How Does Coconut Oil Help You Lose Weight?

How does coconut oil help you lose Weight

How does coconut oil help you lose weight? You have heard that coconut and its products are healthy, but why?

Coconut oil is a healthy fat that your body will benefit from. It can be used in the kitchen for cooking different kinds of meals and also in cosmetics.

If your goal is to lose some pounds and live healthy life then you should read further. Only 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day can melt body fat.

In addition, coconut oil brings a lot of nutrients that helps hair and skin to shine. It also contributes to healthy brain.

Coconut oil plays an important role in properly balanced and nutrient-rich nutrition. In the past coconut oil was in a bad voice because of the saturated fats that contained, but this changed.

“Today, we know that not all saturated fats are the same, and that coconut oil doesn’t contain bad tannins of fatty acids.

On the contrary, coconut oil contains many substances that are important for human health,” says Mary G. Enig in her book Know your fats.

How does Coconut Oil help you lose Weight?

Coconut oil differs from all other saturated fats that have long-chain molecules. It contains mainly medium-chain molecules, of which 50% are lauric acid.

Coconut oil enables rapid metabolism and is a great source of energy. The digestion of coconut oil begins in the mouth. Coconut oil gives about 2.50% fewer calories than other saturated fats.

Coconut fat is often referred to as lauric fat, as it contains 49% saturated fatty acids with a medium-chain.

Today coconut oil is recognized as a healthy fat that gives a lot of energy and low calories, stimulates metabolism, and helps to lower body weight.

The oil can help you get rid of annoying abdominal fat. New health studies confirm that obesity in the abdomen area is responsible for at least 20 different types of cancer, and most for colorectal cancer in men and breast and uterine cancer in women.

Scientists included 40 women with abdominal obesity (obesity of the abdominal area) in a study. Women consumed coconut oil in their diet on daily basis.

Scientists have found that all women in the study severely decreased their body mass index and waist volume within 12 months.

However, be aware that coconut oil isn’t a magic stick that will give you a lean look overnight.

You need to use it in the long run, for example, a few months, when the consumption of this gorgeous oil becomes a habit. Everything in life requires time and patience.

It is advisable to use coconut oil in cooking to replace refined unhealthy oils. This change can greatly improve your health. Since coconut fat is very stable at high temperatures, it is very suitable for cooking, frying and baking.

Only 2 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil per day can help you to solve a health problem, and it will help you to lose some extra pounds.

When you start using coconut oil you will feel better and more vital, no doubt.

Don’t be afraid of the fact that a spoon of coconut oil has 120 calories, because coconut oil isn’t like other oils.

Coconut oil contains certain fatty acids, which are metabolized in a different way than in conventional oils, which leads to beneficial effects on metabolism.

Coconut oil is more thermogenic than other oils. It means that with a higher amount of coconut oil consumed we burn more calories. It improves the body’s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients.

We need to eat food that stimulates metabolism and doesn’t inhibit it. By doing this we feed the body and prepare it for burning calories.

Hormonal balance is also crucial for weight loss by maintaining healthy organs, especially the liver and thyroid. Fortunately, coconut oil promotes and has a beneficial effect on liver and thyroid function.

How to use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?

coconut oil

The coconut grease naturally solidifies at 24.4 ° C. If you would like to use it for weight loss, it’s best to enjoy it in the liquid state. Keep coconut oil in the mouth until it melts.

How does coconut oil help you lose weight? It is best to use it for 20 minutes before a meal, as it reduces hunger, and will help you to be fed even after smaller meals.

Use the following guides for an appropriate amount of coconut oil consumption:

  • 42-59 kg: 1 tablespoon before meal, total 3 tablespoons a day
  • 59-82 kg: 1.5 tablespoons before meal, total 4.5 tablespoons a day
  • Above 82 kg: 2 tablespoons before meal, total 6 spoons a day

Use organic virgin cold-pressed oil that contains all the necessary nutrients. Avoid cheap refined oil. Get rid of coconut oil without any odor, which is usually hydrogenated and refined. Coconut oil should be of the highest quality!

Coconut Oil prevents many Diseases

Coconut fat has strong anti-inflammatory properties by reducing the formation of free radicals and consequently maintaining the health of cells against oxidative stress.

These are some of the medicinal effects of this oil:

  • It acts as an antioxidant – it prevents damage from free radicals
  • It works anti-inflammatory – it’s healthy and it restores tissue
  • It works against microbes – disabling harmful microbes and curing infections
  • It works against bacteria – it stops bacteria that lead to oral inflammation, gum disease, urological infections and ulcers
  • It works against fungi – destroys fungi and molds that cause infections
  • It works against viruses and parasites
  • It works against cancer – it strengthens the immune system and prevents the spread of cancer cells

Enjoy Coconut Oil Daily

Coconut oil is odorless for everyday food preparation. Virgin coconut oil has coconut aroma and is appropriate for those who love the aroma and flavor of coconut.

enjoying coconut oil

Although both types of oil can heat up to high temperatures, it is best not to overheat virgin coconut oil in order to maintain its optimum properties.

Make this small but vital change in your life and get quality coconut oil. Try to use it for one month and see what happens.

No matter if your goal is to lose weight or just to maintain your health, coconut oil is wonderful for your body.

You can use it in meals, smoothies, juices, as a spread, in soups, and more. Consider quantity suggestions of coconut oil daily regarding your pounds that we mentioned in the article.

Be grateful for this nature’s gift and enjoy your life every step of the way.

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