Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight In Your Stomach?

Does alcohol make you gain weight in your stomach

Does alcohol make you gain weight in your stomach? People usually think that only calorie intake and burning calories are important when losing fat, which must be greater than the number of calories that we eat daily.

It should apply equally to alcohol according to the logic. Although this is basically true and moderate and planned caloric deficiency is the basis for a successful weight loss, the matter is basically much more complicated. It depends to the quality of various foods that stimulate the secretion of different hormones and have a different effect on body processes.

The Unwanted Consequences of Alcohol

Many physiological abnormalities can occur with the use of alcohol because alcohol is toxin. It can reduce strength, endurance, regeneration, aerobic capacity, muscle growth and fat metabolism. Although some people think that they are a superman when they are drunk, the situation is exactly the opposite.

Alcohol affects the nervous system and the brain. Long-term and regular alcohol consumption can cause severe central nervous system damage. Short-term alcohol consumption reduces or aggravates the interaction between the muscles and the nerves, leading to a strength reduction. Other negative side effects include reduced eye and hand coordination and reduced balance, slow regeneration and less effective or slower healing of injuries.

inflamed muscle

Alcohol can damage the muscle cells. Some of these damaged cells may die in case of prolonged and frequent exposure to alcohol, resulting in a weaker and less functional muscle contraction. Alcohol also affects increased muscle inflammation and pain that follows the training, which prolongs the time needed for regeneration.

The negative effects of alcohol on the cardiovascular system are numerous. The durability of a person can reduce due to alcohol. The consumption of alcoholic drinks stimulates the release or loss of the body temperature, which causes the cooling of the muscles that as a result become slower and weaker during the contraction.

Alcohol and Fat Metabolism

As already mentioned, alcohol affects the fat metabolism. The results of the study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that alcohol can reduce fat metabolism by up to 73% after just two alcoholic beverages within one hour! Alcohol almost literally stops the body from consuming fat from fat cells for energy.

low testosterone

We probably don’t need to stress that male sex hormone testosterone plays an important role in muscle building. Men can develop more muscular body than women due to greater testosterone levels and have less body fat on average.

But alcohol will not help you in the production of testosterone. Alcohol reduces testosterone levels and increases estrogen levels. Men who drink a lot of alcohol can get so-called male breasts (gynecomastia). As the testosterone decreases and weakens the muscle mass, this also slows down the metabolism, and the fat deposits begin to accumulate.

Does Alcohol make you gain Weight in your Stomach?

Drinking promotes the secretion of cortisol. It is known to cause the loss of muscle mass, while at the same time complicating fat loss. These two are a devastating combination that slows down the metabolism and contributes to the additional gain of excess fat. Drop of testosterone levels only worsens the situation.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that plays a key role in the loss of fat stores. According to recent research cortisol is closely linked to the accumulation of fat deposits around the abdomen. If cortisol is excreted in our body for a long time, it slows down the metabolic processes and also damages our health in addition to fat accumulation.

People who accumulate fat on the abdomen have a higher risk of developing a stroke and a heart attack as the fat exerts pressure on the internal organs. Abdominal fat deposits are so much more harmful to health than fat on the other parts of the body, and also increase the risk of some cancers and diabetes.

Doctors also link the big belly with the emergence of a restless leg syndrome, which has an effect on sleep quality and is reflected in the state of health. It is interesting that men with fat accumulation around the waist have more problems than women and are therefore more exposed to the above-mentioned diseases.

Drink it Occasionally

Does alcohol make you gain weight in your stomach? Yes, according to researches it causes the rise of cortisol and fat gain in the abdomen area. Alcohol stimulates the appetite also. That’s why salted nuts are so delicious with it. The impact of alcohol on the metabolism depends on many factors, including gender and genetics.

However, we shouldn’t concentrate on just one segment (alcohol), but on the health in general. Also don’t be fooled by quick diets, if you want to lose belly fat. Avoid alcohol in general and you will avoid health problems at the same time. You can drink alcohol occasionally, of course, just don’t overreact with it and your weight and health should be just fine (if you consider tips for healthy living).

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