Energy Drives The World

energy drive the world

Do you have a clear goal yet? If so, you must act toward the manifestation of this objective. If you do everything that you read in the previous article about having a clear goal, you have a good start position to live your dream life.

What about your energy? How do you respond to negative and positive situations that occur meanwhile working on your desire?

How do you respond to situations?

During everyday life, you experience positive and negative situations. The most important is how you respond to these situations. If you have negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and hate, you emit negative vibrations in the universe.

Your energy is bad, and consequently, you attract negativity. Energy is vital. The law of attraction is all about it and vibration.

If you use this law correctly, it will work for you and will help you through every life situation. You will feel better and also have a clearer path toward important goals.

Why the law of attraction doesn’t work?

Now let me tell you why this universal law doesn’t work for the majority of people. The main reason is that people read about LOA and think they can just think positively to get things.

The law doesn’t work like this, at least not in my experience. I know that most books tell you the same (think positively, visualize, make vision boards, etc.) but this isn’t all that you should do.

I respect the authors of these books, mostly I agree with them, but there is a missing part that prevents the manifestation of wishes. I tried most of the methods that these kinds of books tell, and watch a lot of other material on this topic.

I was certain that there is something on this law. I felt greater than ever before, I didn’t see obstacles anymore. Time passed by, and I kept doing all the lessons. I knew that I must always believe in the law, it won’t work if I doubt.

However, my desire still didn’t manifest. But I knew that something is on this law because I felt better than before no matter my desire didn’t come true.

The law of attraction in business

My partner and I changed our philosophy and combined the law of attraction with our work. It is working great. Every day I am closer to achieving the goal. LOA is a good base for every successful business. Our philosophy will answer the question of why this law doesn’t always work.

LOA power philosophy

Our philosophy will give you an opportunity for a better life. If you are a happy person all the time, you will attract other positive people, things, abundance, and money into life.

Manifest faster

There will be an opportunity for manifesting your desire through work that you love. The missing part that many people don’t do is taking action towards the goal. Your desire will come true a lot quicker with this technique.

take action

I am not teaching you that you must work hard to achieve. I teach you that you should use LOA techniques like affirmations, visualization, vision boards, etc.

This is a foundation but then you should go to action. You will feel better because you will know that every day you are one step closer to your desire. You will have a stronger belief and faith in your visualization and affirmation so things will happen faster.

The other reason that people are using it incorrectly is that they didn’t change anything to get what they want. If you don’t change anything then nothing different will happen.

Have a winning habit!

Accept this wonderful law in your life and eventually, it will become a part of you. It will anchor in your subconscious mind. The point is, do something for so long that it will become a habit.

If you use the law of attraction and our philosophy in the right way, you will have a winning habit. Positive habits lead to positive life and wealth.

All is made from energy on the elementary level. So be careful what energy you emit, it will reflect in your life. Remember, learn to think positive all the time.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

~ Aristotle

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