Counting Calories To Lose Weight Does It Work?

Counting Calories To Lose Weight Does It Work

Counting calories to lose weight does it work? Each food has a caloric value. Some of them are high-caloric and some with fewer calories. It is certain that too many calories and too little exercise cause us to gain weight.

Counting calories can help us to organize and to know food better. This way you will know which food is more appropriate to eat for stabilizing your weight or to lose it.

Basal Metabolism

If you want to lose weight; you will need to halve the calorie intake of course. For example, only half a kilogram of fat has 3.600 calories, and if you reduce your intake by 500 calories, you will lose half a kilo per week, which is perfect. The only way to lose weight is to eat less or in other words, have smaller food intake.

If you find 500 calories hard to reduce, then reduce your intake by 250 calories and increase physical activity. Factors that include the personal calorie requirement vary according to age, physical activity, and bodybuilding.

calorie counting

Counting calories to lose weight does it work? Counting calories can help individuals with weight loss, as he begins to realize the calorific value of individual products he enjoys. If you eat unhealthily and consume more calories than you spend, then this energy is converted to fat.

And the greater the excess calories are, the fatter you will get. You can recalculate the exact calorie intake by the method of Harris-Benedict from 1919, based on the measurement of basal metabolism.

The unit is BMR and sets a minimum unit to be consumed. It is calculated on the basis of the oxygen consumed in the 6 to 12 minutes in a state where you are 12 hours without food, beverages, and nicotine, and after 30 minutes of rest at the room temperature.

In fact, BMR should be measured immediately after waking up in the morning, and before any activity, which is obviously not the most practical. Therefore, we always measure REE – the resting energy expenditure.

The basal metabolic rate is measured by the weight in kilograms multiplied by 20 calories. The one thing equation doesn’t take into account is the muscle mass. Someone who has more muscle and less fat can consume more calories. As increasing levels of physical activity also increases the basal metabolic index – BMR.

Think about What You Eat

There is no need to make calorie counting complicated. The fewer calories you consume, the less weight you will gain, this is the simple rule. First of all, you can start to deprecate certain foods. In the morning, for example, avoid coffee with milk, and stop eating ice cream in the evening. Start thinking about what you eat, and which foods from your menu are appropriate.

Replace dishes with lots of calories with those that have fewer calories. Use a variety of tricks, for example, place less food on a plate. Never eat standing up or on the way. Serve food on a plate and place it on the table.

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Always check the labels on the products you buy. Only then you will monitor the calorific value of the food you eat. If you can’t eat anymore, leave the food on the plate. These are in fact completely unnecessary calories that enter the body.

The most common advice of doctors and nutritionists is to drink plenty of fluids. You should drink a glass of water every two hours (more is better). In addition, don’t eat the same food all the time.

If your menu will be more diverse; you will lose weight easier and simpler. With the new flavors, you will reduce monotony. Avoid fruit juice, and enjoy a meal rich in fiber. Practice regular exercise.

The benefit of counting calories is that we become organized. Lauren Popeck, the registered nutrition consultant says that for some people it is necessary to count food calories to follow health-related purposes. She explains that people usually achieve success very quickly (i.e., the desired change) when they begin to count calories. It is a great way to become more aware of your habits and to be aware of behavioral changes.

Be Physically Active

physical activity

The most important thing in controlling body weight is counting calories that enter the body. In order to maintain your current weight, you need to be physically active. The combination of physical activity and proper food intake is the only way to keep your weight stable and as you want.

Research has shown that twice as many people prefer to opt for counting calories rather than physical activity. This is especially popular with women because almost half of them calculate the calorific value of food. A third of men use this method.

Most of these people think that if they eat fewer calories, they don’t need to workout. This isn’t the truth of course. Eating low-calorie foods isn’t enough; we need to combine it with exercise.

Counting Calories to Lose Weight does it Work?

Counting calories can help you to lose weight. But some studies have revealed that counting calories cause feelings of discomfort and stress, which can affect your health. In addition, counting calories causes only to crave more food.

Long-term calorie counting can make you mentally exhausted. It can cause to choose the food solely on the basis of the energy value, and not for the effect it has on your body.

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