Breast Actives System Review – Things You Can Expect

Breast Actives System Review

I decided to buy Breast Actives because I wanted to increase my breast size a little bit, so my clothes will look better on me.

My boyfriend helped me to find the product that has good reviews and a good presentation. So we decided to buy it. Now let’s jump into and look what Breast Actives can do for you, and how I benefit from it.

Breast Actives Review – What can You Expect?

First thing I should mention is the company’s website where customers can inform about their breast growing solution and order it. The name of the breast enhancement product is breast actives but what is the name of the company selling it?

If you go to their website and click about us tag you will see that the company didn’t tell their name. They say that they started to work in 2002, and that they are a trusted name in the Health and Beauty industry.

Ok, let’s see what they have to offer. This system includes pills, a breast massage cream and an exercise program. The company offers unique exercise program for boosting bust besides natural ingredients in pills and cream.

The instructions for using their program are simple. You should take one pill in the morning before or after the first meal. Breast cream is used in the morning; small amount of cream is massaged in the breast. That’s it. On their website they say that you get an exercise program specially designed to increasing bust size.

Breast Enhancement Benefits

natural breast therapyThe program promises next breast enhancement benefits. If you use their breast augmentation system, you should get bigger breast with the sense of wholeness and vibrance. It can improve the breast shape, and help you with breast sagginess. The company says that their customers feel better in clothes after the usage of Breast Actives.

Models use It?

Models are all over their website and I think it is too much. Women and girls who want to get bigger breasts will want to know more about product and how it works. I was not convinced by models. The company stated that they made an interview with a model. Don’t bother to click her picture or text to read it because you won’t be able to know more about what the model said about mentioned product.

What They Guarantee?

The company guarantees that using their natural do-it-yourself home therapy will provide you fast-acting and effective treatment for breast growth.

Product Ingredients

In my breast actives review we are also taking about products ingredients. The ingredients of both products are natural and have been tested to bring you completely safe treatment without side-effects. On the website you won’t be able to see ingredients list but when you buy it you can see them on the products. The breast actives massage cream contain white kwao krua root extract, wild yam, red clover, damiana, saw palmetto, fenugreek and other ingredients.

Breast Actives dietary supplement contain vitamin E, fenugreek, fennel, dong quai, blessed thistle, dandelion, kelp, watercress and L-tyrosine. One container has 60 tablets and one cream has 2.0 FL OZ. (59 ml) of cream.

A Brochure with Additional Information

breast actives productWith these products you will get a brochure that explains some basic information. On first pages you will find a breast massage techniques that will help you improve the blood circulation, lighten the nipple color, increase muscle growth, and firm up your breasts.

The other part is talking about things that are general. You will see how to choose the right bra, and all about different kinds of bras. In the next section you will learn about yoga and nutrition that are important for healthy breasts. If you don’t know the importance of vitamins and minerals, you will know it now.

The company is offering you breast enhancement hypnosis. The procedure is described on the 5 pages. The last thing what you will be able to read and know is the health of breast, and causes of breast changes and breast cancer.

My Experience with the Breast Actives

And now you will read my breast actives review and my experience with the product. I was happy when I got my package. I ordered two jars and I got one for free. I read the instructions and the next morning I started to use the pills and the cream. It is easy to follow this routine. Every morning I took one pill before my breakfast, and massage my breasts with little amount of cream on each breast. I massaged them with techniques in the brochure and by circulating around them so I increased the blood circulation (vital for breast growth).

I did this for about 2 months. But nothing happened. So I went to the internet and find a forum that talks about Breast Actives products. One girl said that if you don’t see results, you can take two pills instead of one in the morning. So I tried this too.

I should say that I eat healthy (various vegetables, grains, etc.), drink a lot of water, and am active all the time (I can’t sit in my apartment whole day). I know that a healthy lifestyle help to increase breast also. But still nothing happened. This is my second product that I used for boosting my bust and unfortunately I see it not useful for me. I am surprised of not seeing results because the cream has the ingredients that are known to grow bust and I did everything that I was told to.

So, as I said this is my second breast product that I got for myself. First time I bought Boost your bust from Jenny Bolton. It is an e-book with all the procedures and recipes for breast enhancement. The book is like a guide what you must buy to increase your breasts over time. It contains herbal extracts, pills and cream. Some of the extracts I made myself and bought the pills. I used the cream that I had at home (any body cream or lotion) and I add the extracts.

breast actives pills

I want to say that home-made cream and pills helped me in breast augmentation. I experienced breast pain and they got fuller. This was a sign that they are growing. But I got disappointed when I got my period because they got back in the old stage. This is the reason I bought Breast Actives.

The product didn’t work as I expected it will. Their website is so bright with women smiling and all but how good is it? Some women find it effective; the others (like me) are disappointed. When I wanted to contact them, I didn’t find any e-mail so I could write them. They just got phone numbers. I think that they should have an e-mail option so customers can write them.

I was disappointed regarding exercises that the company mentioned. On their website you will find a text where this is mentioned. They promise that every customer will get unique exercises for breast enhancement. I didn’t get any specific exercises in the brochure, just breast massage techniques.

I also miss the list of ingredients on their website, so customers can see them and check if they want. In general they have very promising product that they are presenting on their website but with almost no important and detailed information. Their website is all about the quality of the product that brings results but where is the true value? Where are the details of ingredients?

At the end I should stress out my disappointment but maybe it could help you. We are different and our bodies act differently. I took the opportunity and tried. If this product didn’t help me, maybe other will. If you will purchase this product and found it not worth the money; you can return the unused bottles and you will get your money back. I wish you all the best and that you find what you are looking for to feel more confident and satisfied with your looks.

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