Top 10 Home Hair Removal Methods And Tips For Smooth Skin

Hair Removal Methods At Home

Do you want to try the best hair removal methods at home?

Removing unwanted hair was always a hot topic among women, and it became interesting for men also.

How do you eliminate them from your body? Which part of the body is the most difficult for elimination?

I am sure you want to have soft and smooth skin on the entire body, including bikini line and private parts.

There are many solutions that will make you hair-free. We know how shaving works.

You shave today and unwanted hair begins to grow back the next day or two. Are you still using the razor?

It is time that you consider more sophisticated and modern methods to remove them.

Companies with reputation develop devices that eliminate hair from different parts of the body in no time. These machines bring long-lasting results that you want.

You also have home remedies that are interesting for trying out. This time you will know all about getting rid of body hair from head to toes.

With my useful information, you can take advantage of it and finally stop worrying about your growing hair.


Best hair removal methods at home

This is how you can eliminate hair from different parts of the body. I also provide information on how to destroy them from more delicate parts as bikini and face.

How to remove hair permanently from private parts?

Having smooth skin on private parts is a trend today, all women want it. But which is the most appropriate way to get rid of hair from that part?

Genital skin is very sensitive so you should be careful about which treatment to use.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one way to go. Diode lasers are a very efficient method to destroy them from your private parts.

The laser energy destroys them in the hair follicle and stops them from growing. This technique will work best for you if you have a lighter skin tone and want to remove darker ones.

After a week or two, they will fall out. However, new ones will grow so I recommend that you repeat the laser treatment at least once per year.

IPL hair removal

And then we have IPL technology. IPL machine works with intense pulsed light that enables comfortable hair elimination even in the comfort of your home.

IPL is a good option if you experienced ingrown hair and flacking of the skin.

It is a non-invasive method to remove hair that enables long-lasting results. You can read more about it in my best hair removal guide 2020.

Remove facial hair naturally at home

Facial hair is something that can affect your self-esteem and confidence. Are you having a difficult time because of them and don’t know how to remove it?

remove face hair permantly

I present you with a treatment that is natural and includes an ingredient that is well-known as a beauty and healing product.

We will talk about eliminating facial hair with honey. This is one of the fastest hair removal methods at home.

It is also called Egyptian depilation, the only difference is using the honey instead of sugar. So, how do you do it? This is how you will do it.

Honey and lemon hair removal recipe

Mix sugar, honey, water, and lemon juice. Heat the mixture and wait so it cools off. Apply the paste on your face and wait for about 15 minutes.

Gently wash your face with water. Honey is great with all types of skin. It moisturizes it and works anti-inflammatory.

What is the easiest way to remove body hair?

How you can get rid of body hair easily? Every technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. I am sure you depilated yet…or you didn’t?

First, I must clear out that we have mechanical and chemical depilation. I am sure that you used mechanical depilation yet, it’s shaving. The chemical way includes depilation creams.

Shaving and depilating

Shaving is fast but the hair also grows back fast. Getting rid of them with depilation creams and strips is a little painful (plucking them from the follicle) but it brings more long-lasting results of smooth skin.


Waxing is another way to eliminate them. Do you think that waxing is a type of depilation? If so, this isn’t the truth. Waxing is an epilation. It will remove them with the hair root.

Laser hair removal

You can consider this method that we already mentioned. The laser will work directly on the hair and destroy it in the follicle, so it will stop growing. It is quite efficient, after 8 treatments you can be free of 90% of body hair.

Ultrasound hair removal

Ultrasound waves are very efficient when it comes to destroying them. It destroys even the thinnest and the lightest hair. This solution can be used on all body parts, and in all seasons.

Facial threading

Do you know what threading is? Well, it is a very popular face hair removal. With a special antiseptic spread, you pluck the eyebrow hair, chin hair, and the ones upon the upper lip.

Upper lip hair removal

Having them over the upper lip can be devastating for women. If you have it read on and find out how to get rid of it. A laser will destroy your upper lip hair and bring permanent results.

It is efficient because it destroys its follicle. Destroyed follicle disables the hair to grow again. It is expensive but it will bring your satisfaction after the procedure.

IPL for removing hair

Use IPL on your upper lip. IPL uses a variety of bright light waves.

If you will decide on this option, you will have to have pauses between the treatments. Also, you will have to have a few treatments to have satisfactory results.


A cosmetician can help you with electrolysis. This method uses electricity to destroy the follicle. It will lose the oxygen needed for hair to grow, die and fall out.

electrolisis hair removal

The results are practically guaranteed, the only negative thing is time.

A cosmetician will need several hours to get remove all of them over your upper lip (the needle gets one hair at a time).

Is it possible to stop hair from growing?

You can slow down their growth and have smoother skin. These are 4 ways to do it.

Use turmeric and salt

Ok, you remove your hair regularly but how about you stop them from growing naturally?

Turmeric and salt can help here. Indian women use it to smoothen their legs and it works.

Use a peeling stone

Stop their growing with a peeling stone. The secret is in friction. Use a peeling stone every day and gently massage your legs with it. You can use soap while peeling.

Exfoliate before removing the hair

Body scrubs are popular these days and have a meaning. It is crucial to scrub your skin before having hair removal.

This way you will prevent ingrown hair and remove dead skin cells. Body scrubs with fruit enzymes are the most efficient.

Nourish the skin after the treatment

Don’t forget to nourish your skin after the treatment.

Moisturize and nourish it with almond oil which contains proteins and three types of essential fatty acids that it needs.

It has a calming effect, so I recommend it to use it after the peeling.

If you don’t want to get messy with DIY pastes, you can always spare time and get a cream for their slower growth.

Which home hair removal method should you use?

I presented you hair removal methods at home that you can try today. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages.

You can decide which is the most appropriate for getting rid of hair from a specific body part.

I recommend choosing high technology devices for getting rid of them in sensitive body areas.

The method you chose depends on your pain level and budget.

You have the possibility to get machines that will enable you to get rid of unwanted hair permanently at your home.

You can also go to a cosmetic salon and leave the experts to do their job. After all, removing them was never easier!

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