Double Chin Exercises Do They Work?

Double chin exercises do they work

You have a double chin and want desperately to get rid of it? Double chin exercises do they work? Many people, especially women, would like to get rid of the double chin on natural way, of course (without using surgical knives).

With determination, some effort and consistent exercise routine you can strengthen those flabby chin muscles. Next simple exercises will take you only a few minutes, and the effect will be visible after a few weeks, but only if you will do them every day.

Double Chin Exercises Do They Work?

We have got some chin exercises that will help you to get that nice looking neck again. These exercises helped people before so get to know them!

Kiss the Ceiling

Stand up straight, turn your head toward the ceiling and send kisses. Sounds silly? Maybe, but it helps, try and you will feel why this is a good chin exercise. You can imagine that you are sending kisses to your loved-ones. J Hold every kiss for five seconds, and repeat the exercise five times. Try to relax all the muscles that don’t participate in the exercise.

Turning the Head

turning the headYou can stand or sit in this exercise. Straighten the spine and slowly turn the head to the left shoulder and then to the right shoulder. The motion should be really slow and controlled. Turn the head five times in each direction.

Stretching the Neck

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs. Put your left hand on the floor, about 15 to 20 centimeters away from the hip. Don’t lean on the arm. Raise your right arm over your head and cover left ear with the right hand. Then slowly tilt the head to the right shoulder.

Now raise the left hand, and press the left shoulder down with it. Stay in this position for five seconds (after several repetitions stick to 10 seconds) and then release both hands on the floor. Repeat the exercise with your other hand.

Walk like an Egyptian

You know the dance “Walk like an Egyptian”? By moving the neck alternately left and right, you will encourage neck muscles and the chin to work.

A Book on the Head

Walk through the room with a large book on your head. The spine will be automatically straightened, as well as neck muscles and the chin.

Show a Tongue

Show a tongue ten times, and stretch it as much as you can. Stand in front of the mirror during the exercise to make it more fun.

Writing in the Air

writing in the airDouble Chin Exercises Do They Work? Writing in the air with a pen is an effective chin exercise. Put a pen (or something similar) into your mouth and squeeze it firmly with your teeth.

Now start writing or drawing with the pen in the air. Write at least the alphabet from A to Z and Z to A t every day to achieve the effect.

The mentioned exercises help to strengthen the loose neck muscles that lost their tone due to aging, obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, regular exercise is a good choice when fighting a double chin. Running, exercise with weights and yoga are good choices.

Chew Your Food Slowly

Additional tip to eliminate double chin is to chew your food thoroughly. It is recommended that you chew each bite of food at least twenty times. Chewing has another positive effect; you will eat less because you will be full faster (the brain needs about 15 minutes to set a signal that we are full).

Hidden Emotions in the Double Chin

The yoga philosophy believes that negative emotions accumulate in certain parts of the body. Thus, repressed anger is “saved” in the jaw area. However, because the muscles of the jaw are associated with a chin and the neck muscles, you can eliminate the double chin with releasing the tension in the jaw. To release the tension in the jaw, follow the next exercise. Form the letter O with your mouth and say “AAA” in the same time. Your tongue should be touching the lower teeth during the exercise.

Abs Workouts!

ab workoutWant to accelerate your double chin eliminating process? Abs workouts are also great for this kind of problem, because the neck muscles are engaged in these types of workouts. Do different kinds of ab workout and remember one important rule.

When you do these workouts, always look up to the ceiling. Lie down on your back and find a spot that you will focus on during the exercises. When you will rise up, you will look at that spot on the ceiling. This will make your chin and neck muscles activated. Maybe these are not so obvious exercises for eliminating double chin, but they work.

You can do standard sit-ups, or more advanced as sit-ups in the letter V (with raised legs) or similar.

Massage it with Honey

We also give you a beauty tip for getting rid of your double chin. Honey is great with skin; it nourishes it and makes it more elastic. Dip your fingers into honey and massage the neck and the skin under the chin, until the skin becomes lightly red. Wash the skin with lukewarm water after the massage.

What is the most Fun Way to Eliminate Double Chin?

Double Chin Exercises Do They Work? The exercises that we mentioned in the article are isolation exercises. This means that they are focusing on one part of the body or group of muscles. You find them boring and you don’t feel motivated enough to do them? We have a solution for you and it is pretty fun too.

Double chin is a consequence of unhealthy lifestyle in most cases. If you don’t want to do these “boring” exercises, you can do sports as playing basketball, tennis, swimming, badminton, and other. What is more fun than working out with your friends, enjoying and thinning your chin in the same time? Did you even see an active person that has a double chin? Activate yourself and your double chin will be a history!

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