fenugreek, saw palmetto and red clover for every day consumtion.

==> Get your herbal program for bigger breasts here

What to Expect?

Using these herbs means that you will see some body changes but they are normal because you are adding hormones into your body. Next symptoms last just for a few weeks.

These are typical stages that you will face:

  • Growth pain in your breasts
  • Fuller and firmer breast (preparing to grow)
  • Swelling breasts
  • Typical breast growth between ¼ to ½ per month
  • When breasts start growing slower it is time for you to stop using herbs for some time
  • Continue with the herbal program till you are satisfied


These are advantages that I see using this product:boost your bust at home

  • Natural breast enlargement using herbs
  • No need to pay for plastic surgeries
  • Use it at home
  • No harmful side-effects
  • Hormone balance
  • Scientifically proven


Disadvantages that I see:

  • Persistency & discipline
  • Long time usage for seeing the right results
  • Buying the ingredients and jars – additional cost
  • Making the cream and tinctures

Possible Side Effects

Every treatment has its side effects and this herbal program might have it too, it depends from individual to individual.

  • Mood swings
  • Tiredness
  • Irregular periods
  • Lactation

How long should you do it?

The book has specific instructions how and when to use capsules and massage cream. You will have pauses between treatments and in that time you will not use any herbs.

But how long should you do this?

For permanent results you will have to eat the right foods, keeping your hormones in balance and making sure that your chest isn`t “dropping”.

This will make your breasts maintain their new shape.

How much is the Book?

Boost your bust book will cost you $37 and you will get all the instructions for your breast enlargement at home.

Money back Guaranteeguarantee

The author is giving you the 60-day money back guarantee if you will not see results in these 2 months of using her techniques.


“Hi Jenny, I read your guide on how to make my breasts bigger and I have to report some good news! I’ve been using your techniques for about 2 weeks now and I’m already starting to feel more like a woman! I can wear all sexy clothes and please my boyfriend in ways I’ve never been able to before. Thank you thank you!! xx”

Hayley Doughty, Middlesex, UK

“Hi from Germany. I bought your book and I have to say it’s been one of the most treasured things to me these past few months. I have been using your techniques every day and now I’ve managed to grow a cup size on my breasts. I’ve never felt so much like a woman before. Thank you, thank you!”

Heidy Braun, Frankfurt, DE

“Wow, all I can say is Wow. I can’t believe how much this has helped me. I thought it wouldn’t help that much, but by eating your foods and doing your exercises, I found my chest had grown from a 34a to a 34b in just over 3 weeks!”

Henrietta Jacobs, Seattle, WA


I use this book for two weeks now and I already see results. I mean, my breasts are fuller and I see the difference. The author is saying that women see the right results in 6 months, some earlier, some women later.

It is not difficult to eat the capsules; I eat them in the morning for breakfast and at the evening with my dinner. This is a good way for you not to forget to take them.

At first I didn`t know exactly how to massage my breasts but the most important is for you to follow the procedure and be gentle, you will handle the routine fast.

Exercises are not hard and lift your energy, so no problem here. This is all for boost your bust review. I just have one more thing to say to you; don`t give up, be persistent, follow the procedures and believe in the result because result should come.