Get In Shape With Full Body Workout Routine For Weight Loss At Home!

full body workout routine for weight loss at home

You want to get full body workout routine for weight loss at home? We have prepared exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home. These workout routine will strengthen your entire body and prepare you to be in the best shape. Exercising at home is popular and effective. Why shouldn’t you do it too?

push-upI do home exercises all the time and my body is getting in good shape. I also watch what I eat; a lot of vegetables are on my plate. If you don’t have much time, and you can’t make it to the nearest gym or fitness center, we suggest the following exercises that you can do at home. You will do these home exercises without special tools or devices at the beginning. Later you can add weights (two bottles of water or weights from the store).

With regular and consistent performance of these exercises and a proper diet, you will develop a nice looking body without excess fat. Don’t think that next exercises are simple; they are one of the most effective exercises. Just follow a few simple rules for proper performance when exercising.

Full Body Workout Routine for Weight Loss at Home

This full body workout routine is for all healthy individuals that want to change the way they look and feel about their bodies. With consistency and proper performance you will see results for sure. Don’t forget on stretching exercises before and after the workouts, so you will prevent soreness.

Start – Stretching Exercises

stretch before working outFirst stretch the calf muscles. Stand up, tilt it forward and flex the ankle with an extended knee. Also stretch the front thigh muscles. Stand on one leg, and grasp the ankle of the other leg and bend the knee.

Then stretch the front muscles of the hip. Do a lunge and push the hips forward. You should also stretch the hamstrings. Bend forward with a straight back with hands trying to get as low as possible. Stay in stretching position for at least 5 seconds and then proceed with the stretch.


Lie on a mat on your back, bend the knees, and put your hands behind the head so that the fingers are slightly twisted. Then open your elbows. Leave some space (a fist) between the chin and the chest. Inhale and exhale when you do the crunch. Your back should be straight when doing this exercise, so focus on your abs.


Lie down on your stomach, hands on the floor shoulder-width apart (closer than the hands or elbows close to the trunk, the more I will participate in the exercise triceps). Lifted so that the hand stretched out, the body is upright; the view is directed forward, not down. This is the starting position.

Our full body workout routine for weight loss at home include push-ups. They are the best exercise for training your whole body. Lie down on your stomach, and put your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart (if you put your hands closer, you will activate triceps more. Lift yourself so that arms will be stretched out. The body is straight, and the view is directed forward, not down. This is the starting position.

When you will do a push-up (going up) you will exhale. Don’t bend your spine when you do this exercise, it should be straight. When the body is parallel to the floor, lift your body back to its starting position. If standard push-ups are too hard for you in this stage, try women’s push-ups (push-ups on the knees).

Hint: You don’t know when to inhale & exhale during workouts? When you do a push-up or sit-up, you should exhale and when you are going to the starting position, you inhale.


squatsStand up straight, feet should be shoulder width apart, hands lifted ahead or place them behind your head. Drop down from this position like you want to sit on the chair. Lower the buttocks, your knees should be in the right angle between the thigh and the lower thigh. Body weight is on your heels. Focus on your buttocks, knees and the right posture when doing squats.

Raising on the Side

Lie down on your side, stretch your left arm and lay your head on the stretched arm. The right arm is in front of the abdomen. The spine is in the form of a double S. The body should be in a straight line, the shoulder above the other shoulder, hip above the other hip and the knee above the other knee.

Inhale, then exhale drawing the ribs down, drag the belly button toward your spine and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, while you lift your legs, and the head to the elbow. Return to the starting position while inhaling.

Try to remain aligned as possible and stable. Make sure that the pelvis doesn’t move forward or backward.

Triceps Dips on the Chair

Triceps Dips on the ChairPut your hands on the chair behind you, shoulder width apart, toes towards the body. The legs should be bent before the body, and weight should be on your hands. Slowly lower the body towards the floor, and bend your arm to the elbow.

Make sure you don’t turn the elbows outwards and that you will have a straight back. Get low, so your buttocks get very close to the ground. Repeat the exercise 10 times. When this exercise will become too easy for you, stretch your legs and place them on a chair. You can also place a dumbbell in your lap as a challenge.

Get Fit in the Comfort of Your Home

There is no need to go in the fitness or in the gym to become healthier and to have a fit, lean body. With full body workout routine for weight loss at home you can achieve the body that you want. Home exercises are very popular these days and have many benefits. You can do these exercises for free, without paying a membership or waiting for the free equipment in the fitness.

home workouts for weight loss

The home exercises that we mentioned here are perfect for whole body training. Before you start training, set a goal that will motivate you during exercise. What do you want to accomplish with workouts?

Nevertheless if you want to gain muscles or not, with these exercises you will gains muscles and consequently lose fat on the body. Muscles are a big calorie burning machine, so don’t be scared of gaining them.

When you have your goal, you can set when you will do these workouts. Set days and time and focus only on exercises in that moment. At the start, exercises are hard to do, but they get easier, and your body more capable to perform the exercises. Before going to working out, close your eyes and focus on your goal. Then go into action.

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