Influence Of Physical Environment On Man Activities


The influence of physical environment on man activities can have a big impact. We talked about how you can affect your thoughts and actions. How about some external factors like the environment in which you live? Can the environment and people affect you and your actions? Let’s find out.

Influence in childhood

We were born in different places and different environments. When you were a child your parents were first who showed you the values and what is good or wrong. You learned from them and accept their values.

School and peers are a big factor too. I am sure that you wanted to fit in so that your peers and friends will accept you as their own. Years growing up and becoming an adult are important because at this time we develop self-image and self-value.

How does the physical environment affect human activities?

I think the most important thing is where you live, which people surround you and with whom you hang out. Why is this so important? The next example will explain it to you.

Presenting a new idea

Let’s say you have an interesting idea and want to implement it through a plan. You are excited about it because you know it has the potential of becoming helpful to many people. When you make a plan and when all is figured out you want to spread the idea to your loved ones and friends. In your free time, you tell people about it.

Positive reaction and approval

Now, you can get a positive or negative reaction to your idea.  And here are the possibilities that will happen. Your parents and friends will take your idea as good and their approval will show through encouraging you to make it happen.

Imagine that you are working on your project and your friends are calling you to see how you are doing and how your project is progressing. Your parents are also asking if you need some help. How would you feel? Would it be a good motivation for you to continue?

Negative reaction and disapproval

On the other hand, we have people that are acting negatively towards your idea and are not showing enthusiasm. Your parents are saying it is better for you to stay real and do what you do now.

Your friend has doubts and is scared that you will lose a lot of money, your co-worker asks you questions about how will you succeed in this niche, there is too much competition, etc. This is one option.

Also, you can see that people surrounding you can show their disapproval by not paying attention to your work and don’t respect it.

As an example, they know that you are working on your project at the moment and still ask you out or they ask you to help them with their work. Well, on this point it is crucial that you take the responsibility and tell them how things are standing.

You should tell them that your work on the project is important to you and that you ask for patiency and discreteness with you when working. How would you feel in this situation? What would your mind say if your loved-ones show you disapproval? Do you think you can handle it?

So, be a good example to others, motivate and you will get the same.

The effect of the constant repeat

Ok, now let me explain this topic more deeply. You can still succeed with your idea if you live in a negative environment, no doubt here. The influence of physical environment on our actions can be very discouraging. And what happens when somebody is filling your mind with doubts and questions all the time? Maybe you want to know how to get rid of negative people and you don’t know how.

What happens to your body when you eat fries regularly, like every second day? What happens when a doctor treats a patient with the wrong type of medication? Your mind receives all kinds of data and information and it is your obligation to accept that information and people that are best for you.

See the whole picture

You must also know that when somebody has a different opinion than you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Take your parents for example. You tell them the plan and they are surprised by that idea even coming to your mind.

They tell you it is better and safer to stay at the current job and get regular payments every month (example). Days pass and their opinion stay the same, their negativity towards your burning desire still exists.

Parents care about you, they just don’t see how your idea could work. Maybe they worked hard in life and didn’t see many options for making money another way, so they developed a pattern which they accepted as the only one. So, your idea is not possible through their eyes because they didn’t see better opportunities in their life.

Status quo – security, knowledge, and approval

Let’s see another great example that happened to me and is related to this topic. I had an idea that refers to working with computers and the internet.

I told my mother about it. She listened to me but I saw that she doesn’t understand the big picture. You see, she gathered some information from me that she didn’t know and she was skeptical.

Skepticism and doubt

People are skeptical and doubting when they don’t understand something or don’t know about it. People are scared of new things, they are better with status quo because they know the current situation and how it works.

My mother was trying to tell me that the status quo is the best solution that gives results. She was raised in a working family and working hard was her value. She worked in a factory, in the home country and abroad.

Hard work was presented to her as she was a kid and she took the pattern as hers. Working hard was a secure way of making money for living. She never thought of something new and better. She accepted the status quo.

She doesn’t know much about technology and internet, so my idea was unfamiliar to her and fairly unrealistic. I told her that I will work on my desire nevertheless of other people’s opinions. She accepted my answer and wished me luck.

Think twice – your life depends on it

People can be mean too. Let’s say you have a co-worker at your job that you work with and have a good relationship with. One day you tell him this idea of yours and he is not pleased with it. He is jealous of you thinking outside the box and he is trying to mislead you with doubtful questions. It is always better to have ideas for yourself.

You should be aware that the influence of the physical environment on our actions can be big. You don’t deserve negativity in your life from other people, so take this responsibility and draw a line that will divide good from the bad.

Surrounding yourself with negative people and negative thinking will affect you and your work. And also don’t react negatively if somebody tells you their idea. You will be like your friends are, so be careful with whom you associate. You have the power of deciding what you will do in your life and how fast will you get it.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

~ Jim Rohn

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