Do You Have A Clue How To Get Rid Of Arm Flab In Two Weeks?

How to get rid of arm flab in two weeks

How to get rid of arm flab in two weeks? Flabby arms are quite an unpleasant problem, at least for women.

Such arms are often a sign of aging, since fat is deposited on certain parts of the body, and the body muscle mass is gradually decreasing.

This problem may be present due to poor metabolism which slows down with age, and when the body burns fewer calories.

Too little physical activity and poor diet also contributes to this aesthetical issue.

Although you can get rid of fat through regular exercise and a healthy diet, the fat on arms is quite persistent and is difficult to get rid of. But fortunately, there is always a solution.

If you want to look good in T-shirts and swimsuits, you will have to tighten the arm muscles with arm wourkouts. Start today!

How To Get Rid Of Arm Flab In Two Weeks?

You can get rid of flabby arms with exercises for lean and firm arms. There are many effective arm exercises that you can easily perform at home.

So, if you are a person who suffers from fatty arms but want them to be strong; use the following exercises, perform them regularly and be persistent.

These exercises have helped millions of women to have nice looking arms.

Workout #1


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Make a step forward with one foot and slightly bend your knees.

Keep your hands slightly away from your body, bend them at the elbow and squeeze your hands in tight fists.

Then lift the fists up to the chin, and stand in the boxing position.

Box it straight ahead, first with one and then with the other hand. Make sure that your arm won’t get higher than shoulder height.

Twist the body at the waist (not in the hips) with every punch. Do 20 energetic repetitions, and then immediately (without pause) proceed to box straight up.

Raise your head and look up. Make sure that you will stretch your arms. During this exercise you should feel how your arm muscles are stretching.

Make energetic 20 repetitions, and then repeat the whole exercise again.

In the beginning you do two to three sets of punches onward and upward. Over some time you can do 5 series.

This exercise is not good just for strengthening the arms, but also for strengthening the heart. You will sweat and accelerate your heart rate.

Workout #2

chair dip workouts reduce arm fat

You can strengthen your upper arm muscles to sit on the edge of a chair and place the arms on the chair and close to the body.

Lift your but by using arms, and push the hips forward.

Bend the elbow to the angle of 90 degrees and drop your hips low. Keep your shoulder low also.

Stretch your elbows and bend again. Do 10 to 16 repetitions.

Workout #3

Sit or stand in an upright position and lift your right arm over your head. Bend your arm in the elbow and grasp your left shoulder with fingers.

You should feel how your muscles are stretching, but make sure that you not lift shoulders, because you could burden shoulder muscles.

Stay in this position for 10 to 15 seconds, and then do the same with the left arm. Alternately perform six repetitions. Make sure that you will not hurt your neck or shoulders.

Workout #4

Keep your feet shoulder width apart, and extend your arms straight ahead, at shoulder height. Reach your left hand with the right hand, and then rotate to the right.

Turn until you start to feel the muscles of your upper left arm stretched to the end. Hold this position and count to ten, then slowly return to starting position and repeat with your other hand.

Exercise on each side, and repeat five times.

Workout #5

Sit on the heels (extend your knees to the width of the hips) and lean your torso ahead of you. Your arms should be stretched ahead.

Use your hands and slowly lift the buttocks. Start by raising your knees, slowly stretch your legs while you lift your hips towards the ceiling.

Torso and legs should be fully extended. The head is between the hands. The neck should be relaxed, but not hanging freely, control your muscles.

Now lift up the hands and hold all the weight only on the fingers.

At The End of the Workouts

So how to get rid of arm flab in two weeks? Fat on arms is hard to get rid of but it can be done with persistency and regular workout.

Use these exercises and don’t forget on push-ups which are an excellent arm workout. With this exercise you will strengthen your arm muscles fast.

It is crucial to burden your arms so you can flat those flabby arms. When your arms will get bigger and more toned, fat will be melting away also.

So do these exercises and motivate yourself to achieve arms that you want to have.

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