Different Types Of Exercises To Do At Home For Losing Weight

Different Types Of Exercises To Do At Home For Losing Weight

Do you want to know different types of exercises to do at home? You can find many interesting exercises and choose your favorite.

Moving is human’s natural action. When a child is born he starts to develop his motor abilities. We move to survive. In the past human needed to hunt and chalanged his physical abilities to survive. He didn’t have to exercise to lose weight. Humanity developed through time and new civilizations emerged. Most of the people still worked on land and agriculture was important part of survival.

How is this connected with exercise? If you think deeper, hard work on land was their exercise. People were fit and more healthy than today. Nutrition was also simpler and healthier.

Society and technology growed and people’s standard increased. We see constant growth of industry, logistics, diversity of food, etc. There are pros and cons in human development.

People moved to cities to work in industries, started to drive cars and buy food in stores. Life seemed easier.

Owners of food industry started to manufacture food that is richer in fats, sugar and carbohydrates. Their goal was to sell delicious and cheap products that people will love. Addictive sugary foods are perfect for gaining weight. People had difficult time to reject these products. They worked less physical and developed unhealthy eating habits. The result was weight gain.

Through time people start to move more and search for solutions of becoming more fit and healthy. Exercise become important part of human’s life. People invented new sports to entertain themselves. The factories with athletic clothes took the initiative and fitness industry started to move forward.

How Does Exercise Help Lose Weight?

When you exercise you burn calories. Muscles need energy to workout. Food is our energy source, more specifically carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

So when we exercise our body takes energy from eaten food that is in our blood. Carbohydrates or carbs are our main source of energy. Carbohydrates are the first fuel that muscles need when we workout. They don’t need a lot of oxygen to burn like proteins and fat do. So they are perfect for human’s activity.

Carbs are made from glycogen and glucose

Glucose is a carbohydrate (sugar) that muscles and cells use for their work and store it as glycogen. Body can store glycogen simmiliar like plants store starch.  That is why we call it animal starch. Body has limited storage of carbohydrates. Carbs storage is used  in proportion of the intensity of workout.

We can simplify our interpretation of this process. If we burn carbs immediately; we won’t get obese. Otherwise carbs will be stored from day to day and obesity is imminent.

Doctor Klioze explains in details how we burn calories

Different Types Of Exercises To Do At Home

In general we know next types of exercise: endurance, strength and balance.

Aerobic workout/endurance

different types of exercises to do at home

This type of workout is also called cardio and is related to oxygen usage.  Aerobic workout increases your heart rate and breathing. They are good for cardiovascular system.

So, if we want to do  any kind of aerobic workout, we should do exercise that will speed up our breathing.

Typical aerobic workouts are:

    • Walking
    • Running
    • Jogging
    • Dancing
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • Jumping
  • Rope jumping etc.


Strength workouts focuses on our muscles. It tones them. We must challenge muscles for doing such a workout. Fitness is a great place to do it. But we can tone our muscles in other ways.

Strength workout examples

  • Lifting weights
  • Workout with your body weight (pushups, squats, ab crunches)
  • Rowing
  • Using resistance band
  • Sprint
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT)


This type of workout will help us with our balance. Having a good balance is important for everyone, especially for older adults. We can improve balance with balance training and stay away from risks of falls and injuries. Strong abdomen can also be beneficial to good balance.

Balance training include

  • Standing on one foot
  • Tai-chi
  • Yoga
  • Walking heel to toe

Cardio vs. strength workout

What is the main difference between cardio and strength workout? The difference is that strenght workout will burn more calories. Why is this true? For example, when we run we burn calories. And when we stop running, our metabolic rate stops.

It is different with strength workout. You will burn calories after you stoped working out. Remember this, the bigger the muscles are, more calories you will burn. It is important that we develop muscles because they play crucial part in metabolic rate, bone strenght and body weight control.

Excessive exercise

People who want to lose weight fast do some extra exercises and force their bodies too much. This is not healhy way to lose fat.

Let us see an example. Mike started to run every day. He wants to lose weight and he thinks that he will achive faster results with increased running. Glucose from blood was depleted and also glycogen from cells and organs. Consequently he felt exhausted but he continue with runnig.

Body is now forced to get fuel from other sources and  this is just one of dangerous facts of excessive exercise. Did you know that we have blood type exercise?

Make An Exercise Plan

There are many different types of exercises to do at home. Think carefully of your exercise plan. If you build a plan for exercise and organize; all will run smoothly.

Follow these tips

    • Stick with your plan, don’t make excuses
    • Listen to your body
    • Stop exercising when pain comes
    • Start slowly
    • Stretch before and after workout
    • Have one day break for each muscle group
    • Pick exercise that you love or find one
    • Find what motivates you – music, a workout friend, goal …
    • Have breaks
    • Learn how to breathe correctly
    • If you work out 2 hours or more, eat something healthy and nutritious to fill your glycogen
    • Use athlete suits
    • Don’t forget to plan your nutrition – it goes hand in hand with exercise and healthy life
    • Log your results and progression
  • Always read and learn about exercise and nutrition and other factors regarding fit life
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