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Does scar tissue hurt? Some scars can hurt, so read further to know the reason of the pain. Scar tissues are also referred to as adhesions. They are our body’s mechanism of healing on areas which have been physically damaged, torn or cut because of various reasons.

Scar tissues are made of connective substances known as fascia. It plays a big role in keeping things together once a surgery or injury has impacted certain parts of the body.

While this is a normal process of healing as far as our body is concerned, the problems occur when there is too much formation of scar tissue. This could hurt and hence, if somebody asks the question does scar tissue hurt then he or she might actually be suffering from it. Let’s see the reason for hurting scar.

nerve-fibersWhen scar tissue develops more than what is required, it could pull other areas of the body. This could lead to compression of nerves and could also compress blood vessels. In some cases it could also compress certain internal organs. This could lead to pain and could also result in restriction of physical movement.

It can negatively hamper physiological functioning. All these factors could lead to dysfunction and pain could become our major concern. That’s why it is important to find out ways and means by which the problem can be remedied and overcomed.

Does Scar Tissue Hurt and How Is Scar Tissue Caused?

Scar tissue is almost always caused by injury or surgery. However, it also could occur because of inflammation. Normally the tissue has to form a scar to help in the healing process. This situation can happen either on the surface or internally.

Whenever a patient comes to the doctor or a trauma clinic with complaint of scar tissue pain, the main focus would be to release the adhesions which have occurred in the scared area.

The doctors and health care service providers could use gentle techniques which could help move the stuck fibers apart. However, before doing so it is vital to find out the exact reasons for the formation of the scar tissue.

For example, even in the case of a simple keyhole surgery there could be a formation of scar tissue. It could happen internally and therefore may not be visible externally. There are many other reasons which could lead to formation of scar tissue.

Cuts, accidents and physical trauma leading to tearing or bruising could lead to scarring. Child birth could also be a common reason for scarring of tissue. Inflammation is another reason of mentioned problem. There could be other reasons too such as ulcers and burns. When they cross the threshold, they could lead to formation of painful scar tissue.

What are the Symptoms of Adhesions and Scar Tissues

While the scarred area might look a bit uneven and perhaps even ugly, there are a few more uncomfortable symptoms that you should be aware of. These symptoms could be painful and troublesome.

The intensity of pain could vary from person to person. Weather change could also increase the intensity of the pain. Though, the reason for this is not known, this is one of the main attributes as far as scar tissues are concerned.

does scar tissue hurtYet others could experience pain and uneasiness when the scar tissue is touched. There could be foggy or cotton wool like feeling around the scarred area. Many people also complain of numbness and they may feel that the damaged area does not belong to their body. Many of them often develop a psychological fear when they are asked to touch the scar. If the scar becomes hard over a period of time, it could develop ridges or ravines.

There are many who could complain of stiffness or pain, which they are not able to understand or diagnose. Many people also suffer from breathing problems, back pain, digestive complications including IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, irregular periods and other menstrual problems because of scarred tissue.

When Should the Treatment Start?

Before going in for the treatment, a person should have a clear idea how old is his scar. Scars which are less than 12 weeks old are not usually treated.

For deeper scars such as visceral or abdominal scars, the waiting period is much longer. Some scars could respond to treatment even after many years. There have been instances where doctors have treated caesarean scars, which are more than two or three decades old. However, the underlying reason for treatment of these scars is pain and discomfort. There are many people who want to go on a scar treatment to improve their looks.

How are Painful Scars Treated?

Does scar tissue hurt you? This is the common question to be asked before planning the next course of action. As far as treatment methods are concerned, the most commonly used method is to go in for a technique that is referred to as myofascial release which also is known as visceral manipulation.

visceral manipulationThese are effective for releasing of scars and also treating internal adhesions. The process is very gentle and it involves removing and releasing the fascia wherever it is required.

The process is unpainful. Normally four to six treatments for approximately one hour are required for releasing the scar tissue.

Cosmetic Treatments are also Followed

Though it is possible to treat scar tissue cosmetically, most service providers don’t recommend it. They believe that scars will heal on their own and intervention would be required only if there is pain and other uncomfortable factors present.

There have been instances where cosmetic treatments have been recommended for removing ridges, bumps and valleys of some old and deeply embedded scars even without pain. They are evened out and the outward appearances shows significant improvement once the treatment is done properly.


There is no doubt that though scarring is a natural process and does not require medical intervention, when it starts to hurt and becomes uncomfortable there might be the need to ease out the scars using various time-tested methods.

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